Harmony College

A "live-in" style Harmony College will be held immediately following the Sydney 2017 Pan-Pac Convention at the Naamaroo Convention Centre in Lane Cove, a suburb of Sydney. The centre is adjacent to the Lane Cove National Park and offers a peaceful getaway in a convenient location, less than 30 minutes from Sydney’s centre and Darling Harbour. Naamaroo facilities include a swimming pool and half size basketball and volley ball courts.

Bus transport from the Convention Centre to Lane Cove will be provided to all attendees. Harmony College runs from 5pm Sunday 1 until 12.30pm Wednesday 4 October 2017. Bus transfers back to the CBD and airport will leave Harmony College at about 1pm, go through the CBD for drop off arriving at the airport at approximately 3pm. Delegates are advised to book flights departing after 4pm if relying on this bus transport option.

A top class faculty will be drawn from the visiting Judging panel and Headline quartet, Crossroads.

Register for Harmony College during your Convention registration.


There will be three streams on offer at this year's Harmony College. These include:
  • Directors College - perfect for any current or up and coming directors
  • Quartet College - bring your quartet and be coached by the best
  • Harmony College - some of the best barbershop education you can get

Directors College

Harmony College

Quartet College

Chorus Directing Under 70%

How to Be a Great Tenor

How to Be a Great Tenor

Tips and Tricks for Directors

How to Be a Great Lead

How to Be a Great Lead

Life changing rehearsals

How to Be a Great Baritone

How to Be a Great Baritone

Sound Management 1

How to Be a Great Bass

How to Be a Great Bass

Sound Management 2

Inner Game of Music

Improving Barbershop Lock and Ring

Inner Game of Music for MD's

Emotional Delivery for Singers

Story Telling

Advanced Vocal Production

Vocal Expression in BBS Singing

Inner Game of Music

Developing a Choral Sound

Voice Analysis

From 75% to 85%

Show Package Planning

Vocal Production 1

Quartet Rehearsal Techniques

From 75% to 85%

Vocal Production 2

From Rehearsal to Stage

Emotional Delivery for Singers

Show Package Planning

Emotional Delivery for Singers

The Chorus Warm Up

Singing with Space

Show Package Planning

Conducting Techniques

Voice Lesson Under Glass

Coaching Under Glass

Choral Acoustics

Personal Voice Instruction (PVI)

Quartet Coaching



Full class schedule is available here. (UPDATED 2-OCT)

Note that the schedule now contains a listing of all scheduled PVIs, quartet coaching and conducting one-on-one sessions.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes for selected classes are available now for download:

Class Information

Advanced Vocal Production - Overall vocal production will be addressed, including: air management mechanics, tone quality, resonance, timbre, legato, wall of sound, singing, forward placement, articulation, tonal center, control, vocal cord function and health, as well as synchronized singing with others, whether in quartet or chorus, as we begin to understand ourselves as optimal acoustic resonating instruments designed to easily and effectively amplify sound.

Arranging - Learn the basic principles of arranging in the barbershop style. Analyse music and find out what makes a great arrangement.

Barbershop History - Trace your Barbershop roots! Learn how barbershop draws from other musical styles. Listen to recordings and trace the development of the barbershop quartet through the early years of the Society.

Beginning Music Theory - A very basic music theory/music reading course.    

Choral Acoustics - This class will focus on the science behind choarl acoustics as well as voice placement and riser stacking.

Chorus Directing Under 70% - Beat patterns, beginning conducting skills, rehearsal skills, etc for chorus directors scoring under 70%

Coaching Under Glass - An opportunity to see a live quartet coaching take place right in front of your eyes. Learn how to coach a quartet and at the same time, learn some excellent ensemble techniques.

Conducting Techniques - This course is intended for front line BHA directors. This class will prepare you to be a better director, review conducting basics while applying another level of musicality and artistry in the gesture.

Developing a Choral Sound - Focus on the ensemble vocal skills associated with creating a better choral tone and how to teach the skills in a group.

Directing Emotions - Get more insight into getting the most out of your chorus singers while getting the most out of the music you are singing.

Emotional Delivery for Singers - Learn how to create emotion from the sheet music you are given.

Examining Directing Gestures - What are we telling our singers to do through our directing.

From 75% to 85% - Insight into how we can take singing at a 75% to understanding what is needed to score an 85%.

From Rehearsal to Stage - Learn how to take what you do in rehearsals and be able to put it on the stage.

How To Be A Great… Tenor, Lead, Baritone & Bass - Learn from each member of international champion quartet, Crossroads, on how to be great in your vocal part… Tenor, Lead, Baritone & Bass.

Improving Barbershop Lock and Ring - This course will focus on techniques to improve expanded sound with an emphasis on tuning, uniformity of word sounds, volume relationships and synchronization.

Inner Game of Music for MD's - The inner game of music for directors will give you tools to help singers overcome obstacles, help improve  concentration, and reduce nervousness, allowing them to  reach new levels of performing excellence and  musical artistry.

