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  • Would you like to become a Judge?
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 22 Apr 2019
    Would you like to become a Judge?

    The Australasian Guild of Barbershop Judges is seeking applications from people interested in joining the judging program

    What does it take to be a judge?

    Scoring Judges

    If you are interested in being a judge in the Music, Performance, or Singing categories, you should have a strong desire to help our choruses and quartets become better singers, musicians, and performers.

    You should have extensive experience and also be actively coaching and teaching barbershoppers.

    You must also be experienced with competing yourself in barbershop competitions, either as a director and/or as a singer.  Your experience may likely include other areas outside of barbershop, such as arranging music, vocal production training, or work in theatre productions.

    The Australasian Guild of Barbershop Judges (AGBJ) is looking for people who can quickly evaluate a performance, assess strengths and weaknesses, and provide instructive feedback, in an appropriate manner, within a short period of time.

    Contest Administrators

    If you have good organisational and project management skills, and excellent people and communication skills, you may be interested in serving as a Contest Administrator (CA).

    The CA is responsible for the orderly management and operations of competitions, resulting in a successful experience for the competitor and audience.  You will be expected to have above average computer skills, along with the willingness to maintain and provide your own personal laptop for use at assigned contest events. 

    CAs do not get the limelight, but they do get the satisfaction of making sure BHA & BHNZ competitions run smoothly.

    For all Judges

    In addition, you must have a mature attitude and professional demeanor, as well as the ability to make the time commitment needed to serve in this rewarding role.

    You should be a person that people say right now, “You would make a great judge.” The best motivation for being a judge is having a strong desire to give back to the barbershop community.

    There is nothing more satisfying than giving a performer a tool, a technique, an experience, or a pearl of wisdom that helps them improve and they now “get it.” If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

    On the other hand, if you want to become a judge for the glamour and notoriety, you will be very disappointed!

    Can everyone be a judge?

    No. Each category is normally limited to a maximum of 8 individuals.

    In addition, every certified judge must continue to meet the expectations and requirements that the AGBJ sets for all judges. We want to recruit and keep the best and the brightest – so that we can serve our competitors well.

    However, every 3-year cycle we have judges who retire or need to step down, so we must always be prepared to replenish the ranks of every category to ensure we have the best possible judges to serve our BHA & BHNZ competitors.

    What’s the next step?

    The next AGBJ Judges School will be held in Auckland directly before the Pan Pacific Convention in 2020. Successful new candidate judges would be required to attend candidate training in the lead up to this school.

    To express your interest in becoming a member of the AGBJ, please complete the form HERE.

  • Membership Survey feedback
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 19 Apr 2019
    Membership Survey feedback

    BHA 2018 Membership Survey Snippets

    The BHA National Council has been working through the results of the 2018 BHA membership survey and referencing the information contained within the responses in consideration of the key strategies and objectives for BHA in line with our strategic vision of Enriching Australia Through Harmony.

    When it comes to personal member satisfaction, “The pursuit of musical and artistic excellence” tops our survey with a massive 98.1% agreement followed by “The pure enjoyment of ringing chords” with 97.6% agreement.   Clearly there is something about our Barbershop style that once hooked, it never lets us go, and drives us to keep improving our craft!

    But our camaraderie and outreach are essential elements for personal satisfaction and impact as the next highest scores are “Fellowship with other members in the Association” at 96.2% agreement, and then “The impact we make on people and communities when we sing for them” at 96.1% agreement.    This impact is supported by our ability to bring joy to audiences as “Singing on Club Shows and Events” scores a 93.4% agreement.

    On a club level we seem to be doing well, with 89.9% agreeing that their club “has good musical leaders” and 86.4% believing that they “have a healthy, positive atmosphere and culture”, leading to confidence held by 81% of respondents that the club “is headed in the right direction”.

    Unfortunately, those results are not translating to confidence when it comes to the club “is likely to grow and improve in the future” with only 64.6% agreeing.    We clearly have some work to do to get our message out there and maintain our sustainability.

    The results show that our regions and the National Council can have a greater impact with results of agreement for issues such as  leadership, vision, consultation and collaboration scoring between 35% and 60% agreement.

    We know there is work to do but the results of the survey and discussion in forums with members, Regional Chairs and Club Presidents gives us confidence that as a Barbershop community we still have much to give.

    We will continue to analyse the survey information and communicate the lessons we have learned as we move forward with our plans to Engage, Educate and Enjoy.

    Paul Adams - Vice President Membership

  • The Blenders -Voices in Paradise
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 19 Apr 2019
    The Blenders -Voices in Paradise

    Voices In Paradise is back!
    Registrations are now open and we have a brand new website.


    Featuring new guest educators The Velvetones (2018 AUS/ACA Champions) and Blindside (2018 BHA Champions)

    The workshop registration process is now easier for individuals and groups. Click below to purchase your registration. You'll be notified when the songs available.

    Click the following links
    register for the workshop or purchase Concert tickets

  •  Date Posted: Wed, 10 Apr 2019

    This year we are offering a diverse program that celebrates barbershop culture and will connect more intimately with the broader Hobart community.  Because of this we have chosen to call this year’s event a “Festival” - a celebration, rather than use the term “Convention” which has insular connotations.

    As well as reaching out to the locals while we’re in town, the additional activities provide many more opportunities for quartets and choruses to sing.

    Here is a snapshot of all the new activities:

    Tuesday 17 September
    10am to 4pm     City Pop-Ups (choruses and quartets singing in city venues) Register here

    • Pop-Up performances give choruses and quartets the opportunity to perform indoors at many leading hotels, MONA, Hobart International Airport, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG), and shopping centres. Outdoor venues include Salamanca Market, Salamanca Square, Elizabeth Street Mall, Farm Gate Market and the Red Decker Bus. Pop-Up performances will be from 15-20 minutes in any location.

    • Most locations are within walking distance of the Hobart GPO.

    • We will allocate venues that are considered suitable as far as possible to the times you choose. You may choose to nominate a number of different performance slots.

    2pm to 4.30pm Cascade Brewery  - Beer School and singing opportunity. Register your interest here

    7pm to 9.30pm Community Pub Chorus at a city hotel (led by Alex Morris with the Electric Barbercats). All delegates welcome to join locals for an enthusiastic barbershop sing along. Register here

    Wednesday 18 September
    10am to 4pm     City Pop-Ups (choruses and quartets singing in city venues) Register here

    2pm to 4.30pm Workshop - Everyone Singing in Harmony Chorus. Delegates are invited to share the joy of barbershop with local singers. Register here

    Sunday 22 September
    10am to 11.30am             Farm Gate Market Pop-Ups. Register here

    Of course, as a contest delegate, you can also participate in all the traditional activities you enjoy:
    Harmony Academy, John Little Show, Chorus Corral, Massed Sing, Sing with the Champs, Youth Workshop and, of course, the Contests!

    Registrations are now open so why not head to the Festival website or register here
    As part of the registration process you can also register for Harmony Academy and pre-order Festival merchandise.

  •  Date Posted: Wed, 10 Apr 2019

    Each contestant will be entitled to a “Contestant’s Package” which provides the following benefits:

    • Downloadable digital photographs of your ensemble
    • A link to a video of your performance soon after you contest
    • Free access to the webcast

    To cover these costs and subsidise the general costs of running the Contest, the Contest entry fees are increasing this year and have been set as follows:

    Quartet                            $160

    Small Chorus                    $280 (< or = 16 members excluding MD)

    Medium Chorus                 $330 (17 to 30 members excluding MD)

    Large Chorus                    $380 (> or = 31 members excluding MD)               

    Festival Contest entry will open in late May 2019 soon after all regional contests are completed.

  •  Date Posted: Wed, 10 Apr 2019

    There are still some rooms available at Festival headquarters – Wrest Point Hotel - however, availability is reducing fast. An easy process for booking your accommodation has been set up here, however, if you want to make a bulk booking for your Ensemble, it is best to phone the Wrest Point Hotel directly on 03 6221 1888 or free call 1800 030 611. Make sure you tell them you’re a BHA member!

    There are other accommodation options available which are conveniently located on the Festival website

  • Copyright
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 18 Feb 2019

    Compliance with copyright law is a vexed issue in BHA and BHNZ.  While the majority of choruses and quartets comply with the law, there are a number of misunderstandings of what is needed and some inadvertent breaches do occur.  Achieving copyright compliance is not cheap, but it is important that BHA and BHNZ are equally fair to all and everybody does pay their dues for copyright.  Copyright breaches are potentially expensive for those involved. 

    A summary of the main points is:


    • The original authors of a song own the intellectual property rights to that song but usually assign the rights to a copyright house.
    • No names of those who wrote the song at the top and no copyright notice on the bottom of page one means an illegal copy (unless you are the author(s) and not just the arranger).
    • It is illegal to copy sheet music obtained from BHS, from an arranger or which came with learning tracks without a print licence.
    • You need permission to write a new arrangement of a song and to copy your arrangement.
    • Paying an arranger fee is not paying royalties for a song and does not (in itself) meet the requirements of copyright law.
    • ???????Paying for learning tracks is not paying royalties for the song and does not (in itself) meet the requirements of copyright law.

    The majority of songs are somebody’s intellectual property and subject to copyright protection.  Copyright holders are entitled to royalties for any use or copying of a song.  There are separate requirements and separate royalties for sheet music, to live performances, to live or delayed streaming on social media and other platforms and to recordings in other forms.  This article will only consider the copyright laws and royalties as they apply to sheet music.  Contest rules only apply to sheet music. 

    The online contest entry seeks information for copyright compliance from entrants.  This information is required by Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA) from the BHA National Competition and the potential exists for it to be requested from other contests or public performances.

    BHA and BHNZ put the primary onus being on ensembles for copyright compliance.  The online entry system asks for a minimum of copyright information (and less than BHS requests at its competitions).  The system now also requires that the registrant for that ensemble to sign the entry forms electronically putting their name and the date into the system.  The registrant will also have to tick that they have complied with various aspects of contest rules.  By making these declarations and electronically signing the forms well before contest day, we hope to avoid any issues on the day.  It would be devastating for a group to be refused their spot on the contest stage or to be disqualified two weeks before contest (when they might have a chance of rectifying the matter) or even worse on contest day when there is little chance of doing anything about the breach of the rules.

    The original authors of a piece of music, the person or people who wrote the words and music, have intellectual properties to that work of art.  In most cases, the authors will assign their rights to a copyright house, such as EMI Music or Sony Music.  These copyright houses have agents in both Australia and New Zealand.  The vast majority of copyright owners are represented in Australia and New Zealand by either Hal Leonard or Devirra Corporation (previously Alfred Music).
    The original authors, but not an arranger, of a song own the intellectual property rights to that song but usually assign the rights to a copyright house.

    Intellectual property rights expire with the passage of time and the laws differ from country to country (or region to region), but most frequently expire a set number of years after the death of the composer(s).  USA public domain laws are quite different, and songs in public domain in the USA may still be in copyright in the rest of the world, and vice versa.  For more information on Australia’s public domain laws, see page 8 of the Duration of Copyright fact sheet from the Australian Copyright Council. For more information about New Zealand’s public domain laws, see the Public Domain Guide published by DigitalNZ.  More on copyright law itself and how to determine if a song and its associated sheet music are in the public domain will be the subject of a future article. 

    Sheet music may be purchased here or overseas.  But to be sold in Australia and New Zealand, the seller must have rights in this region to do so.  Any legitimate sheet music has the names of the authors and the arranger, if any, at the top and a copyright notice at the bottom of the first page.  No names of those who wrote the song at the top and no copyright notice on the bottom of page one means an illegal copy (unless you are the author(s) and not just the arranger).

    Music can be purchased from BHS in the US.  However, BHS only has the right to sell much of its music in the US and Canada and not directly to Australia or New Zealand (which together form a single copyright region).  Some BHS music is able to be sold directly here and BHS will indicate one way or the other.  BHS can also obtain International rights on request and then sell the music, but they charge $US150 just to get the rights and it is almost certainly somewhat cheaper to get a print licence locally. 
    Where BHS does not have International rights (and you do not want to pay BHS for them), BHS can provide a single free reference copy of a song to BHA and BHNZ registered ensembles.  As with sheet music from an arranger or from an artist who has produced learning tracks, such single free copies may not be copied for use by an ensemble without obtaining a print licence.  It is illegal to copy sheet music obtained from BHS from an arranger or which came with learning tracks without a print licence.

    Songs in the Barbershop style have usually been arranged especially for the genre for obvious reasons.  Arranging an existing song gives the arranger no rights over either the words or the music.  The arranger actually needs permission from the copyright holder to arrange the song.   Permission to arrange a song is not always given.  Disney often refuses permission to use a new arrangement as does the copyright owner for Les Miserables. 
    You need permission to write a new arrangement of a song and to copy your arrangement.

    An arranger may charge a fee but this fee does not meet compliance with copyright law.  Arrangers may provide a copy of their arrangement.  Paying an arranger fee is not paying royalties for a song and does not (in itself) meet the requirements of copyright law.
    A number of artists produce learning tracks.  Sometimes they use slightly different arrangements from that of “the arranger” and may provide a copy of the exact arrangement.  The artist concerned has a right to charge a fee for their rendition of the song.  Paying for learning tracks is not paying royalties for the song itself and does not (in itself) meet the requirements of copyright law.
    Obtaining music legally is relatively easy – well, maybe not totally easy the first time.  And unfortunately is not always cheap.  But this is the subject of a future article.

    More information is available on the BHA website at:

    John Faris

    Copyright law varies in different parts of the world. This article is written for Australia and New Zealand and may not apply in other parts of the world.
  • Discount for purchases from BHS
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 18 Feb 2019
    Discount for purchases from BHS

    Affiliate Discount Code Update

    As you may know, BHA members are entitled to a 25% discount on the BHS Marketplace site – the same discount BHS members get. This discount applies to all clothing, merchandise, learning tracks, and printed sheet music.
    Due to the increased cost of fees BHS must pay copyright holders and arrangers, discounts do not apply to digital sheet music. While this makes the price for digital sheet music slightly higher than printed music, the digital downloads are available immediately and there are no shipping charges. 
    The BHA affiliate discount code for 2019 is:  
    Enter this code in the Member # / Promo $ / Gift Certificate box at checkout.

    More Music Available Internationally
    BHS is continuously asking for worldwide rights when seeking copyright clearances. Although BHS does not always get approval, it may receive the rights to sell in some countries outside the US.

    With the rollout of the new BHS website in 2018, the music pages have been updated to clearly indicate where the music can be sold. BHS now has more than 2,000 song titles that have some level of international availability. Click here to see all music with International Availability.

    While any customer is able to view the entire music catalogue, if music is not licensed for Australia, BHA customers are unable to add that product to their cart.

    Trevor Rootes - Secretary 

  • Quartet registration
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 18 Feb 2019
    Quartet registration

    Now is the time for quartets to get organised for regional contests. 

    Please remember that quartet registration/re-registration is completed annually, and is the responsibility of the quartet.

    All quartets planning to compete in regional contests in 2019 need to register/re-register their quartet by Friday 15 March.
    First, you must be a financial member of BHA for 2019. 

    • Club members should have had their BHA membership renewed by their Club

    • Members-at-Large need to complete a Member at Large Membership Renewal

    • New Members-at-Large need to complete a New Member at Large Application Form 

    • Next, your Quartet needs to complete the Quartet Registration and Re-Registration Form.

    All forms are available in the Downloads/ FORMS section of the BHA website.
    IMPORTANT: - you need to download the foms and save them to your own computer before completing the details. 

    Trevor Rootes - Secretary

  • MC's wanted
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 18 Feb 2019
    MC's wanted

    Just in case you missed the email I sent to all members in January, here is a recap…..

    Feeling adventurous? Have you ever thought about having a crack at being an MC?

    Well, there’s an opportunity for you right now to reveal your flair for public speaking and hone your compering skills. This year we are conducting an MC Program and all members are welcome to apply.

    Application requirements are simple. All you need to do is make a video* of yourself ensuring you:
    •             introduce yourself, including your name, BHA Region, Club/Chorus and Quartet (if applicable)
    •             state whether you will be attending your local regional contest and the Convention in Hobart
    •             perform your best competition introduction of a quartet and chorus
    •             provide an account of why you joined Barbershop
    •             email your entry to Jen Howson at

    All entries must be received by 7th March (deadline extended by a week) to be considered for the program.  You will receive confirmation of the entry and feedback after the 8th of March.

    Selected participants in this years’ program will be chosen as MCs for your local regional contest and events.  Feedback from your Judging panel and organisers will determine if you have the required skills to acquit yourself creditably on the national stage.

    We are striving for the highest level of excellence in all aspects of our events and what better than to source the talents of our own membership to fill these requirements.
    Looking forward to your contributions!

    *make sure you have plenty of light and there’s minimal ambient noise

    Richard Wadick - BHA VP Events

  • Access to BHS newsletter The HARMONIZER
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 18 Feb 2019
    Access to BHS newsletter The HARMONIZER

    One of the benefits of our affiliation with BHS in the USA is access to their magazine The Harmonizer.

    The January/February2019 edition has just been published and is available here.

    It’s presented in a new format with some editorial changes.

    Go on over and have a look.

    Trevor Rootes BHA Secretary

  • Obtaining International Music Copyright - A new service from BHS
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 30 Nov 2018
    Obtaining International Music Copyright - A new service from BHS


    BHS already offers hundreds of arrangements that are available for ordering by international customers. BHA members can order these via BHS’s website at

    If there is other music in the BHS catalogue without international copyright that you wish to use, there are two ways to go about gaining a Copyright Print Licence for your group.

    1. Seek an inspection copy from BHS and then follow the procedures for gaining a copyright print licence in Australia. Details at


     Some members indicate this is a time-consuming task. Print copies purchased in this way are usually around AU$3.30 a copy.

    2. it is also possible to seek copyright clearance for Australia through BHS.

    First, you need to complete a BHS Arrangement & Reproduction Request Form (click here for the BHS Arrangement and Reproduction Request Form 
    and submit to BHS via email to  BHS then processes the request. Turnaround time is usually 30-45 days, but may take longer, depending on the copyright holder(s) of a song, the number of songs in the arrangement (medley), etc.  Submitting the completed form to BHS authorizes them to seek the music clearance on your behalf.

    The cost for clearance through BHS is typically US$150 for 4-20 authorized copies (you print on your own) and the permission is exclusive to the performing group only.  This fee covers the permission to arrange, the authorized copies needed, and time/materials fee. (Please note arrangers fees are no longer charged.) You will have an option to cancel your order with BHS at any time before the permission order is paid. The BHS cancellation fee is US$50.

    BHS employs reasonable best efforts to secure the requested permissions on your behalf for the arrangement. However, US copyright owners have the right and authority by law to charge any fee, determine turnaround time, and even reject the request outright. For this reason, BHS cannot guarantee clearance, in whole or in part, for any arrangement; BHS also cannot guarantee turnaround time, fee quotes, or clearance success.

    Trevor Rootes - BHA Secretary


  • Member survey closing soon
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 23 Oct 2018
    Member survey closing soon

    The 2018 BHA membership survey received over 200 responses leading up to the National Convention and the early results are demonstrating some clear trends in member experience and aspirations for our Barbershop community.

    The draw for the prizes of a $35 BHA shop voucher was held at the farewell luncheon and won by David Merrells and Noel Craig.

    If you were one of those people that didn’t quite get around to it, you are in luck as we will leave the Survey open until Sunday 4th November so that everyone has had their chance to contribute.

    After that we will commence the formal analysis process and make a report available to all members in December.

    A big thank you to all those who contributed and congratulations to the draw winners.

    Yours in Harmony,

    Paul Adams
    BHA VP – Membership


  • 2018 BHA Medal winner
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 23 Oct 2018
    2018 BHA Medal winner

    On a magnificent Adelaide evening over-looking the city lights from Adelaide Oval, BHA President Dan Milgate had the honour of awarding the 2018 BHA Medal to Mr Mel McMichael.

    Mel’s contribution was beautifully summarised by one of the panel members:

    “The recipient is truly a standout candidate for the BHA Medal award for 2018 and his credentials speak for itself. His participation and guidance over the years in building BHA into what it is today is unquestionable and exemplary. His participation and contribution to quartets and choruses over the years has been vast, deep and varied and his leadership in all aspects of BHA has proven vital to the growth of BHA and the Barbershop art form. His vision and ability to execute growth plans for BHA have paid off in increasing the appeal and development of Barbershop within Australia.”

    First awarded in 2017, the BHA Medal is kindly sponsored by Mr Derek Cosburn who was on hand to present the medal which recognises an individual’s exemplary contribution to the advancement of barbershop in Australia.

    Yours in Harmony,

    Paul Adams
    BHA VP – Membership


  • Club Of The Year
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 23 Oct 2018
    Club Of The Year

    For the second year running, The Blenders have been awarded the 2018 Club of The Year title, presented by BHA Secretary Mr Trevor Rootes.

