2017 Sydney Pan-Pac Convention Webcast

How to Watch

To simplify viewing for all members, it has been decided that webcast viewing will be available to everyone via this page. When the convention schedule begins, simply revisit this page and you will find a playable video at the bottom of the page, very similar to a video on a YouTube page.  Simply click the "Play" button and begin watching.

If there is any sort of issue, refresh/revisit the page and click the "Play" button again.

The contest schedule is here.

What does it Cost?

Contrary to prices advertised earlier on this page, the Convention Webcast this year will be by donation.  We strongly encourage, and hope that, all visitors to this page will help us offset the considerable costs of the webcast by making a simple donation.  This will purely an honour system.  If enough donations are received, then next year we will be able to offer the same system.  Otherwise we will have to resort to a user-pays system.  Please make a donation, to show your support for the huge team that have worked hard to bring this event to your screen!

Suggested donations:  $10 per quartet session, $20 for all quartet sessions, $20 for the chorus contest, $20 for the Showcase Concert, or $50 for everything.

Donate Now

Please support this and future webcasts
If you enjoy this webcast and want to support the possibility of similar coverage at future BHA/Pan-Pac conventions, then please make a donation now. Thank you.
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Previous Sessions

Showcase of Champions, Saturday

Chorus Competition, Saturday

Quartet Final, Friday

Quartet Semi-Final Session 3, Friday

Quartet Semi-Final Session 2, Thursday

Quartet Semi-Final Session 1, Thursday

The video below is a PLAYLIST, comprising of several different videos, each from a different session of the competition.
You can use the << and >> buttons to skip to the previous/next video.

This page is where the full convention webcast will be made available.

Webcast Prices

Live Viewing
Quartet Contest - Session 1 A$10
Quartet Contest - Session 2 A$10
Quartet Contest - Session 3 A$10
All Quartet Contest Sessions A$20
Chorus Contest A$30
Showcase of Champions A$35
All of the above A$49
Delayed Viewing
For Delegates only, available from 5 October A$29
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