Inner Game of Music for Singers - The inner game of music will help singers overcome obstacles, help improve  concentration, and reduce nervousness, allowing them to  reach new levels of performing excellence and  musical artistry.

Intermediate Music Theory - Taking music theory to the next level from the basics. Learn how the practical application of theory can improve your rehearsals.

Personal Voice Instructions (PVI) - Get one on one voice instruction with our faculty

Quartet Coaching - Get one on one coaching with our faculty

Quartet Rehearsal Techniques - Discussion on how quartets can rehearse and some skills you can use every week.

Show Package Planning - How to create a great show package from start to finish.

Singing With Space - Learn how to sing with your complete instrument and access all of your resonance.

So, you want to be a judge? - Learn about how barbershop judging works. This can benefit anyone and impact on what you do in rehearsals.

Sound Management - Preparing and rehearsing a group for improvement in basic skills in the Singing Category including tuning, vocal quality, unity, expanded sound and vocal expression.

Story Telling - Understanding the lyrics of a song and becoming the story teller.

The Chorus Warm Up - The most important part of the rehearsal. Learn some tools you can use at every rehearsal.

Tips and Tricks for Directors - Directors can learn some tools to help with common problems in found in choruses.

Vocal Expression in Barbershop Singing - Focus on ways to improve vocal expression and artistry in barbershop singing.

Vocal Production 1 - Correct breathing, resonance, posture, navigating the break, and tone production. There will be multiple opportunities for one-on-one voice experiences, as well as group discussions and group lessons, as well as teacher-led modeling of vocal issues common to performers and directors.

Vocal Production 2 - A 2nd in the series class to Vocal Production 1

Voice Lesson Under Glass - An opportunity to see a live voice lesson take place right in front of your eyes. Learn how to give a voice lesson and at the same time, learn some excellent vocal techniques.


David Krause - David has been a BHS member since 1975.  And, actually sang in quartets in high school before he knew there was a preservation society.  He's a retired high school and college history teacher from Kansas City, Missouri, home of the second barbershop chapter.  These days he substitute teaches, does a little recording, and sings a little jazz.  In barbershop he's sung in over 20 registered quartets, often at International, and has served in several capacities at his old chapter including director.  He's directed that chorus at International, won a gold with the Ambassadors of Harmony, and attended numerous Harmony Universities as both a student and teacher.  In fact, he started that long enough ago that he met Jim Henry there when Jim was a boy soprano.  He's been a certified judge in Presentation and Performance since 1995.  His household is quite interesting as it includes four generations, two adopted kids, and an 8-year old granddaughter who is easily his most important concern each day!

Kevin Keller - A society member since 1978, Kevin has belonged to several choruses, including the Vocal Majority and Ambassadors of Harmony.  Kevin sang baritone with Cheers!, 2003 6th place International Finalists, arranging most of their repertoire.  He has sung in numerous other quartets, including the CSD District champions “The EIB Quartet”.  Kevin is an arranger, with his music being sung by numerous quartets and choruses at all levels.  A certified music judge, Kevin served as Music Category Specialist from 2008-2010 and as the Society Contest & Judging  Chairman for 2012-2015.  He has also served on the Society’s Music Publication Committee.  Kevin is a popular teacher and coach in District Schools and Top Gun schools across the Society.  A certified director, Kevin has directed the Belleville Sounds of Harmony and was an Assistant Director with AoH for many years.  Outside of barbershop music, he has performed with the St. Louis Symphony Chorus, The Ohio State Men’s Glee Club, and other collegiate ensembles.  

Rob Mance - Robert Mance is excited to be starting his seventh year as musical director of Central Standard, a year that saw the chorus return from the international competition in Nashville with 2nd place medals! Robert is also the founding artistic director of Vocal Standard, a new women's a cappella ensemble based in Kansas City. Robert is in the final stages of his doctoral degree in choral conducting at the University of Kansas, where he has been conductor of the Oread Consort, the Men's Glee, and the University Singers.  In addition, he serves as Director of Music at Shawnee Presbyterian Church in Shawnee, Kansas where he also maintains a private voice studio.  He spends the rest of his week as a full time coach of choruses and quartets. Before starting his studies at KU, Robert most recently served as interim Director of Choral Activities and interim Voice Area Director at William Jewell College in Liberty, MO. Robert has also sung professionally with such groups as the Kansas City Chorale under Charles Bruffy and the Westminster Symphonic Choir and Westminster Choir under Joe Miller. He is an active clinician for high school vocal ensembles, maintains a recording studio, and serves as a Barbershop Harmony Society judge in the singing category, and formerly in the music category. Robert completed his undergraduate studies at McGill University in Montreal, QC in voice performance, and completed his graduate studies at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ in choral conducting and voice pedagogy. Robert resides in Kansas City with his wife Kristin, an English teacher, and Chihuahua Willie.