    The Blenders combination of musical development, community engagement, youth development and education shone through in the submission, and deservedly saw them win the title.

    At the Saturday night showcase, the Blenders Youth Chorus demonstrated that barbershop community welcome when they invited the Launceston based School chorus, The Fellas to share the stage with them in what was a wonderful gesture and a demonstration of the wonderful spirit that is barbershop in Australia.

    We also acknowledge the innovation and initiatives of other clubs nominated including Vox Canvas and Sydney Harmony.

    Yours in Harmony,

    Paul Adams
    BHA VP – Membership

  • Club Member of the Year
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 23 Oct 2018
    Club Member of the Year

    All Clubs appreciate having committed members who are willing to go the extra mile, and this award is a timely opportunity for Clubs to show the tremendous gratitude that we have for these members who tirelessly contribute to the success of every Club and ultimately BHA.

    We know that many clubs consider their awards at the end of year celebrations and for those who do so we would love to publish their names in a later edition.   In the meantime the following members were recognised with the traditional single clap at the Adelaide Convention Gala Dinner

    Festival Statesmen                Mitre Kammash

    Adelaide Vocal Union                Harvey Lewis

    Vox Canvas                             Paul Mai

    Sydney Harmony                   Owen (Ned) Stygal

    The Blenders                         Joe Lam

    The Melbournaires               Roger Archman

    Deep South                            Paul Adams

    Hills Harmony Chorus          Richard (Dick) Bushell

    Vocal Evolution                     Matt Nichols

    Canberra Chordsmen           Peter Thomas

    Novotones                             Grant McKeand

    Yours in Harmony,

    Paul Adams
    VP – Membership BHA

  • Wow! what a Convention. Thanks Adelaide
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 23 Oct 2018
    Wow! what a Convention. Thanks Adelaide

    Still reeling from the euphoria of participating in one of the most exciting events in Adelaide’s history? Makes the Beatles appearance at the Adelaide Town Hall all those years ago pale in insignificance doesn’t it?
    There were certainly many moments in history created over that momentous week that was the 16th Barbershop Harmony Australia National Convention and Contest. How many of you will reminisce in the weeks, months, years to come and say…..
    “I was there when……the first time a BHA Convention was held in Adelaide!”
    “I was there when……Festival Statesmen achieved the highest score of any Australian Chorus at that time!”
    “I was there when……a new drink was invented at Harmony Academy!”
    “I was there when…...David Zimmerman, the tenor from Instant Classic announced on stage his engagement to his partner, Laura, while they were visiting the Adelaide Hills!”
    “I was there when………………………………………………………………….
                                         (insert your own special moment here)
    People will ask you “Did you hear about that time when…..the ABC recorded the Massed Sing in Rundle Mall and televised it nationally on the news that evening?” and you’ll say: “Yes! I was there!”
    None of these distinctive life experiences would have happened, of course, without the work of the small army of volunteers that made the event possible. A huge thank you to Cam DuRieu and his magnificent team on the ground in Adelaide who unrelentingly worked over the year and during the Convention to ensure all participants had an awesome experience. Cam drew on his personal expertise in events management and his relationships with local external stakeholders to help accomplish this great outcome.
    Big thanks also to all of the BHA National Councillors for their leadership and harmony of mission which provided the template for the volunteers to work with.
    We have received some really nice feedback, mainly from members, but one of the best testimonials comes from a non-member couple visiting from Victoria who wrote:
    What an absolute privilege it was to have attended last Friday and Saturday evenings in Adelaide for the finals.  Oh, how sublime it all was and the trip from Camperdown was well worth every k. travelled.
    Congratulations to everyone who was involved, there must have been mountains of work for so long to put the event together. We had no idea how wide the categories were beforehand so everything was a wonderful surprise. Our thanks to you all for a superb experience.
    Wishing you all well and it probably won’t be long before you begin preparing for Hobart in 2019.  Maybe we will too......
    And for those that weren’t there to experience all of those wonderful moments of history in Adelaide this year, you won’t want to miss what’s in store for Hobart!
    Warm regards,


    Richard Wadick
    Vice President - Events

    Barbershop Harmony Australia

  • Who is responsible for quartet registration?
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 22 Oct 2018
    Who is responsible for quartet registration?

    Quartets are responsible for their own BHA registration.

    • Once your Club has completed your personal membership registration, due by 31 December, you can register/re-register your quartet.

    • Quartets planning to enter the regional conventions should register early in the year. 

    • Non-contesting quartets may register at any time during the coming year.

      Trevor Rootes - BHA Secretary

  • New Membership Year - What do I need to do?
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 22 Oct 2018
    New Membership Year - What do I need to do?

    The new membership year begins from 1 January 2019.

    You don’t need to do anything.

    Clubs are responsible for Membership Registrations and Club Registrations by 31 December.

    Each Club appoints a representative to complete these registrations on behalf of its members.

    These registrations provide the following insurances for the club and members from the beginning of the new year: 
    o    Group Accident Cover
    o    Volunteer Workers Accident Cover
    o    Management Liability Insurance
    o    Public Liability 

    Registration also provides coverage under the Community Band, Choir or Community Group Licence

    covering the performance of music from the APRA repertoire at rehearsal and non-ticketed performances events.

    It is important that Clubs complete these registrations before the end of the year.

    Trevor Rootes - BHA Secretary

  • Planning for Hobart Convention and Harmony Academy is now well underway
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 22 Oct 2018
    Planning for Hobart Convention and Harmony Academy is now well underway

    Hobart 2019 Convention is from Wednesday 18 September to Sunday 22 September 2019.

    The Convention is at Wrest Point Convention Centre

    Harmony Academy follows, Sunday 22 September to Wednesday 25 September 2019.

    It will be conducted at the Tasmanian Police Academy.

    Start planning now. What a great opportunity to visit Tasmania

    Come for the Convention, stay for the experience. 

    Trevor Rootes - BHA Secretary

  • Convention Photos and Videos Available Now!
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 22 Oct 2018
    Convention Photos and Videos Available Now!

    We are still on a high from all the wonderful performances at this year's convention in Adelaide. Did you want to share your performance with your family and friends? Well you can! This year all photographs are available for you to download and share free of charge. We're also in the process of uploading all performance videos to our YouTube channel for you to share as well. Note that we are still in the process of uploading all of these videos, so yours may not be visible yet. Why not subscribe? That way you'll be notified as soon as a new video is released.

    So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your photos and share those videos.


    Daniel Beckitt - BHA VP Marketing & Develpoment

  • Valé Bob Fritz
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 22 Oct 2018
    Valé Bob Fritz
    Bob Fritz, 1935 – 2018

    Bob Fritz died last Friday after a long bout with cancer.

    Bob was an exceptionally knowledgeable barbershopper having been singing Barbershop for over 70 years. He joined Sydney Harmony in 1999, while still a member of the Sydneysiders Express. Bob made countless contributions to Sydney Harmony over the past 19 years. He was always the first to volunteer for fundraisers and assisted with the promotion of Barbershop through numerous radio and TV interviews, and had been a marvellous MC at many regional and national conventions and virtually all of Sydney Harmony’s own concerts.

    For many years, Bob was a member of the National Executive Team of Barbershop Harmony Australia, responsible for organising national and Pan Pacific conventions. He worked with Sydney Harmony’s convention committee when we hosted the 2007 National Convention in Sydney, playing a pivotal role in making that convention the most financially successful to date.

    Bob was always dedicated to improving the standard of everyone’s Barbershop performance. He was always one of the first members to master a new song including choreography, and was always willing to help others to do the same. Bob was a stickler for riser discipline always being the first onto the risers at each rehearsal. As Sydney Harmony’s first 80-yr-old member, Bob never let anything interfere with rehearsal attendance except for trips to the USA to visit his many children and grandchildren.

    In 2015, Bob became a Life Member of Sydney Harmony and retired to Toronto, NSW.

    Our hearts go out to his wife Sue and family.

    David Ojerholm
    Sydney Harmony

    Farewell Rob Fritz

    Rob fell into a deep sleep on Friday the 12th of October and did not wake up. This was a blessing in many ways as he had a very serious form of cancer that stopped production of red blood cells: he had transfusions every two weeks. This has been happening all of this year. To quote him,  “I had good weeks and not so good weeks”. It was a good week when, in May, he caught the train from Toronto NSW to Hornsby to MC the Eastern Region quartet competition. He then had to take the train home.

    I first met Rob around 1995 when he joined Sydneysiders Harmony Chorus and soon put his hand up for the position of Secretary. I next came across him when we were both members of Sydney Harmony where he threw himself into the onerous task of getting men to move and look convincing at the same time. Not one to shrink from any task.

    We both served on the AAMBS (BHA) Executive, he as VP Events and I as VP Music. Our joint highlight of this period was the organisation of the Hobart Convention and Harmony College in 2009, the first in this city.

    He and his wife, Sue, moved to Toronto, a few years ago, to be closer to family and he fronted up at rehearsals for SOUTHLAKES HARMONY CHORUS which rehearses nearby. His comment was, “How many barbershop singers finish up singing with the same MD when they retire as they did when they first started 20 years before but in a different chorus”.

    Most will remember Rob as the Austra-American MC at many Convention quartet and chorus competitions over nearly two decades. Some cannot seem to forget his infamous “parrot” story.

    We have lost one of Barbershop’s gentlemen.

    Ian Miller


  • BHA Club of the Year
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 27 Aug 2018
    BHA Club of the Year

    The BHA Club of the Year is an annual award, coordinated by the Vice President - Membership and adjudicated by a special Committee of representatives appointed by the BHA Council.

    The Award Committee will review each Club’s nomination and make recommendations to the BHA Council, with the winner to be announced at the 2018 Adelaide Convention.

    The following criteria will be assessed for the 2018 BHA Club of the Year Award:

    ? Presence and promotion of Barbershop Singing to the community
    ? Community Service and charitable perspectives.
    ? Membership and marketing initiatives, including Youth outreach initiatives
    ? Website, Social Media and Media presence, and engagement
    ? Engagement with BHA and support for BHA initiatives
    ? Participation in BHA Contests & Conventions
    ? Quartet promotion and development initiatives

    To apply, simply address each of the above criteria (in whatever form you like) and submit on behalf of the Club, including the details of a contact person for follow up as required.

    The application needs to reach the BHA VP Membership Paul Adams (, by close of business on Friday 8th September, 2018.

    Paul Adams - BHA VP Membership


  • Chorus Member of the Year
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 27 Aug 2018
    Chorus Member of the Year

    This is separate to the Club of the year award. It is, however, an equally important acknowledgement designed to allow Clubs throughout BHA to more publicly recognise one of their members. This would be for outstanding service and accomplishments as a member of your Club and as a member of Barbershop Harmony Australia. The criteria for the selection of your Chorus Member of the Year is up to each Club to determine.

    All Clubs appreciate having committed members who are willing to go the extra mile, and this award is a timely opportunity for Clubs to show the tremendous gratitude that we have for these members who tirelessly contribute to the success of every Club.

    This person’s name and a brief description of their efforts should be forwarded to the BHA Executive Officer, Jeannie Hattendorff (, also by Friday 7th September, 2017.

    The Chorus Member of the Year will be acknowledged at the Welcome Dinner and a list of all nominees will be included in the following edition of In Harmony.

    Paul Adams - BHA VP Membership


  • President's Advisory Council on Membership
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 27 Aug 2018
    President's Advisory Council on Membership

    A key strategy for the BHA National Council is to engage more with our members and the Presidents Advisory Council on Membership (PACM) is one opportunity to do exactly that.

    This initiative is designed to draw a diverse group of members to serve on PACM to consider topics of national significance to BHA and provide insights on new ideas and ways of doing things that support the objectives of BHA.

    Members have been invited to join PACM to ensure we gain the geographical, demographic and societal diversity represented amongst our members, with meetings to be facilitated by the VP – Membership and reports on ideas and solutions proposed by the group to be provided back to the BHA National Council.

    The first question posed to the group is “How will BHA better engage with its members?”

    Paul Adams - BHA VP Membership


  • Chorus order of appearance
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 22 Aug 2018
    Chorus order of appearance
    The draw has now been carried out for the performance order for competing choruses in Adelaide. See the attached Pdf file for details
  • Quartet order of appearance
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 22 Aug 2018
    Quartet order of appearance
    The draw has now been carried out for the performance order for competing quartets in Adelaide. See the attached Pdf file for details
  • Obtaining a discount through the BHS Harmony Market Place
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2018
    Obtaining a discount through the BHS Harmony Market Place

    As part of your membership of Barbershop Harmony Australia, we have negotiated an arrangement with the Barbershop Harmony Society in the US to offer you discount purchases from the Barbershop Harmony Store.

    BHA members are eligible for a 25% discount on many products from the Barbershop Harmony Society Marketplace.

    Products include some sheet music, learning tracks, and clothing items. For the music items, many items are downloadable.

    To gain your 25% discount you need to apply the affiliate code aff2019. Once this has been entered in the Gift certificate or promo code box, it is important to press the arrow to the right. The discount will then be applied automatically.  A tip for young players: do not re-enter the code at the box requesting your BHS membership number.

    Trevor Rootes - BHA Secretary

  • Chorus rehearsal rooms for the Adelaide Convention
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2018
    Chorus rehearsal rooms for the Adelaide Convention
    There will be two chorus rehearsal rooms available at the Adelaide Town Hall for use by competing choruses on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 September - one for large choruses and one for small choruses.

    It is expected that these rooms will be in high demand and time allocations will need to be fairly distributed.

    Each Chorus representative requesting the use of one of these rooms will be allocated a one hour session. Every effort will be made to allocate a session as close as possible to your requested time. If a second session is desired, these will be allocated once all choruses, who have requested a session time, have been allocated their first hour. Any session vacancies after the two rounds of allocations will be advertised on the Convention website and will be available on a first-come basis.

    Applications will close on 31 August with the final session allocations advised soon thereafter.

    How do I book?          
      To apply for the use of one of these rehearsal rooms please email
    Chris Koop at indicating your requirements

    and preference for session times. Chris will confirm your bookings via return email.
    What will it cost?          
      $100 per hour. Fee is payable by 19 August to ABCMA via EFT as follows:  
      BSB: 036-051 
    Account number: 218960
    Description: Your Chorus Name
    What's the difference between the two rooms?      
      The Meeting Hall (Large Chorus) has 6 x 4 step risers      
      The David Spence Room (Small Chorus) has 4 x 3 step risers      
    Where are the two rooms?        
      The Meeting Hall is located at the rear of the Town Hall and is
    accessible from the lane way on the southern side of the building. 

    The David Spence Room is located on Level 1.

  • The BHA Medal Nominations
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2018
    The BHA Medal Nominations
    The BHA National Council is pleased to call for nominations for the 2018 BHA Medal.

    First awarded in 2017 to Mike Donnelly, the BHA Medal recognises an individual’s exemplary contribution to the advancement of barbershop in Australia.   It will be awarded to a current BHA member in good standing who has consistently “put in” for barbershop.

    The award is made for sustained outstanding leadership, innovation, influence or initiative development, which has resulted in an exemplary, transparent and publicly evident advancement of BHA. They will be recognised nationally for their sustained contribution for the association, their club, their community, or behind the scenes.    In limited circumstances, individuals may also be considered for nomination whilst no longer an active member due to retirement on the basis of incapacity.

    Nomination for the BHA Medal must be made in writing and may come from individual BHA members, Regional or Club Committees.

    Each nomination will be assessed by a subcommittee of independent (i.e. not involved in nominating or being a nominee) BHA members appointed by the BHA Council. If awarded (at the absolute discretion of the BHA Council), the BHA Medal will be presented at the next available national convention.

    The award is kindly sponsored by Derek Cosburn, who said “Since my first introduction to barbershop singing at Dreamworld in about 1981-2, I have been the recipient of a quite a few medals during the time I’ve been involved, and I have for a number of years had the thought that I’d like to give back in some small way. I would like to help in the promotion of a medal that I’d hope would have some meaning to the recipient, and to all members within our society who may not attain one through singing, but deserve one because of other efforts.”

    Nomination Criteria to be Addressed
    (There could be many and varied reasons that set the nominee as an exemplar to the barbershop community.  Below are few ideas, but not an exhaustive list)
    • Leadership
    • Innovation
    • Influence
    • Initiative Development
    • Membership and participation generation
    • Coaching and education contribution
    • Event organising
    • Selflessness in consistently supporting and helping others
    • New club/chorus generation
    • Promotion of barbershop
    • Length of service to BHA and/or club/chorus
    • Achievement beyond national boarders
    • Musical influence - Arranging skills and willingness to share those arrangements

    The nomination must include the rationale for nomination, details of nomination criteria and supporting evidence, certification of the BHA members supporting the nomination and contact details for follow up with regards to the nomination.

    Most importantly, in relation to the criteria above (or any other criteria thought relevant) the evidence of the nominee’s contribution to the advancement of BHA needs to be clearly stated.

    At this time it is envisaged that nominations will be treated in confidence as only one BHA medal will be awarded each year, however, at the discretion of the BHA Council, Nominees and a summary of the reason for their nomination may be read out at the presentation ceremony and be accorded with due applause and acknowledgement.    The winner will then be presented with the medal.

    A Life Member may be nominated for the BHA Medal, as the criteria used to award the Life Membership are not the same used to award the BHA Medal.

    Life membership still remains BHA’s highest honour and award.

    Nominations must be received by the BHA Executive Officer, Jeannie Hattendorf, by close of business on Tuesday 28th August 2018.

    For clarification on any aspect of the BHA medal purpose or nomination process please contact VP Membership via email on

    Yours in harmony

    Paul Adams - BHA VP Membership
    Barbershop Harmony Australia
  • BHS Harmony U - 2018
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2018
    BHS Harmony U - 2018

    Eight Australians have just returned from an amazing week at BHS’ Harmony University in Nashville, Tennessee.  The eight of us (Lyndal Thorburn, Geordie Cullen, Jennifer and Glenda Lloyd from Canberra; Tim Green and Jono Albertini from Brisbane; Alex Morris from Melbourne (also on the faculty this year); and Lea Baker from Sydney) were amongst almost 800 students and voluntary faculty that delivered classes for a full week at the historic, green and very gracious Belmont University campus in Nashville. This year, participants came from 16 countries.

    As a first timer at Harmony U, I was struck by the range of course offerings and the well-oiled BHS machines that runs this event every year. Their promo says that “this event should be on everyone’s bucket list” and they are not wrong, but I think, in effect, that if you have been once, you will want to go again!!  In addition to formal classes we had tag singing and woodshedding (improvised tag singing in the evenings), and lots of opportunities to meet new people and forge networks internationally.


    Tim, Glenda and Jono
    Lyndal, Lea, Glenda and Jennifer

    We started every morning with physical and vocal warmups and then learned a tag and practised one of our songs for the concert on the Saturday night – all this was achieved in 45 minutes in what was a masterpiece of timing and coordination. It was especially impressive watching Kirk Young really focus on the tricky rhythmic bits of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” in a short rehearsal that achieved so much over 2 morning sessions!!

    Geordie Cullen with Chas. Byram from Pennsylvania

    My own program this year was based around arranging and conducting.  My Arranging 3 class worked with David Wright to arrange a song and argue over the finer points of moving arrangements from men’s into women’s ranges and vice versa. I learned a whole lot more about ways to achieve a key change! My (absolute) beginner conducting class every morning taught me the basic beat patterns and the afternoon “Outstanding Out Front” class the beginnings of melding (that tricky task of maintaining the beat with one hand and indicating key interpretive changes with the other).  In shorter elective classes I learned about listening for overtones, using social media effectively, getting paid for quartet gigs, care of the ageing voice, sight reading using Solvege, judging categories, coaching singers and analysing arrangements for both harmonic content and interpretation. 

    We had two concerts – on Friday and Saturday nights – and were entertained by the quartets and choruses which had been coached during the week, and by Main Street Quartet which won International in 2017 (below).

    A key theme this year was also inclusion – this covered recognising the origins of the art form amongst black singers, making provision for those with disabilities, and bringing the learning from barbershop singing into school curricula.  A major step towards inclusion in 2018 has been offering full membership of BHA to women, a step which was not without controversy, but support for which was demonstrated in the 20% (est.) attendance by women at this year’s Harmony U.

    Harmony University is run every July, soon after the international convention. The program is divided into 6 “streams” for directors, music educators, performers, musical leaders, chorus/quartet members and youth.  In reality, the program is very flexible and it is quite acceptable to take lessons in all these streams during the week (except, I guess, the youth if you are not in the right age group!).  Attendees register for two streams that run morning and afternoon Monday to Friday plus ‘pick and mix’ from a range of early morning, lunch time, afternoon and evening electives.  You can be busy from 8am in the morning until late at night, if you want, or just do the core sessions.

