Contest Draw

A full list of qualifying quartets is now available. Please note that the full contest draw (including performance order) is still to come.


Ensemble Open Senior Mixed Youth
Amped Up   Senior    
Around the Blend     Mixed  
BarberQ     Mixed  
Bardic Post Open      
Benchmark   Senior    
Beryllium Open      
Boardwalk Open Senior    
Chromium   Senior    
ConFusion     Mixed  
Cool Change Open      
Covering All Basses Open      
Dang Baby     Mixed  
Escapade Open Senior    
First Edition Open Senior    
For Pete's Sake Open Senior    
Forefathers Open Senior    
Fortune Hunters Open      
Four on the Floor Open      
Fourtet Open      
Gambit Open      
Generation Gap Open      
Gliss n Tonic Open      
Half n Half     Mixed  
Helix Open      
Jacapari     Mixed  
Lend us a Tenor     Mixed  
Mixed Signals     Mixed  
Nick Nack Paddy Catt       Youth
On That Note     Mixed  
Poster Boys Open      
Reflex Open      
Rehash Open      
Rock Paper Singers Open      
Salt n Pepper   Senior    
Simon Says Open      
Skeeters     Mixed  
Sound Investment Open      
Sunday's Best Open     Youth
The Collective Open      
The Electric Barbercats Open      
The Rats     Mixed  
The Resomancers Open      
The Steamed Hams Open      
Three Squirrels and a Nut Open      
Twilight Zone   Senior    
Upgrade Open      
Wildcard Open      
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