Dale Comer - Dale joined the Barbershop Harmony Society in 1976 after singing in high school and college quartets.  He holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree with a voice major, and he taught Junior/Senior High School vocal music for three years before going to law school.  He directed the Lincoln, Nebraska, barbershop chorus, the Lincoln Continentals, from 1980 through 2008, and he currently directs the Carolina Vocal Express, which represented the NSC district at the International Chorus Contest from 2015-2017.
Dale sang bass in a number of quartets over the years including The Chord Motor Co. (1978 CSD Champions) and Heartland Vocal Band (1998 International Quarter Finalists).  He also competed in the International Seniors Quartet contest with Catalyst and High Mileage, and currently sings with Final Countdown (2015 NSC Seniors Champs and Senior International competitors).
Dale served as CSD District Music Educator, and CSD Associate Contest and Judging Chairman.  In 1994, Dale was appointed as the first Chairman of the BHS Chorus Director Development Committee, and he served in that role from 1994 through 1997.   Dale has taught director’s classes at COTS and at the Society’s Directors College, and he has coached quartets and choruses throughout the Society.  
In 1984, Dale became a certified Sound judge.  He subsequently served on the Sound Category Board Of Review and as Sound Category Specialist.  Dale is currently a certified Singing judge, and served on the Singing Category Board Of Review.  He has judged the BHS International Quartet and Chorus Contest nine times.
Dale is a retired attorney, and served for 35 years as an Assistant Attorney General with the Nebraska Department of Justice.  He and his wife Lila, a past Regent for Region 20 of Sweet Adelines, have two adult daughters, Sarah and Sally.  Sarah, a Sweet Adeline, also serves on the Board of Directors for the Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association.

Fred Farrell - Fred Farrell sings tenor, and was a member of the 1989 International Quartet Champion Second Edition. Second Edition produced 2 recordings, performed in 38 states and 6 countries sharing the stage with artists such as Michael Feinstein, Dizzy Gillespie, Rosemary Clooney, Marylin McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., with feature spots on ABC's Nightly News, and Wolf Trap Theatre's 50th anniversary gala concert which was broadcast on PBS. Fred and Kim live in Ft. Myers Florida with their 5 kids: Olivia, Caroline, Quinn, Molly, and Lilly.

Mike Slamka - Mike Slamka sings the lead part, and he made his mark as the lead of Power Play, an extremely popular all-family quartet that became International Barbershop Harmony Society Champions in 2003. In addition to Mike on lead, Power Play featured father Jack on bass, brother Mark on baritone, and cousin Don on Tenor. Their genuine love for one another and their family appeal, along with the uncanny ring in their sound made Power Play an audience favorite. Power Play produced 3 recordings, has performed all over the country and has been featured on the Jane Pauley show as well as guest performers on The Grand Ole Opry. Mike and his wife Traci live in Ft. Myers, Florida and are the proud parents of 3 daughters: Michaela-now studying voice and music under Dr. Henry at UMSL, Mackenzi, and Madison. Mike's 3 daughters are featured as a trio in "All People That On Earth Do Dwell" from our second CD, "That Lucky Old Sun".

Brandon Guyton - Brandon Guyton sings baritone, and is perhaps best known as a gold medalist with Four Voices, the 2002 Champions of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Four Voices was a highly innovative and exciting college quartet that first got their start as part of the acclaimed Voices of Lee, A premier mixed vocal troupe from Lee University. Four Voices produced two recordings, performed in 44 states and 4 countries and performed in venues such as Lincoln Center and have shared the stage with a long list of artists including Bill Gaither and the Swingle Singers. Brandon now plays a large role in the Ambassadors of Harmony musical leadership team and is a sought after for his expertise in recording, mixing and mastering. He is a certified BHS Singing category judge and is rapidly becoming one of the most in demand vocal coaches throughout the Barbershop world. Brandon and his wife Noemi live in St. Louis and have 4 children: Chandler, Taylor, Isabella and Kadence.

Jim Henry - Jim Henry holds degrees in vocal music education, music theory and music composition, including a Ph.D. in music composition from Washington University. He is currently the Director of Choral Studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he conducts the University Singers and Vocal Point and teaches choral methods, choral arranging, and choral conducting. In addition to his duties at UM-St. Louis, Jim is the musical and artistic director of the Ambassadors of Harmony, a 160-voice men's a cappella chorus that performs barbershop, jazz, and light classical music.
Jim was also a founding member, arranger, and bass singer with the legendary Gas House Gang, the very popular 1993 International Quartet Champions. The Gas House Gang has entertained audiences in all fifty states and fifteen countries, and in venues from the Grand Ole Opry to Carnegie Hall. They have been featured on NBC's "Today Show," NPR's "At the Creation," and two PBS specials: "Voices in Harmony" and "The Egg." The Gas House Gang has produced five recordings. Jim and his wife Geda live in St. Charles Missouri, with their 2 young children; Gea Rose and Isaiah. Lydia, their oldest daughter is married and resides in Hanover Germany with her husband Martin and her two sons making Jim the group's only grandpa!



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