    In addition, there is a separate program for half a dozen choruses and 20 quartets to get a week of coaching, from 3-4 international coaches. And finally, there is a Brigade program, where 60 people sing in “mix and match” quartets, and then participate in an evening quartet competition over two nights, using music that is handed out beforehand.  Registration for next year’s Harmony University in Nashville will open in December 2018.

    Lyndal Thorburn
    (pics from Glenda Lloyd and Lyndal Thorburn)

  • Adelaide Convention Registrations are now closed
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2018
    Adelaide Convention Registrations are now closed
    Adelaide Convention - Registrations are now closed
    Registrations for the Adelaide Convention need to close well prior to the actual Convention dates to enable catering and logistics to be finalised. If you have not already registered unfortunately you can no longer register.
  • Ticket Purchases for Individual Events Now Available
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2018
    Ticket Purchases for Individual Events Now Available
    Ticket Purchases for Individual Events Now Available
    Great News! Your family and friends can now purchase their tickets to various Convention events via the
     button on the Convention website homepage. Tickets to the Quartet Semi Final Sessions, Quartet Final, Chorus Final, as well as the Chorus Corral and, of course, the Showcase of Champions Concert, are all available to purchase right now. So please encourage your family and friends to book their flights and accommodation (if they haven’t already done so) and purchase their printable tickets to the various events on offer. There are still plenty of seats available.

    NB: The start time for the Showcase of Champions concert has been amended to 7.30pm. If you have purchased tickets to this event on behalf of family and friends please let them know of the revised time. The additional tickets you have purchased will be made available at the Registration & Hospitality Desk situated at the Level 1 Foyer, Adelaide Town Hall from 12.00pm Wednesday 12 September.

  • New Member Survey Launched
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2018
    New Member Survey Launched

    During August we sent out our most comprehensive member survey since 2005 as we seek to explore the views of our members, clubs and regions and inform the priorities and strategies for Barbershop within Australia.

    The survey will be facilitated through the Survey Monkey platform and will be open for 4 weeks and we anticipate having the first pass of analysis ready for presentation at the Adelaide Convention membership forum.

    Drawing on the latest research by Barbershop Harmony Society, this major survey has been designed to explore the member experience and aspirations for our Barbershop community; informing our clubs, regions and association in plans to ensure our ongoing sustainability.

    If you have not already received it, watch out for it and ensure you take the opportunity to have your say.

    Paul Adams
    VP – Membership BHA

  • Harmony Academy - 2018
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2018
    Harmony Academy - 2018

    Harmony Academy 2018 - An Education Event You Can’t Miss

    Following on from our convention in Adelaide, we will be holding our annual Harmony Academy at the Adare Camp and Caravan Park. This is an educational event you won’t want to miss, with a top class faculty of educators including our headline quartet Instant Classic.

    What makes Harmony Academy different from previous Harmony Colleges?
    Well, for a start we are dividing up our classes into a number of streams. You can then select a track based on your area of interest. Here is what you have to pick from:

    • Directors College

    • Performing Arts College

    • Harmony College

    • Masterclasses

    • Honours Chorus

    Of course, you will still be able to pick and choose whatever individual classes you are the most interested in.

    Directors College
    Want to be the best director you can be? Learn how to inspire your singers. Directors College has some core classes we encourage you to take but you get to choose which classes you attend. We are offering conducting techniques, private lessons in conducting, and other core classes including vocal production and theory.

    Performing Arts College
    This is a stream of classes designed to teach the participants how to approach performance in several areas of our craft. Classes this year include: Visual Impact, How to Put On A Great Show and The Emotional Journey.  Opportunities to be coached privately and “under glass” also available for individuals, quartets and choruses as time allows.

    Harmony College
    This is all about general Barbershop Harmony education for anyone who is new or seasoned and wants to learn more about our style of music, vocal production, theory and history.

    This is a collection of classes we offer that don’t fit into one of our other streams. Some of our classes are Arranging, Advanced Arranging, How to use social media better, Personal Voice Instructions

    Honours Chorus
    This is a stream for all singers who are interested in having a great time singing while learning about rehearsal techniques, ensemble singing and performance. The Honours Chorus will be under the direction of Alex Morris and the section leaders are our 2017 Australian Champion Quartet Lockout. If you are interested in being a part of this chorus you can sign up by clicking here.

    Please note there are limited spots for this chorus, so it’s first come first served. We will provide you with learning resources so all you need to do is turn up knowing your music.

    Harmony Academy Faculty
    We have sourced some of the best educators for this year’s event, including our guest quartet Instant Classic. With such quality educators on offer this will truly be an International-level event. Our faculty this year includes:

    • David Zimmerman

    • Theo Hicks

    • Kohl Kitzmiller

    • Kyle Kitzmiller

    • Scott Kitzmiller

    • Mike Kelly

    • Jen Howson

    • Alex Morris

    • Ash Schofield

    • Stefan Pugliese

    • Ali Jamison

    • Daniel Beckitt

    • Bec Hewitt

    • Richard Reeve

    What else do I need to know?
    Harmony Academy will be held from Sunday the 16th through to Wednesday the 19th of September at the at the Adare Camp and Caravan Park, 20 Wattle Drive, McCracken (Victor Harbour).

    Cost is only $340 which includes nearly three full days of Harmony Academy. All accommodation and meals will be provided - just show up ready to learn and have fun!

    If you can't make the whole event we also have day passes available.

    Also note that if you are unable to attend convention for any reason you are still able to register for Harmony Academy. Just use the sign up form here and you are good to go.

    See you there!

    Andrew Howson
    VP Music
    Barbershop Harmony Australia

  • Harmony Market Place coming to Adelaide
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2018
    Harmony Market Place coming to Adelaide

    If you've been on Facebook lately then you may have seen that we have some great new merchandise coming to the Harmony Marketplace in Adelaide this year. Including:

    • Convention polo shirts and tees

    • New look BHA polo shirts

    • Freshly designed BHA typography tees

    • Coffee Mugs

    • Water Bottles

    • Whiskey Tumblers

    • ...and much more!

    So whether you're looking for a way to drink your morning coffee, stay hydrated during the day, or have a quiet tipple during the afterglow then the Harmony Marketplace has something for you.

    See you there!

    Daniel Beckitt
    VP Marketing & Development
    Barbershop Harmony Australia

  • Purchasing Music on-line
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2018
    Purchasing Music on-line

    Purchasing Music Online

    • Increasingly, sheet music is being distributed online. Purchasing sheet music via a legal online store is permitted even when the store is based overseas.

    • Online retailers have their own agreements with publishers and owners of works regarding the sale of the works.  As such, they may sell works into the territories for which they have an agreement.

    • When purchasing music online, generally you are purchasing a licence to download or print that score for the purposes usually set out in the terms and conditions of the retailer. 

    • The Barbershop Harmony Society Marketplace is our most important online store for sheet music. Currently, the BHS Marketplace online catalogue includes over 780 published titles online. And many of these have World Wide rights and are downloadable into the Australian copyright territory.

    • For available titles go to:

    • The Barbershop Harmony Society also has over 3500 unpublished titles online.  Many of these also have World Wide rights and are downloadable into the Australian copyright territory.

    • Go to:

    • When purchasing available sheet music from the BHS Marketplace, members should order the number of copies of the sheet music required for their chorus or quartet.

    • A 25% discount is available on many of the works. To gain the discount use the code: aff2018.

    Online Music Distributors of barbershop music:

    If you have any questions or need help, please contact Trevor Rootes

  • Statement on the Barbershop Harmony Society’s recent membership changes
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 25 Jun 2018
    Statement on the Barbershop Harmony Society’s recent membership changes
    Dear colleagues

    Many of you may have seen the Barbershop Harmony Society’s (BHS’s) recent statement on the future of membership within BHS, in particular the opening of membership to all. If you haven’t yet seen it, you can view it HERE.

    Your Barbershop Harmony Australia leadership team has watched with interest the reaction and debate within the United States barbershop community and its aligned associations, as people come to terms with what this might mean for the future of their associations, clubs and members.

    It’s important to note that the BHS made the decision about its membership without consultation with the BHA National Council, so it is fair to say that we were unaware of the decision, nor that such an announcement would be made. As a result, the full implications of the BHS decision are not yet known, nor fully understood.

    In the coming months, the BHS will be developing and sharing materials and more specific information, so you can expect a series of updates throughout the remainder of the year via email and on the BHS website. In the meantime, your BHA National Council will watch with interest as the full picture unfolds and keep you updated.

    We recognise that many of our own members may have questions and perspectives about the BHS announcement, and we are committed to fully exploring those views as we build our understanding of the implications and how we may need to respond for the future.

    The next BHA National Council teleconference is scheduled for 2 July 2018, and this will be an item for further discussion. If you have any questions or perspectives, you can send them through your Regional Chair or via email to

    In the meantime, we view this discussion as important to our ongoing consultation on our new Strategic Vison as we focus on building Barbershop Harmony Australia to reflect the views and goals of our contemporary membership.

    We want to hear from all of you, as we strive to create an environment that helps all of us enjoy our singing more, and every single voice is important to us. This is your Association, and your opinion counts! Make sure you take the opportunity to play your part by visiting our BHA webpage HERE and sending me your specific comments.

    In harmony,

    Dan Millgate
  • Membership feedback and recognition
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 18 Jun 2018
    Membership feedback and recognition

    1. Member Survey drafted and ready for launch!
    We are currently testing our most comprehensive member survey since 2005 as we seek to explore the views of our members, clubs and regions and inform the priorities and strategies for Barbershop within Australia.

    The survey will be facilitated through the Survey Monkey platform and will be launched in early July 2018.   The survey will be open for 6 weeks and we anticipate having the first pass of analysis ready for presentation at the Adelaide Convention membership forum.

    Drawing on the latest research by Barbershop Harmony Society, this major survey has been designed to explore the member experience and aspirations for our Barbershop community; informing our clubs, regions and association in plans to ensure our ongoing sustainability.

    Watch out for it and ensure you take the opportunity to have your say.

    2. BHA National Council contact program.
    The clubs are the foundation of our Barbershop Community, but how can the volunteer Council members keep in touch with over 30 clubs?   Certainly the ability of one Membership VP to speak to each club is limited.

    Whilst most councillors will try and take the opportunity to catch up with local clubs if their travels take them to a location where there are active choruses this doesn’t provide a reliable means of contact.

    For this reason, the BHA National Council members have each been allocated a number of local clubs and have been tasked with establishing a contact program with the club.

    So expect a call from a National Council member over the next two months to seek feedback on your club and enable challenges and opportunities that arise to be considered within the broader perspectives of Barbershop across Australia.

    3. BHA Medal and CMOTY reminder
    Don’t forget to start those club committee discussions on your Club Member of The Year and potential BHA Medal nominees ready for the call!

    Yours in Harmony,

    Paul Adams
    VP – Membership BHA

  • Adelaide Convention update - (Early Bird Discount ends June 30)
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 18 Jun 2018
    Adelaide Convention update - (Early Bird Discount ends June 30)


     As we hurtle inexorably towards our 2018 annual Convention now less than three months away, your Convention Committee has been working hard to ensure that your event comes to fruition as smoothly as possible with the aim of creating an exceptional experience for all.
    You will have noticed whilst exploring the Convention website that your Convention Committee has secured two Primary Hotels for which discounts have been made available:
    Intercontinental Hotel   has a great offer of 14.5% off the Standard-Rate. There are several King Guest Rooms allocated to Convention delegates available, so why not book now to take advantage of this great offer.
    Holiday Inn Express | $150 per night for twin share room, with breakfast included ($75 p/p).

    Both hotels are within walking distance from the free tram that stops on Victoria Square, a short walk back to the Town Hall. 
    I have been in touch with the guys from Instant Classic, our headline quartet and 2015 International Quartet Champions, who are super excited to be joining us in Adelaide to celebrate Australian Barbershop. David, Theo, Kohl and Kyle will be busy during their week-long stay performing at the Rundle Mall Massed Sing, Welcome Gala and Grand Showcase Concert as well as running the Youth Workshop and Sing with the Champs, and joining the Harmony Academy Faculty to deliver an awesome Barbershop educational event. Instant Classic’s participation will certainly be a highlight of the Convention.
    If your Club administration is arranging registration on your behalf, but you also want to register for Harmony Academy, attend the Sunday farewell lunch or purchase tickets for friends and family to attend the Contests and the Saturday Night Grand Showcase, all you need to do to book these events is go to Registration on the main menu banner on the Convention website and select Add Optional Extras which will then enable you to purchase any additional tickets you need.  As the Sunday and Wednesday programs are much shorter with limited content compared to the other days, we have not created the ability to purchase individual day passes for those days, however, there will be activities happening and we don’t want you to miss out, so you will be able to come to those sessions free of charge if you purchase tickets for the Monday and Tuesday (note also that the day passes also cover meals). The four-day price of $340 also covers accommodation and transport if required so it’s extremely good value for money.
    Early Bird registrations close on 30 June 2018, so make sure you register now to take advantage of our special discounts.
    Not too many more sleeps to go now!
    Hope to see you all there
    Richard Wadick 
    BHA VP Events

  • Calling all Photographers
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 18 Jun 2018
    Calling all Photographers

    Calling all photographers!

    Are you a budding amateur photographer? Do you take photos for a living? Well, if you're planning on coming to our Adelaide convention, then BHA needs you!

    We are looking at putting a team of photographers together to take pictures throughout the convention. This will be for things like contest results, the welcome dinner, miscellaneous photos of delegates, photos during Harmony Academy, etc. Rather than have a single person doing all of this work, ideally it would be split among a team so each photographer only has their own area to cover.

    Do you think you could help by making yourself available for a small amount of time during the convention? If so please send your details, along with a small sample of your work, to our VP Marketing and Development at

    Note: all photographers who help us throughout the convention will be rewarded with a voucher to our Harmony Marketplace.

    Daniel Beckitt - BHA VP Marketing

  • Time to get your nominations ready for the BHA Medal
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 17 Jun 2018
    Time to get your nominations ready for the BHA Medal
    The "BHA MEDAL"
    Gentlemen of our southern land. 
    We have but a short time left to get our thoughts together to choose your next "BHA Medal" recipient. When the time comes, please ensure that you have included in your nomination the reasons why you believe he should win.
    Remember, the judging committee should have heaps of "stuff" to discuss. Lets give them a truck load of reasons for a robust discussion.'Cos all the nominees deserve their full adjudication.

    All members will receive an email in June with details on the nomination process and timelines for submissions
    Cheers and good luck.
  • The way forward
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 17 Jun 2018
    The way forward

    Dear members

    As our Association reaches its 33rd year, we are now taking some time to focus on building Barbershop Harmony Australia to reflect the views and goals of our contemporary membership.

    We want our members to view their singing as more than just a hobby, but as an opportunity for positive change – both in themselves, and in their communities. We have a unique opportunity to lead, to inspire, to create, and to influence.

    Your BHA leadership team has been hard at work designing a Vision that reflects our desire to make our world a better place – for ourselves, our families, and our community – through the joy of singing together.

    We have refined our Association’s Vision and have designed some key strategic objectives which are aligned with our Vision. We want to paint as clear a picture as possible to show how our Vision can support the Association, and how our members can get behind our Vision.

    The attached document (BHA Strategic Plan 2018-2021) provides a lot more detail on how we think we can make this Vision come to life.

    For now, nothing changes in how we make music together today; rather, the Vision provides new clarity on where we want to go in the future. However, we know that people react differently to change and at a different pace. For some the change will be welcome and for others it can be a concern. We also know that ongoing communication and consultation is an important aspect of implementing any change.

    So first, and most importantly, we need your help.

    We want to hear from all of you, as we strive to create an environment that helps all of us enjoy our singing more, and every single voice is important to us. This is your Association, and your opinion counts!

    If you’d like your voice to be heard as a part of our Strategic Planning process, simply send an email to:

    All feedback will be treated as confidential. Please provide your feedback by 30 June 2018.

    This Vision is just the first step of BHA’s Strategic Planning process.  Your BHA leadership team will use your feedback and suggestions as we continue to develop Operational Plans for bringing our Vision to life over the next 2-3 years.

    Through linking everything that we do to our Vision, we will build a culture of excellence, of sharing, of leadership, of participation, and of community-building. We will build an Association that is dedicated to Enriching Australia Through Harmony.

    Dan Millgate

  • Some information from the Contest Administrators
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 17 Jun 2018
    Some information from the Contest Administrators

    From the keys of the Contest Administrators…….

    We have just completed the successful rounds of Regional contests over three weekends.  This has kept John, Aaron and Linda, as the three Contest Administrators in Australia, on their toes, travelling around the countryside.   We are very happy with the way everyone has been able to use the online contest entry system we introduced last year.  The benefits of entry online have streamlined some of the administrative processes that are required to be carried out by the CA prior to a contest occurring.

    We are now preparing for the National Convention to be held in Adelaide in September.  You might be wondering why we are busy already?  There is so much more to running a contest to just collecting the entries and taking the scores on the day.  A snap shot of the responsibilities of a Contest Administrator include:

    • Venue site visits

    • Program scheduling – contest draw and evaluation times

    • Liaising with the local arrangement team

    • Problem solving skills

    • Administering the rules and standing orders to ensure that a fair contest is offered to all competitors

    As we journey towards the National Convention, we offer our thoughts and guidance herein on what you need to know if you are competing this September.

    The online Contest Entry website is ready and waiting for a representative from each competing chorus or invited quartet/mixed chorus to complete their entry.  (invitations were sent shortly after the regionals to the qualifying quartets for the National contest)

    There are some important steps that need to occur to complete an entry.

    1. Only one person (per entry) completes the online entry on behalf of the quartet/chorus.  This individual needs to be one of the competing members.  For all the quartets, this will usually be the same person who completed the entry for regional as they are already a registered user on the Contest Website.

      1. All four members of a competing quartet must be fully paid delegates of the National Convention.

      2. For a chorus to submit an entry, you don’t need to wait till all the members have registered for convention.  If you have at least 8 singers and the MD already registered as fully paid delegates for convention, you can enter your chorus.   As more members register as convention delegates, these can be added to your chorus list via the Contest Website using the modify entry option. 

      3. All competing members must be financial BHA members (full, youth, associate)

    2. Select the contest for which you are entering.   In most cases this will only offer the one that matches your ensemble.  (i.e. quartet that has qualified for Open and Senior, two contests.  Or if only qualified for Senior then only one option)

    3. Enter your contest songs.   You will now also need to complete the fields for the creators of the songs.   Words, Music, Arranger and what is the copyright source and confirm that you have purchase the rights to sing the song. 

    4. When you have completed all the steps, complete your entry by confirming with the Submit button.   This then sends to you an email with a copy of the forms which will be available at “sign on” convention.  The CA also receives this email.  If you modify your songs or add more members to your chorus, then new forms need to be generated.

    5. Complete the payment for your competing quartet/chorus.  There is a handy link off the convention website for payments.   This can be done with either a credit card or as a direct transfer int the designated account.

    When the entry form and payment has been confirmed, you will receive a note from a CA confirming receipt.

    Once the entries are closed a contest order of appearance drawn and then in a timely manner conveyed to the entrants.  But that’s another article to come!

    Contest Administrator, Category Specialist

  • Copyright and making copies of music
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 17 Jun 2018
    Copyright and making copies of music

    Recently, Barbershop Harmony Society has tightened up on BHA members being able to buy copies of music directly from the BHS Marketplace.

    Under US copyright law, BHS is only able to sell music to Australia where international copyright has been secured. This means it is often unable to sell its arrangements into the Australasian copyright territory.

    Fortunately, there is a solution.
    A. BHA members can obtain a Reference Copy From BHS
    BHS has agreed to provide Australian barbershoppers with one Reference
    Copy, free of charge, of any arrangement they publish that is not available
    for sale to Australian barbershoppers from the BHS Market Place.

    B. Steps to obtain a Reference Copy from BHS:
    1. Go to the BHS Marketplace at
    2. Choose the song.
    3. Email BHS library at
    4. Indicate you are a member of Barbershop Harmony Australia.
    5. Indicate you are unable to purchase a copy through the BHS Market Place.
    6. Request a Reference Copy of the title.

    C. Your Legal Obligation in Australia
    If it is decided to include the song in your repertoire, to meet Australian Copyright
    Requirements BHA members must obtain a Print Licence to make copies in

    D. Steps to Obtain a Print Licence:
    1. To identify the publishing house that represents the title in Australia,
    contact APRA at with details of the title, composer,
    and lyricist.
    2. Contact the nominated publishing house, requesting permission to
    print the required number of copies of the specific arrangement.
    3. They will quote a price.
    3. To comply with copyright law, you need to purchase copies for all

    Trevor Rootes - BHA Secretary

  • Greetings from BHA President, Dan Millgate
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 22 Apr 2018
    Greetings from BHA President, Dan Millgate


    I hope you are all enjoying the activities involved with this year’s round of regional contests and conventions! It’s great to see so many of you appearing on social media as you post fun items about your choruses and quartets, and we all really enjoy the feeling of camaraderie we experience knowing that we are all going through the same butterflies, celebrating the same experiences and sharing the joy of singing with others. 

    Remember to tag BHA when you post, using @BarbershopAus or #BHA2018.

    Adelaide Convention

    It’s also great to see that the regional round of contests coincides with our launch of this year’s BHA Convention

    This year sees us visiting the City of Adelaide for the first time. Our contest events will be held in the beautiful Adelaide Town Hall from Wednesday 12 September 2018 to Sunday 16 September 2018. This will be followed immediately by our newly revamped Harmony Academy offer a unique opportunity to receive singing and music tuition from a faculty of outstanding Barbershop educators in a beautiful harbourside setting from Sunday 16 September 2018 to Wednesday 19 September 2018.

    Renowned as the "City of Churches" for over 150 years, Adelaide is now celebrated for many other reasons, but none more so than its creative culture. Music is a core component of Adelaide's cultural identity, and I am sure the local coordination team will have some great experiences in store for all of us!

    One of the experiences we are very excited about is getting the chance to hear our special guests, the Barbershop Harmony Society's International Quartet Champions, Instant Classic as our headline quartet, and as educators at the Harmony Academy that follows.

    Another fantastic experience will be our Welcome Gala on Thursday evening, which will be held at the world-renowned Adelaide Oval. As one of South Australia’s most impressive venues – boasting picturesque views of the hallowed turf, the city, St Peter’s Cathedral and more – it provides a unique setting to welcome all of our delegates to Adelaide.

    Early Bird registrations close on 30 June 2018, so make sure you register now to take advantage of our special discounts.

    Regional News

    As I mentioned in my last article, I am calling on all of you to help the BHA team maintain a fun environment for you to enjoy your singing.

    One of the first things we are doing is to engage more effectively with our Regional Chairmen in each state and territory throughout Australia.

    It occurs to me that for those of you who may be newer to the organisation, you might not know what a Regional Chairman is. Some others of you, even those who have been members for many years, might also be unaware of this group of people who work locally in major population centres around the country to assist the National Council with some of our local events, and to represent the membership in their location.

    BHA has six geographically-based Regions:

    • Western Region (Western Australia)

    • Central Region (South Australia and Northern Territory)

    • Sunshine Region (Queensland and parts of northern NSW)

    • Eastern Region (New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory

    • Victorian Region (Victoria)

    • Tasmanian Region (Tasmania and Australian Antarctic Territory)

    Each Region has a Regional Management Team, made of up representatives of each club or chorus in that area. These representatives nominate the Regional Chairman to help guide their region’s local activities, and act on behalf of the individual singers and clubs in their areas.

    These dedicated guys take a hands-on responsibility for the regional management team and is responsible for carrying the Association’s programs and policies to the choruses and members through his ability to have localized, hands-on contact.

    So, it seems a natural progression for the BHA Council to build a strong relationship with these Regional Chairman, in order that we might have a better connection with our members.

    Whilst we strive to make decisions that we believe will be in the best interests of all of our members, it makes our job easier if we are able to make more fully-informed decisions that take into account local or region-specific issues and sentiments that may impact our members differently in different areas.

    So, I encourage all of you to reach out to your Regional Chairman. He may learn something from you; you may learn something from him; but either way, we hope that we can learn something from all of you as we continue to guide BHA’s future direction and build the organisation into the future.

    Contact your Regional Chairmen, me, or any member of Council, any time you want to give us your feedback, tell us your ideas, share your successes, make suggestions, or just have a chat!

    Contact details are on our website

  • Change in BHA Membership year
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 21 Apr 2018
    Change in BHA Membership year


    From 2019 we will change our membership year to the calendar year, 1 January to 31 December.
    The intent of the change is to bring membership registration more in line with the operational year of clubs.

    The new arrangements were passed at the 2018 AGM and come into effect from the beginning of 2019.

    For this transition year, 2018, members’ registration will be extended for Oct/Nov/December at no additional cost to members.

    Member registration, and club re-registration will be required by 31 December 2018.

    Trevor Rootes - BHA Secretary


  • Barbershop Features in Rock Musical
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 21 Apr 2018
    Barbershop Features in Rock Musical

    Barbershop singing has been featured in the rock musical We Will Rock You. Staged at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth with a semi-professional cast, a number of members of Vocal Evolution were involved. 
    The show starred well known Australian performer Normie Rowe, and also Chris and Courtney Murphy (of Australian Idol fame).

    The producer and director of the $500,000 show was Trevor Patient, a Vocal Evolution member, who has helped VE stage a number of innovative performances, including last year’s Funhouse at the Perth Fringe World Festival.

    We Will Rock You is based on the music of Queen, with script by Ben Elton, and it has played to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The Perth season played to over 8,000 in ten performances over three weeks.

    Trevor was determined to use barbershop singers for the A Cappella introductions to the songs, Fat Bottomed Girls and Bohemian Rhapsody in the show. The audiences have gone absolutely wild over the skill of our barbershop singers, and the cast, who are widely experienced musical theatre performers have also been blown away (including Normie).

    The show featured a 40-voice choir which was directed and rehearsed by past BHA President (and current Music Judge) Ian Mulholland, and included VE members, Mike Dagless, Phil Williamson and Rob Murray. Ian also acted as vocal coach for the whole cast (including principals). In addition, the “Bohemians” who have a major part in the show included Andrew Milner, Ash Schofield (BHA Performance Judge), Bill Nicol and current BHA President (and Performance Judge) Dan Millgate.

    Each night, in their Bohemian costumes, Andrew, Ash, Bill and Dan sing the a cappella intros, except on the nights where Ash played the lead role of Kashoggi (which he understudied), and Ian swung in to cover him.

    The boys have met Ben Elton, and also the cast received a special video from Brian May (member of Queen) wishing them luck for the season. An extra special outcome has been the posting of Andrew, Ash, Ian and Dan singing the a capella intro to Bohemian Rhapsody on Queen’s WWRY website. World notoriety for Australian barbershop! Check it out at

  • Exciting news on the Youth Development front
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 21 Apr 2018
    Exciting news on the Youth Development front

    As we move closer to the convention, BHA is pleased to announce that we will be having two separate workshops at the convention. One schools workshop on the Wednesday, and a youth workshop on the Friday. Our guest clinicians, along with workshop materials will be announced closer to the date. Once again we will be running our successful Teacher's scholarship for educators to attend the 2018 Harmony Academy, so if you know a secondary music educator who would jump at the chance for some international standard training and development, get them to send an email to

    I'd also like to wish all youth quartets and choruses the very best of luck as we roll into our regional contest season!

    Yours in Harmony,

    Kieran O'Dea - VP, Youth Development.

  • Recognition program to get a boost
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 21 Apr 2018
    Recognition program to get a boost

    In the last In Harmony Newsletter, Derek Cosburn provided a timely reminder that recognition is a key component of expressing our gratitude to those members of our barbershop community who contribute so much in keeping our clubs, regions and national association thriving. The introduction of the inaugural BHA medal in 2017 was the first time that a member could be nominated by their peers and considered for a national award that recognised their contribution.

    In 2018, the BHA Medal will continue, and in addition we wish to enhance the focus on Club Member of the Year.    Many clubs run an annual acknowledgement of those who contribute and often the timing of that process does not align with the National Convention and the opportunity to acknowledge that contribution beyond the borders of the club.

    For this reason we are seeking feedback on how the National Council can better facilitate this process and will be discussing opportunities to do this with each region.

    In the meantime, start thinking about your BHA Medal nominees ready for the call in late May!

    Yours in Harmony,

    Paul Adams
    VP – Membership BHA

  • Research for the Future
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 21 Apr 2018
    Research for the Future

    The last major survey of member’s views was carried out in 2005.   Since that time we have seen many changes in the Australian and International Harmony landscape requiring responses by our clubs, regions and association to ensure the ongoing viability of the Barbershop community.    Drawing on the latest research by Barbershop Harmony Society, a major survey has been designed to explore the views of our members, clubs and regions and inform the priorities and strategies for Barbershop within Australia.  

    The survey will be facilitated through the Survey Monkey platform and will be launched in June 2018.   The survey will be open for 6 weeks and we anticipate having the first pass of analysis ready for presentation at the Adelaide Convention membership forum.    Watch out for it and ensure you take the opportunity to have your say.

    Yours in Harmony,

    Paul Adams
    VP – Membership BHA

  • BHA Insurance policies
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 21 Apr 2018
    BHA Insurance policies
    In today’s society of sue first ask questions later, insurance is one an absolute must for all organisations.
    BHA has several insurance policies to designed to protect members, club offices, performers and volunteers.
    Group Accident Cover
    Cover for students and member’s injured whilst participating in the nominated activity:
    ·Death & Disablement lump sum benefits,
    ·Non-Medicare Medical Expenses, and
    ·Loss of income
    Volunteer Workers Accident Cover
    Cover for Voluntary Workers injured while carrying out their duties in the nominated activity:
    ·Death & Disablement lump sum benefits,
    ·Non-Medicare Medical Expenses, and
    ·Loss of income
    Management Liability Insurance
    Damages following a wrongful act committed by the club officers, the regional management team or the national council. I.E defamation, slander, libel, harassment, breach of contract, employee dishonesty, fidelity/crime, unfair dismissal, breach of OH&S law.
    Public Liability
    Public liability insurance is designed to protect us from interacting with guests or members of the public. It protects against claims of personal injury or property damage that a third party suffers (or claims to have suffered) as a result of our events or rehearsals.
    All venues we book require a copy of our public liability certificate of currency, you can find this on the BHA website under Downloads - documentation.


    Trevor Bruger CA - BHA Treasurer
  • Annual Quartet Registration - What do you think??
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 21 Apr 2018
    Annual Quartet Registration - What do you think??

    Quartets need to re-register on an annual basis and in time for the regional contests.

    Unfortunately, many quartets leave it  till the last minute, just in time for the close of regional contest entries.

    This creates a lot of last minute work in late March early April for our executive officer, Jeannie, and our contest administrators, Linda, Aaron and John.

    What do you think?

    With the new membership year, perhaps a closing date of the end of February for quartets who wish to enter the regional contests.

    Would this work for your quartet?

    Are there any exceptions we should cater for?

    How could we cater for exceptions?

    Please forward your comments to

    Trevor Rootes - BHA Secretary

  • 2018 BHA Adelaide Convention Website is now up and running
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 21 Apr 2018
    2018 BHA Adelaide Convention Website is now up and running

    The 2018 BHA National Barbershop Convention website 
    ( is now open and ready to accept registrations. This Convention is being held for the first time in Adelaide. Most activities will be held at the famous 152 year old National Heritage listed Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William Street, Adelaide. Check out the venue here:

    The Convention will run from Wednesday 12 September 2018 through to Sunday lunchtime 16 September 2018, followed by our primary annual educational event for all members, Harmony Academy, from Sunday 16 to September through to lunch time on Wednesday 19 September.

    Registration Cost details:
    Early Bird (by 30 June 2018)
    $380 full delegate
    $320 non-competing delegate (accompanied by a full delegate)
    $320 Youth
    $260 Student (Full time student <25 years not in full time work).

    Full Rate (after 30 June 2018)
    $440 full delegate
    $380 non-competing delegate (accompanied by a full delegate)
    $380 Youth
    $320 Student (Full time student <25 years not in full time work)

    Renowned as the “City of Churches” for at least the last 150 years, Adelaide is now celebrated for many other reasons, but none more so than its creative culture. Music is a core component of Adelaide’s cultural identity and in 2015 the city was recognised as Australia’s first and only "City of Music" by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

    The main Convention events in Adelaide will be followed by Harmony Academy which will be held at the Adare Camp and Caravan Park, 20 Wattle Drive, McCracken (Victor Harbour) from Sunday afternoon 16 September 2018 to Wednesday 19 September 2018. This will offer a unique opportunity to receive singing and music tuition from a faculty of outstanding Barbershop educators in a beautiful harbour side setting.

    Access to registrations via the Convention website for the Harmony Academy will soon be available.  
    Australian Barbershop is now entering its busy regional contest season. These regional contests are held as qualifying contests for all quartets competing in the National Contest which forms a major part of the Convention in September.

    There will be Regional contests held in Sunshine, Central, Victorian, Eastern and Western Regions. I would like to extend a big vote of thanks to our judges and contest administrators, the regional chairmen and their committees, as well as our Chairman of Judges, Alex Morris, for making these contests possible.

    Best wishes to all of those competing in the upcoming contests! Of course, not everyone will receive a medal, but I hope you will all enjoy the experience and achieve the goals you have set for yourselves. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Convention in September!

    Richard Wadick - BHA VP Events

  • Instant Classic to headline Adelaide Convention
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 21 Apr 2018
    Instant Classic to headline Adelaide Convention

    We're thrilled to have secured the Barbershop Harmony Society's 2015 International Quartet Champions, Instant Classic as the headline quartet in the Adelaide Convention and as educators at the Harmony Academy that follows.

    Instant Classic is comprised of Kohl (baritone), Kyle (bass), Theo (lead) and David (tenor).  They are four good friends with a passion for barbershop harmony, a cappella music, and youth outreach.  They perform a variety of music from several decades and styles, including vocal jazz, musical theater, pop, and even R&B!

    The quartet began singing together in college and first competed in the Barbershop Harmony Society International Collegiate Quartet Competition in 2009. The group has since become the 2011 Cardinal District Quartet Champions, the 2012 International Collegiate Quartet Silver Medalists, the 2012, 2014, & 2015 Cardinal District Quartet of the Year, and then went on to become the 2015 International Quartet Champions.

    Check out their website here:

  • Barbershop Quartet Day
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 21 Apr 2018
    Barbershop Quartet Day

    On the 11th of April we celebrated Barbershop Quartet Day! This date commemorates the birth of the organised barbershop movement on the 11th of April, 1938, when 26 men gathered together at the invitation of Rupert Hall, the “Royal Keeper of the Minor Keys,” and O.C. Cash, “Third Assistant Temporary Vice Chairman” for a songfest. Subsequent gatherings snowballed, leading to the founding of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, now known as the Barbershop Harmony Society.

    BHA celebrated Barbershop Quartet Day by sharing videos of quartet performances from our recent National Convention in Sydney (which you can find on our YouTube page).

    How did you celebrate? Please share with us by emailing me at or by posting to our Facebook page.

    Daniel Beckitt - VP Marketing & Development

  • Conditions for entry to the 2018 Regional Contests
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 3 Mar 2018
    Conditions for entry to the 2018 Regional Contests

    This year we will be using the online entry portal found at  It will be available from 1st March.  Closing dates and details for each of the regionals are as shown below.

    (Note : The following information is as currently provided to the Contest Administrator : Further information should be available directly from your Region Administration)

    1. Each Contest is open to all financial BHA male and mixed members and invitational for women’s choruses and quartets.
    2. Video entries will only be accepted at the Tasmanian Region Contest.
    3. Please ensure you have read the relevant Standing Orders for contest and video
    4. All contest entries are to be submitted online through
    5. Western Region Saturday 21st April start at 9am with an evening showcase concert. Contest Venue - St Mark's Anglican Community School. Evaluations will be held on Sunday 22nd April at St Dominic’s School. $60 entry fee for competing quartets, $20 for non-competing (eval only).Cost for competitors: $2.00, Cost for public: $5.00. Tickets available at the door or contact the organiser. As per BHA website.
    6. Central Region 21 April 2018. 10 AM at The Corner Uniting Church for Saturday all day, for Sunday afternoon starting at 1PM. An Afterglow on Saturday night will be held at a nearby pub. Master class “under glass” education will be held on Sunday afternoon from 1pm till 4pm.$120 for choruses and $80 for quartets with $40 refund after attendance at evaluation sessions
    7. Victorian Region  Saturday 28th April  9am. Contest Venue - Templestowe Baptist Church. $25 entry fee for competing quartets, $2.50 entry fee per attending chorus member.
    8. Sunshine Region. Saturday 28th April, commencing at 9am. SunPAC Performing Arts Centre, 470 McCullough Street, SUNNYBANK QLD 4109 Each performer will need to purchase from the venue website : Web page & Contact;                                Phone: 07 3323 9629 (business hours)   The BHA event will be found listed under the  28 - 4 2018 date Contest  registration;    $40 per performer (includes one concert ticket)Concert Booking;    $25 adult ($20 children and age concession)  Contest and evaluations Saturday followed by evening concert. Sunday will be remaining evaluations and needed and education.
    9. Eastern Region Saturday May 5th will start at 0930. Most evals Sat but may have a few local quartets Sunday morning. Priority to BHA groups, Invitation ensembles are welcome but may have to limit numbers to fit into program and have to give Entry fees off the top of my head $100 for choruses and $80 for quartets - but on website. Invitation groups should register - first in first served - but not pay until after acceptance (which will be a day or so after closing date for registrations)
    10. Tasmanian Region date and time to be advised 

    Linda Vinall
    Contest Administrator (CS)
    0412 195 110

  • From our new President
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 3 Mar 2018
    From our new President

    Believe it or not, I didn’t join BHA because I had a love for administration and paperwork.  I would hazard to guess that, like you, I joined BHA because I just really liked the music.  But now, thirty years later, I find myself in the rather daunting position of guiding our association and ensuring that BHA as an association can provide you, me and all of our members with a great environment in which to enjoy our barbershop music.

    This is no easy task, and there are plenty of moving parts. Unlike McDonalds, where you can order a Big Mac and get pretty much the same product anywhere in the world, we have an extremely wide range of products that we present to the world, and all of those products are legitimately called barbershop.

    But there are marked differences between each of these Big Macs. BHA is a rich tapestry of diversity and each group has its own special purpose, its own reason for being, its own attraction and its own distinct flavour.

    We have groups that have specifically formed to perform and compete at a high level. We have singers who simply enjoy their group for the camaraderie, the mateship and the joy that comes with singing barbershop harmony with your mates.  We have groups that wear traditional costumes and sing for their community nursing homes during the week. We have groups of young people who sing contemporary and modern arrangements, wear fashionably hip costumes and sing in groups of boys and girls. We have groups that enjoy singing mixed barbershop harmony with each other. We have school-age quartets and choruses just learning the craft, and we have guys who have been singing barbershop for decades. We even have guys who have just joined their local clubs and still have no idea that BHA even exists.

    Regardless, BHA encompasses and embraces the goals and purposes of all of these groups. You are all valued, equal and necessary parts of our association. What we attempt to do is to enable all of your groups to do what it is that we all joined BHA to do – to sing! We do this through striving to provide events and experiences that benefit you, the members, directly, and that allow us to show people just how great singing barbershop can be.

    So, as your newly elected President, I am calling on you, all of you, to help me and my team maintain a firm foundation for your singing ‘hobsession’. Wherever your barbershop journey has taken you, you have experience, knowledge and suggestions that may be useful to others. I would like you to share that knowledge with me and with the highly talented and passionate guys on Council. We are but the humble stewards of Australia’s fine barbershop tradition, and we want to listen to what you have to say so that we can support you to sell a whole lot of Big Macs.

    Take the opportunity to be a part of BHA’s future direction, as we continue to build this amazing organisation into the future. Contact me, or any member of Council, any time you want to give us your feedback, tell us your ideas, share your successes, make suggestions, or just have a chat! Contact details are on our website.

    In the meantime, make sure you read the other articles in this edition – there are some very exciting initiatives on the way, and we can’t wait to see them broaden our barbershop market, encourage more participation in our artform, and share in our love of singing good old barbershop harmony. After all, that’s why we are all here.

    Dan Millgate

  • 2018 East Coast Harmony College
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 3 Mar 2018
    2018 East Coast Harmony College

    As a first-time attendee I was impressed with the whole weekend and how well, and how smoothly everything went.  At the peaceful and delightful Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Camp, accommodation is in bunkhouses containing multiple rooms, each having  three double bunks and its own toilet and shower room.  The location was perfect for our use, as barber-shoppers in that there were plenty of communal rooms, a large hall, verandahs and other areas where small and large groups could congregate.
    What a great weekend it was for all who attended: meeting new friends, catching up with old friends, learning new techniques, rehearsing, performing and generally having fun and singing with like-minded people.  I understand that a lot of how well the event ran was, in no small part, due to the hard work, and dedication of local resident and Soundwaves member, Stuart Adey.  Stuart’s wife Beth prepared some delicious dishes for the group.  Chorus members were each allotted a name badge, which had a colour on it.  This colour denoted kitchen-related tasks that were to be carried out by that colour group, such as cooking and serving dinner and later collecting, washing up, drying and stacking dirty dishes, plates, cutlery etc. All members seemed to work in ‘Harmony’, cheerfully carrying out their jobs.
    As advertised, we were lucky to have the benefit of such great singing coaches as Rob Sequeira, Jonathan Albertini, Kieran O’Dea and David Reid. All these men are great barbershop singers and have a wealth of musical/barbershop singing knowledge.  The tutors happily imparted some of this knowledge to others at specific talks, which attendees chose to go to, at various times. Any barbershop member who wanted to have a one-on-one PVI with one of these educators, was given this opportunity. The tutors were very generous with their time and advice. Also quartets from multiple choruses were given lengthy advice on how to improve their performances, by the tutors.

    The faculty quartet performing during the Saturday night concert

    There was one additional educator who was not on the original list.  His name is Russell Bailey, formerly of Tasmania, but now living and studying at Wollongong. Russell, a singing coach and former chorus director, was asked if he would like to come along and participate in the weekend’s learning activities. People that I spoke to were very impressed with his insight into barbershop singing generally and particularly enjoyed his session on ‘making chords ring’.


    Considerable time, on Friday and Saturday, was spent by all the educators with the whole group of chorus attendees, in learning and rehearsing the song: ‘If I Only had A Brain’.  This song, from the ‘Wizard of Oz’, was sung as the finale, by the combined chorus group at the East Coast concert on Saturday Night, at the Wangi Wangi Worker’s Club. 
    Mark Henley
    Novatones Bari & Unofficial Photographer

  • Events
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 3 Mar 2018

    Greetings! I'm your new VP Events, Richard Wadick. I just came back from my first Face-to-Face meeting in Adelaide with your National Council. I am so excited to have visited the city where our next national convention and contest is going to be held.  I am also pleased to report that a majority of the groundwork has already been completed by the local team in Adelaide, who, led by Cameron DuRieu, have done a superb job in securing great venues for the Welcome Gala and contests. 

    Full details will be revealed once other important elements have been put in place, however, in the meantime, ensure that you have set aside these dates in your diary: 12th to 19th September 2018.

    Meantime, as local regional events unfold such as Harmony Colleges and prequalifying contests, I will be available to help ensure that these events are executed as well as possible.

    I also recently attended BHA’s Premier off-Convention Harmony College at Myuna Bay, NSW on the weekend. Seventy three members attended and each of the seven clubs in Eastern Region were represented plus a member of Victoria Region attended as well. The faculty comprised Rob Sequeira, David Reid, Kieran O’Dea, Jono Albertini and Russell Bailey. The Education Team delivered a superb program and all were very engaging. The many attendees benefited from several twenty minute quartet coaching sessions and a record fifty two fifteen minute PVIs. Jono commented that he was surprised by the large attendance number and said “We should have an event like this in Sunshine Region!” Arriving on the Friday night, we started rehearsing a song that was new for the majority of us, If I Only Had a Brain. The faculty took turns at weaving their magic and polishing the song on the Saturday so the combined chorus could creditably perform the song at the local Workers Club on Saturday evening for an appreciative audience of 130 local people. A very special thanks to the ER Harmony College committee: Stuart & Beth Adey who put the whole event together including catering most of the meals and selling the tickets for the Saturday night show.
    I would love to be instrumental in helping other Regions launch their own Harmony College events, so if you’re interested in doing so, please drop me a line at 
    I look forward to working with you all!

    Richard Wadick
    VP - Events

  • Marketing & Development
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 3 Mar 2018
    Marketing & Development

    As VP of Marketing and Development, a big part of my portfolio is making sure that the message gets through to you. We have a number of exciting things happening this year so I can't wait for you to hear more about:

    1. Our first National convention in Adelaide. This is going to be a fantastic event in an exciting location.

    2. Who will be our guest quartet this year? As soon as these guys are locked in I'll let you know.

    3. An exciting re-brand of Harmony College. Following the success of last year's Harmony College you won't want to miss what our VP Music has planned for this year.

    4. Plans for updated newsletters and a re-launch of a familiar brand.

    5. Much much more!

    Of course I'm still looking at ways to promote barbershop to the wider community. We are Australia's best kept secret ... and it's time we were heard.

    Please contact me at if you have any questions about the year ahead, or if your club/quartet has something they'd like to promote through our internal communication channels.

    Daniel Beckitt
    VP Marketing & Development

  • Music
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 3 Mar 2018

    I hope everyone is ready for a great, harmony filled year. As VP Music my biggest focus is to develop better and more accessible education to help all of our members, choruses and quartets, realise their potential.

    Some of the things we are focusing on is to bring you a new look Harmony College with some brand new streams that we are very excited about and are sure you will be too. We will also be bringing out a top level educator this year to tour and coach in Australia for a couple of weeks. Lastly, our Education Faculty Chorus Visit Program is now in its second year of bringing education right to your own choruses backyard. I hope more choruses will take the opportunity to request a visit from our Education Faculty this year as we have some of the best educators Australia has to offer, and BHA is sending them to you for free.

    Keep a lookout for information and updates on all upcoming events on the BHA website and facebook page.

    Andrew Howson
    VP Music

  • Membership
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 3 Mar 2018

    We have some new initiatives planned for 2018 to support the engagement of the wider Barbershop membership with the future of our wonderful organisation.

    More information will flow over the coming months but here is a snap shot of the key initiatives:


    1. Enhancing the profile of the Club Member of the Year, Club of the Year and the BHA Medal that was launched last year and awarded to Mr Mike Donnelly.   Our members and clubs are the foundation of our association and so many do amazing things in support of their community, clubs and the wider BHA family.     The current awards are intended celebrate and acknowledge those members but variability in timing and lack of clarity in criteria makes it difficult to give these awards the national prominence they deserve.   Our task is to work with clubs to improve this recognition framework and enhance the acknowledgement of those exceptional contributors.

    2. Understanding our members and gaining feedback on our future direction is critical to enhancing our position within Australian harmony.   A major survey has been designed to explore the views of members, clubs and regions and inform the strategies for Barbershop within Australia.   We anticipate this being the first of an increased emphasis on understanding wider views of our members.

    3. The piloting of the “Membership Advisory Council” to engage more deeply in matters that affect regions, clubs and clubs, to explore in greater depth critical issues from a local perspective, to share knowledge across Australia, and to input into the National Council deliberations and decision-making process.

    More details will be provided in the coming months and we look forward to working with you in the advancement of Barbershop within Australia.


    Paul Adams
    VP Membership

  • Youth Development
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 3 Mar 2018
    Youth Development

    I Need You(th)!

    Hello Members.

    It's an exciting time to be a BHA member, with so many opportunities to get involved and help spread our wonderful artform to young people all across our nation.

    Last year we reached out to educators in the form of our presence at musical education body events and the successful teachers scholarship. This provided educators with the opportunity to attend our Harmony College and to learn from the worlds best! We have decided to continue these avenues of outreach, double down, and offer even more avenues for teachers and their students to get involved with barbershop and BHA.

    At this years National Convention in Adelaide, we will be running a schools contest, something that BHA has not done since 2015. With upcoming changes to standing order 6 and 6a, more students and young people will be able to cross the contest stage in quartets and choruses, and get involved with our clubs and regions.

    Now, more than ever, I need your help. I need people with the time and motivation to help me reach out to educators and let them know about all the opportunities that BHA can provide. If you can spare some time to help reach out to more young people, and help bring more life into our association, please send me an email at 

    Through your combined efforts we can all help our organisations achieve our vision of enriching Australia through Harmony.

    Yours in Harmony

    Kieran O'Dea
    VP Youth Development

  • Nominations for the 2018 BHA Medal
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 20 Feb 2018
    Nominations for the 2018 BHA Medal

    To all members. Last year at our National Convention, I had the distinct pleasure in designing, producing, then presenting the very first “BHA Medal” to Mike Donnelly.

    For all of us who were at the Sydney Convention, we know what the “BHA Medal” represents. But as a short explanation for the “newbies” to our organisation, the “BHA Medal” is awarded to a member who has generally worked tirelessly for his chorus, his quartet, or done anything in your opinion deserves to be nominated for the “BHA Medal”

    Without these types of energetic and hard working individuals in our midst, I know it is impossible to have reached the standard we have in this country. To ensure that “These people” continue to get recognised and rewarded for their services, we have to have your nomination/selections information sent through the appropriate form. Please remember it is SOOOOO important to write down the reasons/s for your suggestion. Your explanation/s are VITAL to your nominee being selected, as the committee that discusses the merits of ALL nominees, must have that information. Remember there is only one “BHA Medal” given to a deserving member per year, so gentlemen, let's make it count. Please do not hold back on your superlatives about your choice when the form is sent out prior to our next National Convention in Adelaide. I would hope, about 4 weeks prior.

    This letter is just a reminder about how important your vote/nomination will be when the time comes around about August this year. As an aside, thank you to all of you who have contacted me about this medal and the reasons for it. It’s encouraging to know that so many are on board with the concept.

    Sing-cerely Derek.
  • Thanks for Your Support
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 19 Dec 2017
    Thanks for Your Support

    This is my last newsletter article as BHA President. I hand over to my good friend, Dan Millgate, who I am sure will lead you well. I also want to thank all members past and present of the National Council who have provided me great assistance and served all members well. Lastly, I want to thank you, the members, for your support.

    When I was elected President, we made some changes. Some were necessary because of our poor financial situation, some were popular, some were not, but the National Council and I strongly believe that they were all for the betterment of our hobby.

    First, we introduced annual Conventions. This had been sought for a few years by members, but we needed to make sure we could run annual Conventions profitably. After a thorough analysis, we took the plunge in 2016 in Newcastle. It was a raging success! We did anticipate a drop off in numbers (which we had already seen in Perth in 2013), and that continues. Only half of our members are attending Conventions, and that needs to improve. If you don’t attend Conventions, you are missing a lot!

    Along with this we developed new awards for our groups and new events at Convention, like the Andy Aberle Mature Chorus Award, the John Little Show and the Chorus Corral. We also brought in a new Convention management model, with the National Council assuming a bigger role so that our local hosts were not re-inventing the wheel as much as they had been every new Convention.

    Next, we introduced Mixed Harmony. This was largely accepted by members (around 85%), but sadly was rejected by a vocal minority who argued that we were changing the nature of our organisation. At a National level, I would say yes, and that’s a positive. In the modern world you simply can’t be gender exclusive any more. At a local level (i.e. in your Club), I doubt that much has changed for your weekly rehearsal or performances. But we now have a whole new membership base that is starting to grow and that will sustain our organisation for a long time. For the first time we have nominated a mixed chorus (Adelaide Allsorts) to represent BHA at the World Mixed Contest in Germany.

    I recall the early days of my Presidency in 2014, after our poorly attended Perth Convention put our finances at risk. We had to make cuts to survive, but we have brought those services back to members, with extra activities like the Deke Sharon workshop in Sydney and the National Education Faculty Club visits. Next year the plan is to bring out International educators to assist every Club improve their singing and performance skills. We also saved money by commissioning a re-write of our website to automate the membership process. This has been very successful, especially for the Clubs using HarmonySite website software.

    We’ve signed two MOU’s with BHNZ over the last couple of years, one for sharing of Pan Pac Conventions (the next one is in Auckland in 2020), and also to share the costs of our Judging program (the Australasian Guild of Barbershop Judges).

    We have refined our membership recognition criteria, and with the generosity of Derek Cosburn, introduced the BHA Medal this year. Congratulations to Mike Donnelly, the inaugural recipient. We also ran COTS programs (Club Officer Training Scheme), and we had visits from International educators, such as Dr Don Campbell.

    This year we needed to make some changes to our Constitution, and we took advantage of that to provide for Deductible Gift Recipient status for BHA. What this means is that any donations made to BHA are now tax deductible, and we are in the process of setting up a Foundation to manage these donated funds.

    I also remember the visits we had from three magnificent International champion quartets, Vocal Spectrum (2015), Forefront (2016) and Crossroads (2017). These gentlemen are an inspiration to us all.

    So, I look back and strongly believe that we have achieved improvements to our organisation that will stand us in good stead into the future.

    For me, I want to thank all of you for the honour of being your President. I hope I lived up to your expectations. I will look forward to singing on the risers and in quartet, and I hope to see you around the traps sometime.


    Ian Mulholland

    BHA President

    Cover photo
    Ian is shown conducting the Massed Sing at the recent Sydney Convention

  • 2017 AGBJ Category School
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 23 Oct 2017
    2017 AGBJ Category School

    Prior to the 2017 Pan Pacific Convention in Sydney, the AGBJ held it’s 3-yearly Category School to train our talented pool of judges in Australia and New Zealand. We were joined by a stellar faculty in Kevin Keller (MUS), Sean Devine (SNG), Rob Mance (SNG) and Linda Vinall (CA) who ably led our judges through what was an incredibly intense but educationally enriching three days.

    I want to again, thank John Faris for his tireless efforts in the creation and development of our new Scoring Software, Barbershop Organiser. Thanks also to Mark Virture for his work in developing the back end integration of this software with the BHA online database.

    At the conclusion of the school we certified at total of 8 judges per scoring category and 5 judges in the Contest Administrator category across Australia and New Zealand. I want to thank each and every attendee at this years’ school who continue to volunteer their time for the betterment of our respective organisations.

    We are incredibly lucky to have our very own judging program in the pan pacific region that continues to grow and evolve as the needs of our organisations change. Our judges are at the forefront of global barbershop education and I can honestly say that the future of our music making is in very safe hands!

    Alex Morris
    Vice President Contest & Judging
    Barbershop Harmony Australia

  • Harmony College – What a Blast!
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 2017
    Harmony College – What a Blast!

    Eighty or so souls signed up for the Harmony College at the Naamaroo Conference Centre following the completion of the PanPac Convention with high expectations and anticipation. It can be categorically stated they were not disappointed and it would not be an exaggeration to say their expectations were far exceeded.

    The once-in-a-lifetime faculty included all four members of Crossroads , Jim Henry, Fred Farrell, Mike Slamka and Brandon Guyton together with visiting judges, and barbershop legends, David Krause, Rob Mance, Kevin Keller and Dale Comer.

    What a great bunch of knowledgeable and likeable guys.

    L to R Fred Farrell, Dale Comer, Brandon Guyton, Andrew Howson, Mike Slamka, Jim Henry, Kevin Keller, David Krause, Rob Mance & Dan Beckitt

    The sessions were full on and started on Sunday afternoon soon after everyone had arrived at the Conference Centre and carried on until around 10.30pm each evening.

    The program, which was put together by Andrew Howson assisted by Dan Beckitt, included a great mix of general sessions, smaller, specialist classes and lots of personal voice instructions for both quartets and individuals.

    Not surprisingly, all the available personal sessions were quickly booked up with Bec Hewitt from WA stepping in to offer additional PVI’s to those who missed out on a session with one of the faculty members.

    For those of you who decided not to come to Harmony College because “you had heard it all before” boy! How wrong you were. All the sessions included new, interesting and stimulating ideas and discussions. Not to single out any one in particular but the voice coaching from Rob Mance and the various Chorus sessions with Jim Henry were outstanding.

    The social side of Harmony College was also outstanding culminating in the “Showcase” on the last evening. What a night with some brilliant and unusual performances. The duet performed by Bec Hewitt and Jo Oosterhoff left us spellbound and the one man improvisation session by Brian Martin was amazing. It was so great to also share in a reunion performance by Alliance. They showed they still have it and it was great to see these guys back together again.

    The best part of the evening came during the Afterglow when Crossroads sang virtually every song they knew to a spellbound late-night audience sitting on the floor around them in the foyer of the canteen. A truly magical experience.

    We said our farewells on Wednesday morning and went our separate ways after a fantastic three days. I am sure all those who attended will remember it for a long time.

    Thanks must also go to David Farley from Hills Harmony who organised the overall logistics of the event. Great job David.

    Dick Bushell - Editor

  • Volunteers make the difference
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 17 Oct 2017
    Volunteers make the difference

    What a great Convention we’ve just had. Full of events and activities. The fact that everything seemed to run so smoothly was wholly due to our hard-working band of volunteers. I gave lots of accolades at the Convention to these people, but I want to put it in writing again.

    A big thank you to the leader of the local team, Warren Lewis, and members of Sydney Harmony, Hills Harmony and Penrith Harmony, Jerry Harris, Alex Richards, Richard Wadick, Dick Bushell, Ros Bushell, David Farley, Tony Sykes, Guy Gibson, Phillip Powell and Mal Woods.

    And a second big thank you to the BHA team, VP Events, Dan Millgate (overall management), Trevor Bruger – Treasurer (Finances & Contracts), Dan Beckitt - VP Marketing & Development (Marketing & Advertising), Kieran O’Dea - VP Youth Development (Deke Sharon workshop), Andrew Howson - VP Music (Harmony College), Alex Morris – AGBJ Chairman (Contests, Judges, & Judge’s School coordination), Paul Adams (Membership Awards), and Trevor Rootes – Secretary (Deke Sharon workshop).

    Putting on a Convention like we did in Sydney is a huge effort, and it wouldn’t have been possible to do that without the help of many other volunteers, too numerous to mention individually. Thank you all. You made a difference.

    Congratulations to our competitors. Without you we wouldn’t have an event like this. While there are medal and trophy winners, it is the contribution of every competitor that makes a successful Convention, so thank you all. All results are listed on the BHA website.

    We now look forward to the holiday season with several fund-raising opportunities singing Christmas Carols generally available, and then a break in January to plan for 2018.

    Coming up we have the BHA AGM in December and there will be some Motions necessary to change our BHA Constitution to bring it into line with new legislative requirements. There are also changes afoot to the National Council. I recently informed the BHA National Council of my intention not to re-contest the position of President at the end of this year. Of my 30 years membership of BHA (and AAMBS) I have been on the National Council in one capacity or another (e.g. VP Music, VP Events, President) for around 15 years – half my membership, with the four most recent years as President. I have been honoured to work alongside many others dedicated to developing BHA to the point where we now have a strong international profile, we are relevant to our modern and evolving society, and we “move with the times”. Thank you all for your support over the years.

    I do encourage everyone to consider nominating for some sort of leadership position, whether it be in your quartet, your Club, your region, or on the National Council. Our organisations won’t run without volunteers, and they all need you! Keep Australia (and the whole world) singing!

    Ian Mulholland

    BHA President

  •  Date Posted: Tue, 17 Oct 2017

    It is hard to believe the PanPac is done and dusted. There were certainly many great highlights but the one that sticks in my mind the most is the welcome Gala Dinner. What a wonderful night that was. The camaraderie and bonhomie in that room on the night was positively uplifting and enjoyable. I heard later that the Kiwis are thinking of re-introducing this dinner to their future conventions because they were blown away what a great event it was. There were, of course, many other highlights, not the least of which was the gold medal performance from Vocal FX and the numerous performances by Crossroads. What a great bunch of guys!

    The Convention proper got underway on the Thursday in the fantastic Pyrmont Theatre within the new Sydney Convention Centre. The first and second quartet semi-final sessions were held during the day followed by that wonderful Welcome Gala dinner in the evening. With an unprecedented fifty seven quartets competing in the various competitions and categories, it was necessary to hold a third quartet semi-final session on Friday morning. Following the completion of this third session the successful quartets qualifying to compete in the finals in the evening were notified.

    The traditional Massed Sing was held in the Amphitheatre of Sydney’s Martin Place at midday following the third quartet semi-final. Hundreds of barbershoppers performed to the sometimes bemused and delighted lunch time crowds liberally sprinkled with “party faithful” who had come along to enjoy this rare spectacle. The appearance of Crossroads electrified the audience and almost certainly spurred on out ticket sales to the Showcase of Champions show on Saturday night.

    Massed Sing in Martin Place

    As a prelude to the chorus competition on Saturday, the Chorus Corral was held in the Pyrmont Theatre during Friday afternoon with most Choruses informally performing in front of an appreciative audience.

    Seventeen quartets lined up for the finals in the evening which were made up by the top ten PanPac finalists, the top ten BHA finalists and the top seven BHNZ finalists.

    • The PanPacific Open Quartet Gold Medal was taken out by Gold Coast based quartet Blindside with a score of 77.9 (Blindside were the 2016 BHA Gold Medallists and, under BHA rules, are required to stand down from the 2017 BHA quartet competition)
    • The BHA Open Quartet Gold Medal was taken out by Perth based Quartet Lockout with a score of 76.6
    • The BHNZ Open Quartet Gold Medal was taken out by Wellington based quartet Revelation with a score of 76
    • The PanPac Seniors Quartet Gold Medal was won by Gold Coast based quartet Benchmark with a score of 69.2
    • The PanPac Youth Quartet Gold Medal was won by Adelaide based quartet Paragon with a score of 71.0
    • The PanPac Mixed Quartet Gold Medal was won by Perth based quartet Twice on Sunday with a score of 73.7

    Full scoring details of all other medal winners and competing quartets can be found on the BHA website under the Contest Scores tab.

    The Chorus Competition got underway at 8.30am on Saturday morning in the much larger Darling Harbour Theatre. A total of twenty five choruses performed throughout the morning and early afternoon with Chorus sizes ranging from the largest of 42 singers down to the smallest with just 10 singers.

    • The PanPac Open Chorus Gold Medal was taken out by the Wellington based Chorus Vocal FX with a stunning score of 88.5
    • The BHA Open Chorus Gold Medal was taken out by Gold Coast based Chorus Sound Connection with a score 79.2
    • The BHNZ Open Chorus Gold Medal was taken out by Might River Harmony from Hamilton with a score of 70.3 
    • The BHA Youth Chorus Gold Medal was taken out by the Gold Coast based Blenders Youth Chorus with a score of 69.0
    • The BHA Mixed Chorus Gold Medal was taken out by Perth based Chorus The Baden Street Singers with a fantastic score of 79.7

    The highlight of all conventions is generally the Showcase of Champions on the Saturday night. The PanPac show well and truly lived up to this reputation with upwards of fifteen hundred people being treated to a wonderful show of the finest in barbershop singing culminating in a once in a lifetime performance from Crossroads.

    With many delegates on their way home, those remaining gathered for the farewell lunch overlooking the vibrant Darling Harbour and were again treated to excellent food, great fellowship and, yet another brilliant performance by Crossroads.

    For those who attended, we are sure you all enjoyed the Convention, for those of you who were unable to attend, we hope this gives you a small taste of what a great event it was and encourage to consider coming to the Adelaide Convention in 2018.

    The final official act of the Convention was for the Ceremonial Pitchpipe to be handed over by 2017 Convention Chairman Warren Lewis (left) to the incoming Chairman for the 2018 Adelaide Convention, Cam DuRieu.

    Dick Bushell - Editor

  • Competitor Photos available
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 28 Sep 2017
    Competitors can access their photos as follows...
    1. Go to
    2. In the "Contact Us" menu, select "Barbershop Photos"
    3. Log in with password:  harmony
    4. Purchase away...
    Contact the Vspice people if there are any issues.
  • Showcase of Champions - Delegate entry
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 22 Sep 2017
    When you register at the Convention you will receive, amongst other things, your Convention booklet. you may note on Page 7 of the booklet that it states all registered delegates will receive a separate ticket to attend the Showcase of Champions on Saturday night.

    Please note, this is incorrect. All registered delegates are entitled to attend the Showcase of Champions just by showing their Convention name tag to the door ushers on entry to the Darling Harbour Theatre.

    Please also note, their will be no designated seating at this Concert.
  • Sunday Church Service - Change of Venue
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 22 Sep 2017
    Please note that the Sunday Church Service was previously advertised as being held at St Andrews Cathedral in George Street Sydney, This has now been changed and the Sunday Church Service will be held at 8.30am at Scots Church which is located on the Corner of Margaret and York Streets in Sydney directly opposite Wynyard Park. Further details are as shown below.
  • The John Little Show - A great introduction to the Convention
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 21 Sep 2017
    The John Little Show is an informal Concert, prior to the main Competition on Thursday and Friday, aimed at giving competing Quartets a chance to perform, on stage, in front of a supportive audience. This is a great opportunity for competing quartets to hone their skills and has always been a great show to watch since it was first introduced at the Perth Convention in 2013. As an added bonus, our visiting feature Quartet from the USA, Crossroads may make a brief appearance.

    The John Little Show is being held this year on the Wednesday at 7.30pm in the Auditorium at Sydney Boys High School which is located at 556 Cleveland St, Moore Park. This can be reached by public transport (Light Rail/Bus) or a short taxi ride depending on where you were starting from. Sydney Boys High can be entered from both Cleveland Street and Anzac Parade.

    The Youth A Cappella Festival led by Deke Sharon, "the father of contemporary a cappella" is also being held at Sydney Boys High on the Tuesday and Wednesday.  You could go over to the School early and catch the Concert at the end of the Youth Festival running from 4.45pm to 6.00pm (ticket required, see below). This would leave you an hour and a half to grab some dinner at one of the numerous nearby restaurants before returning for the John Little at 7.30pm.

    Tickets to the Youth Festival Concert can be purchased at the door. All details of the Festival can be found at Tickets are also available from Try Booking

    All registered Delegates to the Pan Pac Convention are eligible to attend the John Little Show. Non Delegates can enter by payment of a donation at the door. 

    A Great way to start the Convention! 
    To travel from the Darling Harbour precinct, take the Light Rail from Convention Station adjacent to the ICCS to Central Station then take a 339, 374 or 376 bus. Overall travel time should not exceed 20 minutes and cost is around $5.

    To travel from the City, make your way to Museum Station and take the 396 bus.

    Please note: All travel on Sydney public transport is ticketless and requires all travellers to have an Opal Card pre-loaded with sufficient funds to cover the cost of the trip. Opal cards can be obtained from most Newsagents and other selected retailers.

  • Enjoy the fun of mixing with your fellow singers at an Afterglow
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 21 Sep 2017
    Some of the best and most memorable times to be had during our Conventions is when mixing and singing with your fellow barbershoppers during the Afterglow gatherings following each day's activities.

    Informal arrangements have been made with the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel (see Convention map in article 1) to be the gathering point after the Welcome Gala Dinner on Thursday and the Quartet Final on Friday. No dedicated area has been allocated but we are assured ample room will be available for us on the 1st floor Terrace. They have also offered to discount drinks to anyone wearing a Convention Name tag.

    On the Saturday evening, after the Showcase of Champions, a bar will be open in the foyer of the Darling Harbour Theatre. 
  • Don't miss the Civic Welcome and Massed Sing
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 20 Sep 2017
    The Massed Sing is always a feature at all Barbershop Conventions but none more so that at the Sydney Pan Pacs with the Massed Sing taking place right in the heart of Sydney in the Amphi Theatre at Martin Place at 12.30pm on the Friday. (See location map in previous article) A feature will be an appearance by the visiting feature quartet from the USA, Crossroads,


    Each of the songs to be sung is listed below and will be directed by one of our very own Chorus Music Directors.



    Music Director

    Down Our Way

    Vicki Dwyer

    Honey/Lil' Lize I Love You

    Mike Ludwig

    I Am Australian

    Gary Kirk

    I Still Call Australia Home

    Andrew Bradley

    Let Me Call You Sweetheart

    Chris Daria

    My Wild Irish Rose

    Adrian Gimple

    Shine On Me

    Dan Bennett

    Sweet and Lovely

    Alex Morris

    Sweet Sweet Roses of Morn

    Kieran O'Dea

    The Story Of The Rose (Heart Of My Heart)

    Richard Reeve

    Wait Til The Sun Shines Nellie

    Peter Donald

  • Pan Pacific Convention Webcast
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 20 Sep 2017
    Final arrangements are currently being made to facilitate webcast viewing of the major Convention Events as listed below :

    Live Viewing
    Quartet Contest - Session 1            A$10
    Quartet Contest - Session 2            A$10
    Quartet Contest - Session 3            A$10
    All Quartet Contest Sessions           A$20
    Chorus Contest                              A$30
    Showcase of Champions                 A$35
    All of the above                              A$49

    Delayed Viewing
    For Delegates only, available from 5 October    A$29

    Visit the Convention Website closer to the event time for details on how to view these webcasts

  • Would you like to sing with an improptu Chorus on Saturday Morning?
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 20 Sep 2017
    If you are not singing with a Chorus we are looking for singers who would like to sing for the chorus sound check on Saturday morning.  
    Would you like the chance to sing on the contest stage? Those who are not singers in a competing chorus  are encouraged to gather at 8:25am Saturday in the Darling Harbour Theatre for the sound check before the chorus competition.   One of the songs sung during the Massed Sing will be chosen. Please email Vicki Donnelly if you are able to assist advising your name & contact details. 

  • Reminder for all Contestants
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 20 Sep 2017
    Please ensure that you have all read the the relevant Contest Rules and the Contestant Information for Choruses and Quartets distributed to your respective Convention Representatives. If you have not yet seen this information it can be viewed on the Convention Website.

    Evaluation schedules will be confirmed with contestants closer to the time with venue details.   
  • Sydney A Cappella Festival
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 29 Aug 2017
    Sydney A Cappella Festival


    The Sydney A Cappella Festival lead by Deke Sharon is open to everyone.

    There may be a misconception that it is a youth only event. This article is to confirm that the Festival is open to all BHA members - youth, adults, all chorus and quartet singers, music directors and and music teams. And of course, all BHA friends and supporters.

    During the two days, Tuesday and Wednesday of convention week, there are classes and workshops lead by Deke Sharon, the “father of contemporary a cappella”. The details are at the FESTIVAL WEBSITE.

    Festival Session Times Tuesday and Wednesday

    9.30am – 12.30pm

    1.30pm – 3.30pm

    You can come for a day or both days. Day tickets are available at Morning and afternoon session tickets are available at the door. Prices are very reasonable.

    Festival Concert - Wednesday pm

    Delegates should definitely plan to attend the Wednesday 4.45pm – 6.00pm. It promises to be an outstanding concert with a number of a cappella groups who have participated in the Festival. We also expect to have some special guests.

    BHA is sponsoring the Festival. Please make a commitment to participate for some time in the Festival, or to attend the Festival Concert.

    Where: Sydney Boys’ High School, Cleveland Street, Moore Park, Surry Hills, NSW 2010.

    A taxi fare to/from the city is around $15.

  • Visiting Choruses whilst travelling overseas
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 17 Aug 2017
    Visiting Choruses whilst travelling overseas

    One of the many benefits of our Barbershop hobby is that when we travel, we are able to visit the rehearsals of our fellow Barbershop groups whilst travelling. I have been travelling throughout Europe and have found most groups are only too happy to host foreign visitors.

    It is not always easy to get to a rehearsal however, for various reasons. It is of course courtesy to request permission and like in Australia, a reply is not always prompt enough to take advantage of your travel window. Just as in Australia, groups have competition and performance priorities and may cancel a rehearsal as a result.

    I had received permission to join choruses in Rotterdam and East Ealing but without a car at that time and not being familiar with routes I was not able to attend. However, when all circumstances favourably aligned I was able to get to the rehearsal of Major Oaks Chorus in Nottingham led capably by MD Andy Salter.

    The joy at being able to sing alongside fellow ‘barbershoppers’ for at least part of the rehearsal was a wonderful experience. The camaraderie and hospitality was first class with a little gentle ribbing coming my way and of course returned in good humour.

    To know that my joy at being there was also shared by the men enjoying my presence and in conversation later at the pub. I believe I had not only opened my eyes to these opportunities but also the eyes of some of the men of Major Oak Chorus. A few expressed an interest in visiting a chorus in Australia so if you have some visitors please make them welcome!

    Howard Kennedy
    Miner Chords Chorus

  • 2017 Club and Club Member of the year
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 17 Aug 2017
    2017 Club and Club Member of the year

    BHA Club of the Year Award, and Chorus Member of the Year Award

    With so much great work happening throughout our organisation we need to take every opportunity to recognise the clubs and individuals that are leading the way for Barbershop in Australia. In this spirit we encourage every club in BHA to participate via the BHA Club of the Year, and Chorus Member of the Year.

    BHA Club of the Year

    We are justifiably proud of the efforts made by all clubs to promote the objectives of Barbershop within Australia. Designed to recognise those clubs at the forefront of these efforts, the BHA Club of the Year is an annual award, coordinated by the Vice President Membership and adjudicated by a special Committee of representatives appointed by the BHA Council.

    The BHA Club of the Year Award is assessed against a wide range of criteria that speak to the impact clubs have for their members and communities, and the demonstrated excellence in the many functions that drive successful outcomes.

    Full details on the process for nomination has been sent to each club, so if you think your club has lead from the front and supported Barbershop in Australia by those efforts, speak to your club committee about putting in a nomination.

    Full details are available from the BHA Executive Officer, Jeannie Hattendorf (, and nominations must be received by close of business on Friday 8th September, 2017.

    Chorus Member of the Year

    All Clubs appreciate having committed members who are willing to go the extra mile, and the "Chorus Member of the Year" is a timely opportunity for Clubs to show the tremendous gratitude that we have for those who tirelessly contribute to the success of every Club.

    This important acknowledgement is designed to allow Clubs throughout BHA to take an opportunity to more publicly recognise a member for outstanding service and accomplishments as a member of your Club and as a member of Barbershop Harmony Australia. The criteria for the selection of their Chorus Member of the Year is up to each Club to determine.

    We encourage every club to nominate their Chorus Member of the Year to enable each member to be acknowledged at the Welcome Dinner, where those present will be asked to stand up to accept the well-deserved recognition of their fellow barbershoppers.

    This person’s name and a brief description of their efforts should be forwarded to the BHA Executive Officer, Jeannie Hattendorf (, also by Friday 8th September, 2017.

    BHA continues to review our overall recognition frameworks and we are looking to enhance this area in the next 12 months with further exciting initiatives that will be the subject of consultation with members later this year.

    I look forward to seeing you in Sydney.

    Paul Adams
    Vice President - Membership

  • The BHA Medal – Inaugural launch
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 17 Aug 2017
    The BHA Medal – Inaugural launch

    The BHA National Council is pleased to announce an exciting addition to the BHA recognition framework  that includes Chorus Member of the Year, Club of the Year and Life Membership.

    A new addition to our recognition framework

    The BHA Medal recognises an individual’s exemplary contribution to the advancement of barbershop in Australia. The award is made for sustained outstanding leadership, innovation, influence or initiative development, which has resulted in an exemplary, transparent and publicly evident advancement of BHA.

    It will be awarded to a current BHA member in good standing who has consistently “put in” for barbershop, to be recognised nationally for the sustained contribution the nominee has done for the organisation, chorus, quartet, community, friends or behind the scenes. In limited circumstances, individuals may also be considered for nomination whilst no longer an active member due to retirement on the basis of incapacity.

    The award is kindly sponsored by Derek Cosburn, who said “Since my first introduction to barbershop singing at Dreamworld in about 1981-2, I have been the recipient of a quite a few medals during the time I’ve been involved and I have, for a number of years, had the thought that I’d like to give back in some small way. I would like to help in the promotion of a medal that I’d hope would have some meaning to the recipient, and to all members within our society who may not attain one through singing, but deserve one because of other efforts.”

    Nomination for the BHA Medal must be made in writing and may come from individual BHA members, Regional or Club Committees. Nominations will be assessed by a subcommittee of BHA members appointed by the BHA Council, and when awarded the BHA Medal will be presented at the next available national convention.

    Full details have been emailed to all BHA members but are also available below. These nominations must be received by the BHA Executive Officer, Jeannie Hattendorf (, by close of business on Friday 8th September, 2017.

    A Life Member may be nominated for the BHA Medal, as the criteria used to award the Life Membership are not the same used to award the BHA Medal. Life membership still remains BHA’s highest honour and award.

    The BHA Council wishes to thank Derek Cosburn for his contribution in proposing the concept and ongoing support in bringing the award to fruition.

    Paul Adams
    VP Membership

  • How we recruited ten new members
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 17 Aug 2017
    How we recruited ten new members
    We recently had a very successful membership drive with 20 fresh faces on day one converting to 10 people auditioning to join our chorus after the five week programme.

    The first night was nearly overwhelming with as many new singers as regular members in attendance!

    This is a significantly better result than our efforts in prior years and I thought it appropriate to share some of the thinking and planning behind our programme this year which may be of benefit to other groups.

    Social media is potentially an attractive platform for advertising but it will miss a lot of folk who don’t use facebook and twitter etc. That doesn’t mean social media isn’t useful but based on the feedback from the new guys, we got more results from our advertising with the corflutes (road signs) we had printed.

    Regarding the corflutes, here’s a few tips we think got us bang for buck:
    • Make sure you obey your local regulations regarding placement. This includes distance from the road side, distance from intersection etc. We lost one of 20 signs we put out, and it appeared to have blown off the stake. 
    • Don’t put dates on the corflute (unless you have a much better budget than us!) so they can be reused. 
    • *Starting Soon* catches the eye and between the logo and web site URL it can be remembered in one or two passings.
    • Update the front page of your web site to prominently summarise the programme and link to a secondary page dedicated to the current programme. Do the same with any social media accounts.
    • The QR code at the bottom left can be scanned on a mobile phone and links directly to our new singers page. They can be made online at web sites (search for make QR code). This is too small and unsafe to scan while driving but can be useful for people walking or cycling by.
    • Don’t put them up more than two weeks before the programme starts as the corflute loss rate increases, then take them down on the weekend after the programme starts. We picked up a couple of late starters this way.
    • Put them where traffic slows down such as big intersections, coming off roundabouts for example (mindful of local regulations).

    We have tried free programmes as recommended by the BHS Ready, Set, Sing! programme with limited success in prior years. I believe one of the reasons we get a different result in Australia from the USA is that a greater percentage of men attend church in the USA and sing at sporting games and are therefore more used to singing in public, whereas men singing publicly in Australia tends to be limited to shouting along to a band with a few drinks under the belt. ????

    We chose to make the first night free and then charged $40 for the remaining four weeks. The thinking behind this is that a typical Aussie will see an advertisement for free lessons or a free show and think ‘hmm it’s gotta be pretty ordinary for it to be free’. Charging money raises the ‘Perceived Value’ of what is being offered and seems to have attracted some better singers for us.

    We made the first night free as the first round of winnowing out those that were not likely to be capable of continuing and give people an opportunity to opt out if they decided it wasn’t for them. This is also important as dragging someone through a programme where they will clearly not be successful at the end doesn’t help anyone.

    Our musical director Dan Bennett chose an a cappella ballad in three parts and an upbeat polecat as the songs to be taught over the programme. Barbershop was mentioned only in passing to explain the different voice parts and to explain some of the awesome sound produced as the guys locked and rang some chords. Many of the experienced new singers had not heard this in their previous singing experience.

    We took the time to follow up with each new person each week to ensure the programme was meeting their expectations. We had some drop away after the first night but around 15 people continued with the chargeable part of the programme. This was a nice bit of chorus revenue which covered our advertising costs.

    In the fifth week we put on a show for family and friends. We fleshed it out to 60 minutes including performances by the chorus, three quartets and, of course, two songs with our new members. The audience seemed very appreciative of the great singing and also of seeing their loved ones perform. 

    We ended up with around ten men auditioning to continue with the chorus. So far five have passed audition, some have been unsuccessful and more in progress. And yes, they know they’re joining a barbershop chorus!

    I hope this helps you get more people on the risers!


    Peter Enzerink
    Canberra Chordsmen

  • Sound Connection in Las Vegas
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 17 Aug 2017
    Sound Connection in Las Vegas

    Sound Connection participated in the BHS International Convention in July. The convention took place in Las Vegas, across the Planet Hollywood, Paris and Bally’s casinos. The lead up to Convention was exciting enough as we had members coming from all over the USA and directly from Australia on the Monday and Tuesday. Many members had taken advantage of the school holidays and did some exploring prior to Convention, while the balance of the chorus arrived on the same flight, with the same connections. Well, that was the plan. The plane from Australia arrived late into LAX and everyone missed their connecting flights. Some were squeezed onto slightly later flights, some waited nearly 12 hours and some took the opportunity to hire a car and do a road trip!

    After all the excitement getting into Las Vegas we were looking forward to getting into town and relaxing until our performance. That never really happened. Las Vegas is complete madness and the buzz associated with an International Convention is huge. All of the stars from the world of barbershop are there, along with thousands of Joe Barbershoppers (like us) and there is always something on. When there’s nothing on, there are tags. And then the sun comes up and you need to get some sleep before the daily rehearsal session.

    In the end we didn’t put on the performance we hoped to. The whole week took most of us back to that feeling you had when you attended your first BHA National Convention. We walked on stage, the lights, the buzz and the thousands of faces were waiting for us. We blinked and it was over. Despite initially being a little disappointed that we didn’t do our best, the overall feeling was one of real gratitude for the opportunity and a burning desire to come back and taste that experience again.

    I’m sure that every single one of our members would recommend a trip to the International Convention for anybody that loves barbershop music, or indeed anyone that just loves music. Apart from everything else that happens at Convention, the consistent level of performance is something to be seen and heard. The passion, emotion and intensity in some of the performances has to be seen live.

    We would like to thank all of those that helped to get us to Las Vegas and we look forward to someday doing it again. We’d also like to thank our barbershop brothers Ian, Dan, Rob, Richard and Darin for singing with us on the risers in Las Vegas.

    David Reid – President


  • An International Year
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 15 Aug 2017
    An International Year

    The big news, if you haven’t heard it, is that Blindside, our 2016 BHA National Champion Quartet finished 3rd in the BHS International Youth Quartet contest and 22nd overall in the BHS International Open Quartet contest. The best results by a BHA quartet so far! A big shout out to The Blenders chorus who have supported Blindside over the years, and continue to do so.

    Our other Open quartet contestant at International, Lockout, also did a fine job, and they introduced two great new songs into the barbershop repertoire, which were highly regarded by everyone in the audience.

    Congratulations also to Sound Connection who competed for the first time on the international stage. As I said in my last report, I was honoured to be asked to compete with Sound Connection. As one of the top 30 choruses in the world they can be very proud, and it was a fantastic experience for everyone involved.

    We really have put Australian barbershop on the international map, and I am so proud to have been a part of this. Every single competitor we had at International was a tremendous ambassador for BHA.

    Closer to home, our Pan Pac Convention in Sydney in September is fast approaching. I encourage you all to attend. Not only will you be seeing and hearing the best quartets and choruses in Australia, but also New Zealand and Japan will be there. We’ve had enquiries from further abroad and we hope there will be a real “international” feel to Pan Pac. Make every effort to get there and be part of it.

    A short list of the events: John Little Show, Welcome Dinner, Quartet Semi-Final, Chorus Corral, Quartet Final, Chorus Contest, Showcase Concert, Church Service, BHA Forum, and Farewell Lunch. And of course, our International Champion headline quartet Crossroads!

    Harmony University then comes straight after Convention, and will be a superb three-day education event also not to be missed.

    As is our tradition, we will be presenting membership awards at the Welcome Dinner to the Convention. These include pins to 25-year members, the prestigious Club of the Year Award, Club Man of the Year Award (for each Club), and a new award called the BHA Medal (see article elsewhere in this newsletter).

    Keep Australia (and the whole world) singing!

    Ian Mulholland

    BHA President

  • Chorus Corral - Enter your Chorus now!
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 14 Aug 2017
    Chorus Corral - Enter your Chorus now!
    Chorus Corral (similar to the World Harmony Jamboree) is a chance for around 16 attending choruses to perform before the big contest in a friendly, informal atmosphere. The Chorral will be held on Friday 29 September 2017 starting at 2pm in the Pyrmont Theatre at the International Convention Centre.

    Choruses who wish to participate in this event should now send an Expression of Interest to the BHA President, Ian Mulholland at

    Preference will first be given to choruses who have not previously won a medal at BHA contest. There are places for 15 choruses to perform - 10 minute performance time slot. Get in quick!
  • Pan Pacific Convention - Registrations Closing soon
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 14 Aug 2017
    Pan Pacific Convention - Registrations Closing soon
    Registrations for the Pan Pacific Convention need to close well prior to the actual Convention dates to enable catering and logistics to be finalised. If you have not already registered there is only just over a week left so don't miss out. Registrations, which close on Wednesday 6 September 2017, can be made through the Convention website or by clicking directly on this link
  • Chorus rehearsal rooms - Important news for competing Choruses
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 11 Aug 2017
    Chorus rehearsal rooms - Important news for competing Choruses
    There will be two chorus rehearsal rooms available for use by competing choruses on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 September.

    Both rooms will be fully equiped with seven sets of four step risers and will be available for use from 8am to 5pm each day in 1 hour blocks of time (plus a 10 minute changeover time). It is expected these rooms will be in high demand and time allocations will need to be fairly distributed amongst the Australian, New Zealand and Japanese Choruses who want to make use of them.

    Each Chorus requesting the use of one of these rooms will be allocated a one hour session although it can't be assured that your requested time will be available. Every effort will be made to allocate a time as close as possible to your requested time. If a second session is desired, these will be allocated once all choruses, who have requested a time, have been allocated their first hour. Any times still available after the two rounds of allocations will be advertised on the Convention website and will be available on a first-come basis

    Cost for these rooms will be $100 per one hour slot payable directly to BHA.

    To apply for the use of one of these rehearsal rooms please email Dick Bushell on indicating your requirements and preference for times. 

    PLEASE NOTE : We are aware that some choruses have already indicated their requirements but it would be appreciated if you would resubmit any requests made prior to this notification to make sure everyone covered.

    Applications will close on the 31 August with the final time allocations advised soon their after.

  • Order your Convention merchandise now!
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 11 Aug 2017
    Order your Convention merchandise now!
    Convention merchandise is now available for ordering from the Convention website.

    Head to the Merchandise tab of the Convention website and order away!

    Please note, to allow time for manufacturing, no further orders will be received after Wednesday 6 September 2017.


    Sydney Convention T-shirt - A$25.00

    Sydney Convention Polo Shirt - A$35.00
    Sydney Convention Button-up Shirt - A$45.00
    Sydney Convention Cap - A$20.00
  • Convention is Just Around the Corner
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 22 Jun 2017
    Convention is Just Around the Corner

    Congratulations to all quartets who have qualified through our Regional contests for the Pan Pac Convention in Sydney in September. To those who missed out, my sincere commiserations. I’m sure our expert judging panels have given all groups plenty of “food for thought” of what things to work on going forward so that you can enjoy your signing even more.

    It was a busy time for your scribe, being involved in three quartets and one chorus. I know there are other members who possibly sing in more groups, and I know how exhausting it can be sometimes – but it’s all great fun right?

    I am honoured to have been asked to sing as a guest with our champion chorus, Sound Connection, in next month’s International contest in Las Vegas. They have picked some challenging, but wonderful songs, and I’m sure they’ll do extremely well (despite my singing). I also extend every member’s best wishes to our two competing quartets, Blindside (competing in Youth and Open) and Lockout (competing in Open). We know you will do well, and come back full of new ideas and information to share.

    And then it won’t be long to our Pan Pac Convention in Sydney in September. Our delegate numbers are strong, and we thank you all for supporting the Convention, which can be a nervous time for your National Council hoping that the member numbers stack up and we don’t lose money. The Convention business these days is big bucks. You’ll be interested to know that we expect turn-over of around $300,000.

    Don’t forget to sign up for Harmony University straight after the Convention. The teaching faculty, including the members of Crossroads, are amongst the world’s finest. You will learn so much and have such a good time. How can you even consider missing it?

    Elsewhere in this newsletter there is a report on the feedback we received regarding the chorus category contests (currently done by size). There was quite a divergence of responses, so the Council will keep thinking about this issue before any action is taken.

    Your Secretary and I have been working on re-casting our Constitution to meet the requirements of the new Act. Soon we’ll have a draft out for members to review and eventually vote on.

    Keep Australia (and the whole world) singing!

    Ian Mulholland

    BHA President

  • Sydney A Cappella Festival with Deke Sharon
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 21 Jun 2017
    Sydney A Cappella Festival with Deke Sharon

    Make your Sydney Convention experience complete by participating in the A Cappella Festival conducted by BHA, for some time during the Tuesday and Wednesday of Convention week.

    There are classes and workshops all led by Deke Sharon, the “father of contemporary A Cappella”. The details are at the FESTIVAL WEBSITE.

    The Festival is open to everyone – youth, students, adults, singers in choirs and ensembles, music directors and music teachers. And of course all BHA members and friends.

    Each day, there are three sessions (10.00am – 12noon, 1.00pm – 3.00pm, 4.00pm – 6.00pm). Each session includes classes lead by Deke, as well as a chance for groups to receive feed back from Deke. He will also work with ensembles and choirs to help refine their sound.

    You can come for a day or both days. Day tickets are available at .

    Session tickets will be available at the door each day.

    Delegates should definitely plan to attend the Wednesday 4.00pm – 6.00pm session which happens just before the John Little Show, at the same venue – Sydney Boys High School. (There are lots of nearby venues for dinner before the John Little Show at 7.30pm).

    Please have a look at the FESTIVAL WEBSITE.

    Make a commitment now to join in the BHA sponsored Sydney A Cappella Festival for some time during Convention week.

  • Important information for Choruses and Quartets participating in the 2017 Sydney PanPacs
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 19 Jun 2017
    Important information for Choruses and Quartets participating in the 2017 Sydney PanPacs

    Entry for the Pan Pacific, BHA & BHNZ contests are now available online.
    Entries for the 2017 Sydney PanPac Convention are now open and will close 1 September 2017.


    We are introducing a new contest management system that requires all entries to be completed on-line by one representative member of each quartet or chorus. This will include nominating songs that are going to be sung, confirmation of the members of a quartet and, in the case of a chorus, those members who will be singing on stage. A link to the contest entry website can be found in the Convention website under the 2017 Convention tab or by entering directly into your browser.

    One very important matter that must be attended to before entries can be completed is that all singers listed in the quartet / chorus must be registered as convention delegates. (Chorus lists can be added to up until Sept 1st)

    BHA and BHNZ Quartets who have qualified, are eligible to enter the relevant contests as per qualification. Entry into a PanPac contest section, will automatically also enter you into the relevant BHA or BHNZ contest (eg entry in the Pan Pac Open Quartet will automatically include the BHA or BHNZ quartet competitions.

    There is a couple of steps you need to be aware of as you commence the entry process. You will need to set up a username and password on the contests website. This is separate from either the BHA or BHNZ websites or from the main part of the convention website. You will be asked for your surname, BH membership ID and the email address with which you are registered on either the BHA or BHNZ websites. You pick the username and password for use on the Contests website.

    In the case of BHA members, the BH membership ID is your BHA membership ID. For BHNZ members, it is the User ID for the BHNZ website + 100000. For those from outside New Zealand or Australia, it has been generated from the convention delegate list and has no other meaning.

    BHA members should know their BHA ID, but those from outside Australia are welcome to contact Linda Vinall ( or John Faris ( for their BH member ID. Please note that your surname, BH member ID and the email address registered with your BHA membership, BHNZ membership or, in the case of those from outside New Zealand or Australia, their main convention registration, must all match.

    Usernames cannot contain spaces. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and a digit.

    Once you have selected the submit button to request a login, you will be notified that you have been sent an email to allow you to complete the user account registration process. Click on the link in the email to do so.

    Once the account is established, return to the login screen and proceed with the entry process.

    The online system is designed so that anyone on any device or platform can complete the entry.

    You will be emailed a confirmation which will include printable documents. Whilst you are able to print them you do not need to send them onto the relevant CA. At the convention, the CA briefing you will countersign this paper work (provided by the CA’s). An automated receipt of entry is sent to designated CA's at the same time you receive your confirmation email.

    Once the entries close, a draw will be completed and communicated on the website. Further details will be emailed to the individual who has submitted the entry on behalf of the quartet / chorus.

    Further help on the registration process is available on the Contests website under the About menu.


  • Tokyo Barbers are coming to town!
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 19 Jun 2017
    Tokyo Barbers are coming to town!

    For those of you who have been fortunate enough to see the Tokyo Barbers Chorus perform previously, you will need no reminder on what a fantastic and entertaining bunch of guys they are. For those of you who have not yet had this pleasure, you are in for a treat because they are coming to Sydney to participate in the 2017 Pan Pac Convention. Aside from being the most delightful guys you could ever hope to meet, their performances are always unique and enjoyable. Don't miss out on meeting and seeing this terrific Chorus. 
  • Chorus Size And Contest Scores - Analysis Paper
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 12 Jun 2017
    Late in April, a paper regarding Chorus Size and Contest Scores was distributed to all members. Discussion centred around small, medium and large chorus awards or alternatively grade based awards.

    Responses were received until June 3.

    Attached is a copy of the original paper, also a summary of members' responses.
    While there was support for a grade-based system, there was also significant support for maintaining the status quo.

    The BHA National Council will continue to consider this issue and will take no action this year to change the current system.
  • Chorus Size And Contest Scores - Responses to the Paper
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 12 Jun 2017
    Chorus Size And Contest Scores - Responses to the Paper
    Late in April, a paper regarding Chorus Size and Contest Scores was distributed to all members. Discussion centred around small, medium and large chorus awards or alternatively grade based awards.

    Responses were received until June 3.

    Attached is a summary of members' responses.

    While there was support for a grade-based system, there was also significant support for maintaining the status quo.

    The BHA National Council will continue to consider this issue and will take no action this year to change the current system.
  • Business Events Sydney - Supporting our Convention
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 2 Jun 2017
    Business Events Sydney - Supporting our Convention
  • Announcing the Winner of our Medal Design Contest
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 28 May 2017
    Announcing the Winner of our Medal Design Contest

    Our panel of BHA and BHNZ judges have finished reviewing all the entries for the Pan-Pacific Medal Design Contest and the results are in! After much deliberation we can announce that the recipient of two VIP registrations to the 2017 Pan-Pacific contest in Sydney is Avery Vaughn! Avery's design will now go through some final tweaking before it is sent off to the medal producers to become a part of Barbershop Harmony Australia and Barbershop Harmony New Zealand history.

    Congratulations Avery!

  • A busy time for all
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 28 Apr 2017
    A busy time for all

    As we enter our “season” of regional contests, it’s a busy time for Australian barbershoppers.

    There will be Regional contests held in Sunshine, Central, Victorian, Eastern and Western Regions, held as qualifying contests for our National contest in September to be held at the Pan Pacific Convention in Sydney. A big vote of thanks to our judges and CA’s, and of course Chairman of Judges Alex Morris, for making this all happen so seamlessly.

    I had the honour to be a judge at the recent Central Region contest in Adelaide. The preparation and performance of the quartets and choruses was impressive! All groups were eager to receive feedback from judges, and successful workshops were also held, making it a fabulous weekend of barbershop for all involved.

    My view is that the whole build up to contest encourages your group to work harder, with some focus, and that’s a good thing. You can be motivated to rehearse and you have a goal. Successful people and teams have goals. They make practical and achievable plans to reach their goals.

    A great example of this happened last year when my chorus, Vocal Evolution, was planning its contest songs for Newcastle. We had chosen our songs earlier in the year and even performed them at International. Then, 3 weeks out from Newcastle we finally got word that the copyright permission for our up-tune had not been granted. It was a major setback and a crisis.

    Instead of complaining and whingeing about this (which we were probably entitled to do), we just accepted it and got straight into planning an alternative. We didn’t have another contest up-tune in our repertoire that we could just slot in. So our Music Team got mobilised. Lots of emails began flying about and lots of ideas. What could we do? A key point was that every comment was positive.

    Within 24 hours a plan had evolved. We’d use an up tempo song that we had been working on and make it a parody about copyright. It came together in about 2 days. Everyone contributed, some ideas were cast aside, no egos were involved, and we had our new contest song. We had the music ready to send to the guys on Friday and by Monday’s rehearsal everyone showed up knowing it. It was a triumph of planning, effort and coordination.

    This is a great example of how to positively approach a contest. That experience has drawn our chorus even closer together than we were. We all shared that adversity and we all stood up to it, and made a plan to conquer it. Next time your contest score is lower than you think it should have been, just think about making a plan to ensure that next time it will be higher. Get advice from the judges and execute a good plan. We’re all here to help you.

    If your group doesn’t go to contest I think you are missing out on a lot. Sure, you may not be able to afford or undertake the travel to National contest, but you can go along to your Regional contest and get just as much out of it. You can set some goals, learn some songs, learn more about barbershop, and share your love of our hobby with others in your Region. Give it a go!

    Our BHA Music VP, Andrew Howson, has assembled an impressive national education faculty (NEF), and it is Council’s plan to roll out educator visits to every Club and chorus during the next year. It won’t cost you anything except perhaps a billet of the coach for a night to so while they are visiting. Apart from that the NEF members are donating their time for free. Watch out for this new initiative, which has been a great success in the Sweet Adelines organisation.

    Youth members I’m sure are looking forward to the Deke Sharon workshops in Sydney in September with great anticipation. After all, Deke is world famous, and we’re so lucky to have him coming out to run two days of workshops in modern A Cappella singing. Deke is also a Life member of the Barbershop Harmony Society, so he knows barbershop too! BHA Secretary Trevor Rootes, and BHA Youth VP Kieran O’Dea are organising Deke’s visit, so if you have any questions please drop them a line.

    There is a huge amount of planning and effort going into the Pan Pacific Convention in Sydney, and I want to thank BHA Events VP Dan Millgate, and local organising coordinator Warren Lewis (and his team) for the fantastic effort they are putting in. When you see them in Sydney please make a special effort to thank them.

    Good luck in the coming contests to all, and I hope to see as many of you as possible in Sydney in September!


    Ian Mulholland


  • HarmonySite - Got yours yet?
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 24 Apr 2017
    HarmonySite - Got yours yet?
    HarmonySite, the easiest to use chorus-management tool in the world, is going from strength to strength.  Recent sign-ups include Toronto Northern Lights and A Cappella Showcase (current Harmony Inc champions), as well as dozens of BHS and SAI choruses in North America and the UK. The latest release is out, with dozens of improvements.

    What is HarmonySite, you ask?  It's a gorgeous, mobile-ready website for your chorus, plus a comprehensive chorus and member-management system, plus a full member communications suite (emails, mailing lists and SMS).  Most of the choruses in BHA use HarmonySite already, and can attest to how easy it is to use, and how much it reduces the admin overhead within a typical club.
    BHA itself uses HarmonySite, for its website and member database, fully integrated with the HarmonySites of each club in the country.  It even powers the convention website.

    BHA is keen to get every club in Australia using HarmonySite, to further reduce the workload of each club's admin team, and the admin team of BHA itself.

    For more information, visit, or contact Mark Virtue on 0411 170517, or

  • Barbershop Quartet Day 2017
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 24 Apr 2017
    Barbershop Quartet Day 2017

    Tony Sykes from Sydney Harmony contributed to an online story about Barbershop Quartet Day which was published recently on the Australian news & opinion website The Big Smoke. It includes videos of quartets Signature and Ringmasters and Blindside gets a mention.


    Here is the link:




  • 25% Discount at the BHS Shop
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 18 Mar 2017
    25% Discount at the BHS Shop
    A reminder to all members that if you are purchasing items from the BHS Shop (music, clothing, audio, merchandise, books etc) you are entitled to a 25% discount off the retail price.

    Just enter the 2017 Affiliate Discount Code - 2017AFF25 - at checkout for your discount.

    See their full range at
  • Education Faculty Team
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 16 Mar 2017
    Education Faculty Team
    Barbershop Harmony Australia (BHA) is starting up a new program to send skilled individuals to every club once a year to aid our choruses in developing their skills musically, vocally, in performance as well as offering organisational guidance and mentoring.  We want to be able to touch base with our members and provide a forum to engage with BHA leadership. This group of individuals will be known as the Education Faculty and the visit will be of no cost to your club. Like any coach coming to visit, you will need to provide food, accommodation and transport for the duration of the visit.
    The Education Faculty Program has been run for many years, very successfully, by Sweet Adeline’s International. We want to take advantage of this great initiative and run this program as well.  We look forward to giving our members more opportunity to engage with BHA leadership and provide easy access to more education. This program will also allow us to gather information from the membership that will provide us with much needed data to help the BHA Council devise outstanding events for the membership.
    Before we can get started on sending Education Faculty to our clubs, the council needs to develop the Education Faculty team. If you are interested in giving back to our organisation and think you have something to offer this team, we are now taking applications. Simply click on this link and fill out the online application form for the BHA Education Faculty. You will need to also email your Music Resume to
    All applicants will need to meet the following criteria:
    1. Held a directing position (Frontline or Assistant) in a barbershop chorus
    2. Been a member of a barbershop organization for more then 5 years
    3. Is actively coaching quartets and choruses
    4. Have a reference from a certified judge or a BHA Councilor
    The deadline for receiving applications will be on the 31st March 2017.
    In Harmony,

    Andrew Howson
    Vice President, Music
    Barbershop Harmony Australia
  • Registration is now open
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 14 Mar 2017
    Registration is now open
    The 2017 Pan-Pacific Convention website is now open and ready to accept registrations for both the Convention and the Harmony University which will immediately follow the Convention.
    This promises to be one of the most exciting Barbershop Conventions and Harmony Universities ever held in the region.  Aside from the anticipated high level of performances and the rare fellowship opportunities it will provide, highlights will also include the amazing, just completed, performance venue and the exciting Darling Harbour precinct surrounding the centre.

    In addition to the Pan-Pac  competition, both BHA and BHNZ will be concurrently holding their respective National Competitions including Australian and New Zealand open, seniors, mixed and youth barbershop choruses and quartets all sharing the same stage in a series of competitions promising to be the most inclusive convention ever.

    How about jumping online now and registering? 

    Oh, and by the way, don't forget to check out the great accommodation on offer. Don't leave it to the last minute and find all the good locations booked out.   
  • Linc Abbott Memorial Service
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 13 Mar 2017
    Linc Abbott Memorial Service
    Dear Barbershoppers,
    I would like to remind everybody that a Memorial service for Linc Abbott is scheduled for this coming Saturday, March 18th at 2.30pm. Metropolitan Funeral, 224 Newnham Road, Mt Gravatt.
    The family has asked that the gathered barbershoppers sing 2 x 2 sets of songs during the service with three of the songs being Linc's arrangements of:
    "I Still Call Australia Home", "The Irish Blessing" and "My Country" and the fourth one of Linc's favourite polecats "Shine On Me"
    Thank you to all who have provided material for the audio visual presentation to play during the memorial.  If there are any more contributions of video footage or scanned photo/clippings, as time is running out, please send to my email as soon as possible and I will forward it on.
    Kind Regards,
    Steve Griffin
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 12 Mar 2017
    This contest is now closed.

    A big thank you to all entrants in the Design a Medal contest, and congratulations to AVERY VAUGHN, the winner of 
    a free VIP double registration to the 2017 Pan-Pacific contest and convention in Sydney, 28 September 2017 to 1 October 2017. 
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 12 Mar 2017
    This contest is now closed.

    A big thank you to all entrants in the Design a Medal contest, and congratulations to AVERY VAUGHN, the winner of 
    a free VIP double registration to the 2017 Pan-Pacific contest and convention in Sydney, 28 September 2017 to 1 October 2017. 
  • BHA Face-to-Face meeting 2017
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 8 Mar 2017
    BHA Face-to-Face meeting 2017
    Recently the BHA National Council (the “Council”) met for its annual face to face meeting, this time in Adelaide, so that the facilities for the 2018 Convention could be inspected. All Councillors attended and a wide ranging discussion was had. Key points are listed below.
    The Council encourages comments and input from members on any of the topics discussed, or even not discussed. Please contact the Secretary with your input.
    The meeting began with a Strategy Discussion, with a number of questions considered:
    WHAT is Barbershop Harmony Australia?
    • We are an association of barbershop clubs in Australia.
    • We act together to promote barbershop singing and share camaraderie.
    • We gather together annually for conventions and contests.
    HOW can we most effectively promote BHA?
    Strong clubs with strong musical leadership underpin our organisation and are the conduit for:          
    • Recruiting
    • Marketing and
    • Retaining members.
    BHA National Council Guiding Principles:
    • We will emphasize mutually respectful relationships across BHA.
    • We will build links with individual clubs.
    • We will promote members’ pride in belonging to BHA.  
    • We will celebrate the successes of BHA.
    • We will provide tools and resources, within a limited budget, to support barbershop development.
    • We will make support for club musical leadership teams our highest priority.
    • We will expect local clubs to take responsibility for coordinating and facilitating local recruiting, marketing, and retention programs.
     The key outcome from all of this is that the Club is our most important conduit to new members and communication with members. Our chorus music directors are incredibly important, not only in guiding our music, but attracting and retaining members.
    We then discussed initiatives in the various portfolios.
    The Secretary noted that he mostly receives communications from Clubs and members regarding renewal of membership and re-registration of quartets etc. There seems to be a lack of understanding of the process involved (although the forms are all on the BHA website). One possible cause could be the annual turn-over of Club Secretaries, with the incoming person not familiar with the process, and not receiving guidance from the outgoing Secretary.
    Quartets too, do not seem to understand the need to re-register each year. Members, Clubs and quartets who do not re-register are not covered for insurance or performing rights, and are not eligible to participate in BHA affairs, including contests. Re-registering with BHA every year is essential.
    The other issue we considered were the dates of the membership year. Currently these are 1 October to 30 September, but most Clubs operate on an annual basis, so a calendar year would make more sense.
    Under Membership we considered communication issues that seem to continue. Despite Council’s best efforts, via this newsletter, it seems many of our members do not bother to read it. It potentially leads to a misunderstanding of what your Council does for you. While we occasionally undertake surveys of members to get feedback, we now also plan to undertake a process whereby each Councillor will contact three or four Clubs to discuss your issues and your ideas. That will roll out sometime in the next month or two.
    We also want to help Clubs with access to contemporary repertoire, assist those Clubs who feel they have inadequate structures and processes for promoting membership, and we want to encourage clubs to help each other more. 
    Marketing is all about communication, with Clubs and with the public. Some of you will have noticed the new format for our bi-monthly newsletter, In Harmony. Apparently the format has not suited everyone, but we do feel it has been well received by the majority of members.
    Addressing member communications and noting that many members still do not appear to read In Harmony, it was decided that:
    • A regular monthly newsletter, similar to BHS’s Livewire, will be issued with dates, reminders, and ad hoc communications. The newsletter will have an interesting and vibrant style.
    • In Harmony will now be published quarterly rather than bi-monthly. It will be a “feel good” publication that promotes the barbershop culture. It will include information/ club material, reports from VPs etc. We will investigate improving the design of the publication.
    We are also getting very active on social media, but a number of “unofficial” Facebook pages have sprung up, all representing BHA, and these need to be amalgamated into the one page. We will also undertake an upgrade of our BHA website to make it more user-friendly.
    HarmonySite continues to be an excellent platform for our Clubs, especially since it shares information with the BHA website, therefore minimising Club secretarial work in maintaining membership records. BHA continues to support and recommend HarmonySite to Clubs.
    Another marketing issue discussed was building our archive and promoting our brand through media such as YouTube. BHS is now doing this very successfully. Many of our early Conventions were recorded on video, so these will be digitised and displayed on BHA’s own YouTube channel.
    Finally, our external communications need to have pertinent messages that describe who we are and what we do. The Council brainstormed some ideas on this, including: “fun, changing men’s singing culture, inclusiveness, men’s health benefits, contemporary music, inspiring music, benefits of barbershop in every school, Australia’s most recognizable music/vocal organisation, it’s cool to be a barbershopper”. If you have any ideas to add, please send them through!
    In the Events portfolio, we are very squarely focussed on the forthcoming Pan Pac Convention and Harmony University in Sydney in September. The Convention will be preceded by two days of workshops with Deke Sharon, the “father” of modern a cappella singing. These workshops will be open and free to all BHA Youth members. BHA full members can purchase tickets for the two days for $50.
    The Council considered and approved the Convention program and budget. Key points are:
    Dates:                   Thursday 28 September to Sunday 1 October 2017
    Venue:                  International Convention Centre Sydney (ICCS)
    Registration Cost: Early Bird (by 31 May 2017) $360 delegate, $340 partner Full (after 31 May 2017) $420 delegate, $400 partner
                                 No Youth discount because of the free Deke Sharon workshops
    There are many hotels in the Darling Harbour district of Sydney and a list of these can be found here The “headquarters” hotel will be the Oaks Goldsborough. Our Welcome Gala event is included in registration, and will be held at the fabulous Doltone House, a short 10 minute walk from the ICCS. At this stage only delegates and partner delegates will be able to attend the Welcome Gala. There may be separate ticketing available later, but that will depend on delegate numbers.
    Our Harmony University will be held at the Naamaroo Conference Centre in Lan Cove, close to the city. Details are:
    Dates:                   Sunday 1 to Wednesday 4 October 2017
    Venue:                  Naamaroo Conference Centre, Lane Cove
    Registration Cost: $340 per person
    After Sydney, our next Conventions will be Adelaide (2018) and Hobart (2019). The next Pan Pac will be in Auckland in 2020.
    The Council continues to be concerned about the Regional Contest weekends being held. Some involve an educational component but others do not. Providing the judges for these events is a major item in our annual budget, and these educators have agreed to be available for educational workshops. It is clearly the best use of member’s funds if an educational event is attached.
    A review of the current regional structure is planned to determine if it is the most sensible and efficient way to run these events, and the local affairs of BHA in the regions.
    In the Contest area, we voted to bring us into accord with the other world Affiliates by changing the rule for mixed quartets from a two and two (“2 + 2”) male/female mix to a three and one (“3 + 1”) male/female mix. This will allow our BHNZ contestants to join in the Pan Pac mixed quartet contest. We will review this rule for National contests in 2018 and 2019 after the Pan Pac contest. Rules of mixed choruses (i.e. 60/40) will still apply.
    Our triennial judge training school will take place in Sydney from Sunday 24 to Tuesday 26 September. This school re-trains and certifies our existing judges as well as new candidates who have been in training programs for a year or more. Participation is by invitation only. Contact the Chairman of Judges for more information.
    We continue to have great aspirations in the Music education portfolio. Last year we offered some scholarships to Harmony College, and these will continue. We will re-brand our college as Harmony University, and offer five (5) scholarships (worth $340 each) to members to attend. We are also offering five (5) Harmony University scholarships (worth $340 each) to school music teachers who undertake to use barbershop music as part of their school learning program. Application forms will soon be available on the BHA website.
    A new initiative to be brought in this year will be the establishment of a National Education faculty (NEF), who will undertake annual visits to Clubs. These coaches will be trained to support clubs with coaching, management structure matters, etc., and will report back to Council on Club status so that further assistance can be planned if necessary. Our aim is that every Club will receive an annual visit at no cost except for the provision of local transport and billet accommodation. This is a similar program to that run by the Sweet Adelines.
    The Deke Sharon workshops will undoubtedly be the highlight of the Youth Development program this year. Many of you will have heard of Deke. He is regarded as the leader of modern a cappella music, but he is also an honorary life member of the Barbershop Harmony Society. The workshops will run in Sydney on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 September. Entry and participation will be free to all Youth members as part of their Convention registration. BHA members >25 years old can attend and observe with a day ticket for $30, or a two day ticket for $50. It will be an event not to be missed!
    We are also looking at other opportunities to promote barbershop singing in schools with attendance at the annual Australian Society of Music Educators conference in July planned. We are also planning to contact every school in the Sydney area to promote the Deke Sharon workshops and barbershop in general. Over the next year or two, we hope to roll that school contact out to every school in Australia. But we need help with this. If you have some time (you don’t have to be a Youth member) to help us compile lists of music teachers, please contact the VP Youth Development.
    As far as Finances and Treasury goes, we are now back on our feet after our “near death” experience following the Perth Convention. We certainly hope that never happens again, and that Eastern states members will support a Convention in Perth from time to time, just as our Western state members continually support conventions in the Eastern states. We have approved significant budgets for music education, youth development, marketing, membership and contest and judging. At this stage the Council considers these programs are an efficient and beneficial use of members’ funds replacing the previous regional subsidies that were paid.
    Running Conventions is a significant financial risk to BHA and members’ support is necessary if these are to continue to be viable.
    So a very successful annual face to face meeting was held. If you have any questions please contact the Secretary who will direct the question to the appropriate Council member.
    Ian Mulholland
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 6 Mar 2017
    The Sydney 2017 Pan-Pac Convention is to be held in the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour from Wednesday 27 September 2017 to Sunday lunchtime 1 October 2017. This will be immediately followed by Harmony University at Naamaroo Conference Centre, Lane Cove from Sunday afternoon 1 October 2017 to Wednesday 4 October 2017. This promises to be one of the most exciting Barbershop Conventions and Harmony Universities ever held in the region.  Aside from the anticipated high level of performances and the rare fellowship opportunities it will provide, highlights will also include the amazing, just completed, performance venue and the exciting Darling Harbour precinct surrounding the centre.

    In addition to the Pan-Pac  competition, both BHA and BHNZ will be concurrently holding their respective National Competitions including Australian and New Zealand open, seniors, mixed and youth barbershop choruses and quartets all sharing the one stage in a series of integrated competitions promising to be the most inclusive convention ever.

    The Harmony University at the nearby Sydney suburb of Lane Cove (a short drive of around 30 minutes from the Convention Centre) will offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with a faculty of top Barbershop educators .

    The Convention website and registration information will be up and running within the next few weeks.

    Definitely a Convention and Harmony University not to be missed!
  • Valé Linc Abbott
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 2 Mar 2017
    Valé Linc Abbott
    MR BARBERSHOP HARMONY AUSTRALIA, Linc Abbott, passed away on Monday, February 27, 2017. Many long standing barbershoppers called Linc this name because of the massive contribution he made to the introduction, expansion and development of the barbershop harmony movement during the first 25 years of barbershop harmony here in Australia.
    Linc Abbott
    Linc came to Australia with his family in 1972 and brought significant experience in barbershop harmony obtained in Maine, USA where he began as a chorus member and quickly became the musical director of the DOWNEASTERS CHORUS located in Yarmouth, Maine.

    When Linc came to the Gold Coast, Queensland he quickly organized a barbershop quartet named DREAMWORLD QUARTET and it became very popular roaming and entertaining the crowds at the DREAM WORLD Amusement Park on the Gold Coast. The popularity of this quartet led to his organizing the BANANA BLENDERS BARBERSHOP CHORUS which he directed for many years and led in entertaining audiences throughout Australia and to numerous medal performances.

    About 1995 Linc moved to Musical Director of the RIVER CITY CLIPPERS BARBERSHOP CHORUS and lifted them to medal contention. Linc was made a LIFE MEMBER by each of these choruses for his significant musical leadership to good barbershop harmony and fellowship.

    Linc freely coached many of the developing choruses during the period 1990-2008 period. He was the Dean of the first weekend Harmony College held in Bathurst, NSW in 1987. He was Associate Dean at the first Australian Harmony College held on the Sunshine Coast in April 1994 (Mel Knight of SPEBSQSA was the Dean). He was a prodigious arranger of popular songs in the four part barbershop harmony style many of which such as ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR, I STILL CALL AUSTRALIA HOME, WALTZING MATILDA, and MY COUNTRY we all sing regularly. 

    He was made a LIFE MEMBER of the Association of Men Barbershop Singers/Barbershop Harmony Australia in 1998 in recognition of his massive contribution to the introduction and development of barbershop harmony in Australia. 
    Yes, Linc Abbott was a major mover and shaker of good barbershop harmony during most of his life. We will all miss his great musical direction and remember in harmony his deep bass voice always encouraging us to blend, balance and enjoy barbershop harmony at its best.

    Dr Melvin (Mell) McMichael
    Past President AAMBS/BHA
  • 2017 Eastern Region Harmony College
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 28 Feb 2017
    2017 Eastern Region Harmony College
    The faculty (kneeling) L to R Richard Reeve, Jonathan Bligh, Jill Rogers, Rob Sequeira & David Reid

    On Friday afternoon 24 February 2017, over sixty barbershoppers from throughout the Eastern Region wended their various ways to the Myuna Bay Sports and Recreation Complex on the shores of the beautiful Lake Macquarie, 90 minutes drive north of Sydney. They were all heading, with great anticipation, to the 2017 BHA Eastern Region Harmony College organised by the ER Council. This workshop was the latest in a long series of similar annual events which first started way back in the early nineties.

    The sixty plus delegates were drawn from almost every Chorus in the Region including; Soundwaves, Novatones, Hills Harmony, Sydney Harmony, Penrith Harmony and Canberra Chordsmen.

    Special Mention should also go to Sydney based youth chorus, Vox Canvas who attended with virtually all their members and to our newest Chorus, South Lakes Harmony, who attended with their entire membership of eight enthusiastic "non-youth" barbershoppers including long time MC extrordinairre Bob Fritz who showed us that he still had it by expertly MC'ing the Showcase on Saturday Night.

    The faculty comprised highly experienced and personable Kiwi educator, Jill Rogers together with the guys from medal winning quartet, Cataylst including the very talented Rob Sequeira (who had the unique experience of coaching his dad, Malcolm who was one of the delegates) , the dynamic Jonathan Bligh, David Reid, one of the most unassuming (not!) and talented basses around and, lastly, but not least, the inimitable Richard Reeve.

    The program ran from Friday evening through to midday Sunday with a great mix of work and fun. The late night (read early morning) afterglow sessions were, as always, a feature and continued to develop the fantastic camararderie existing amongst the eight choruses represented.  The highlight was the Saturday night showcase where we had the opportunity to perform in front of our peers as well as a paying audience at the Wangi Wangi RSL Club.

    The show included a very creditable performance by the combined singers, masterfully conducted by Rob Sequeira, performing the new song we had all learnt from scratch during the weekend "The way we were".

    Special mention must go to the guys from Soundwaves and Novatones who provided most of the manpower and organisation and, in particular, Stuart Adey and his wife Beth who provided virtually all the catering for the weekend enabling the overall cost to be kept extremely low. Well done and thank you Stuart and Beth.

    Eastern Region President, Brian Bleakley, confirmed during his wrap up, that we would be back again around the same time next year.

    I'm in!.

    Dick Bushell    
  • An urgent notice to all QUARTETS
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 24 Feb 2017
    An urgent notice to all QUARTETS


    With regional contests approaching, all quartets intending to compete will need to be registered or re-registered with BHA.
    At the moment, only 22 quartets are registered across our six regions.
    For each quartet, a representative should complete the Quartet Registration or Quartet Re-Registration Form. It is available at
    Once complete, the form may be forwarded to our admin officer at
    Can you please make this important reminder to the quartets within your club

    Trevor Rootes - BHA Secretary 
  • A Year to Look Forward To
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 16 Feb 2017
    A Year to Look Forward To
    Welcome to 2017, a new year of barbershop fun and expectation. The big event, of course, will be our hosting of the Pan Pac Convention in Sydney in September, and the opportunity to meet up with our Pacific brothers from New Zealand, Japan and elsewhere. There’s also a harmony college running straight afterwards, and with the quality of the faculty we’re bringing you, it’s not to be missed.
    Amongst that faculty will be the Crossroads quartet, 2009 International Quartet Champions. Comprising Fred Farrell (tenor), Mike Slamka (lead), Brandon Guyton (baritone), and Jim Henry (bass), Crossroads are one of barbershop’s most famous quartets, with countless appearances on TV in America and a worldwide following. Their three CD’s are permanently on my “play list”.
    In addition, we will be host to some very distinguished judges in Kevin Keller and Rob Mance.
    Kevin is a past Chairman of Judges for BHS, so there’s nothing he doesn’t know about it. He wrote the book! Many of you will have sung Kevin’s marvellous arrangements, so it will be a real thrill to work with, and be coached by Kevin.
    Rob Mance is the music director of Central Standard, a chorus that has risen from nowhere five years ago to finish second at International last year. Rob will hopefully share with us the secrets behind that success, and then we’ll have no excuse!
    And there’s more to come than this! During April and May most Regions will be holding their annual regional contests and workshops. These are qualifying events for the National contest (to be held at the Pan Pac Convention), so don’t miss them. All groups (choruses and quartets) must be registered with BHA and all these members must be financial.
    I have been advised that some of our members have not yet renewed their memberships for this year. Many quartets, and even a few choruses, have not re-registered.
    In one case I have been reliably informed that they “will renew in time for contest”. I’m sorry, that’s just not fair. Those of you who have renewed are carrying the costs for these members (in terms of insurance policies and APRA performing right’s licences). BHA has fixed costs that must be shared by everyone, not members who choose to come and go as they please.
    This is exactly why two years ago the BHA Council introduced a re-joining fee for any member who suspends their membership for more than six months. It is not fair that paid up members have to carry these members for free. Of course there is a counter argument that the re-joining fee deters members who might have drifted away from re-joining. That may be so, but I think everybody can understand the principle here - everyone should pay to run BHA, and that’s fair.
    As we start a new year I would like to take the opportunity of welcoming our new Councillors, Kieran O’Dea (VP Youth Development) and Daniel Beckitt (VP Marketing & Development).
    Your BHA National Council for 2017 is:
    President:                                   Ian Mulholland
    Secretary:                                  Trevor Rootes
    Treasurer:                                  Trevor Bruger
    VP Events:                                  Dan Millgate
    VP Marketing & Development:        Daniel Beckitt
    VP Membership:                          Paul Adams
    VP Music:                                   Andrew Howson
    VP Youth Development:                 Kieran O’Dea
    Chairman of Judges:                    Alex Morris
    Last year I told you of Vocal Evolution’s new show, “Funhouse” to be staged at the Perth Fringe Festival this February. Well it has been an outstanding success. I believe we have put barbershop on the “mainstream” entertainment map in Perth. I know that The Festival Statesmen are doing a new show “Pretty Boys” at the Adelaide Fringe Festival (after a spectacularly successful show last year). So why don’t you try it? Not only is putting on something a little different from a “standard” barbershop show great fun, but it’s a real learning experience for members as well. I highly recommend it!
    A scene from Fun House, from left: Mike Donnelly, Dave Dannemiller, Gerry Carey, Phil Williamson, Ron Sharp, me (in the yellow), Renne Dewaard, and Lawrence Borle.

    Ian Mulholland
  • Keep up to date
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 16 Feb 2017
    Keep up to date
    Over the last two or three years, it has become the responsibility of each club to update its details in the BHA database. This has cut administrative costs.
    At the beginning of the new year, each club is asked to please take the time to update its contact details, office bearers, member email, address, phone number, emergency details, etc. Many clubs, for example, will have recently conducted an AGM.
    Updating Club, Chorus and Member Details
    Please take the following steps:
    • Ensure either (a) your club uses HarmonySite ( to manage itself and its members, or (b) you have nominated at least one member of your club to be responsible for maintaining current club and member information on the BHA website.  If you do not have either of these options in place, please contact Mark Virtue, our Webmaster, on 0411 170517, or
    • With one of these options in place, please check your club and chorus details, and each member’s current contact information – either via your HarmonySite or via the BHA website.  Ensure that all of the following are up-to-date:
      • Club contact details
      • Club office bearers
      • Member email, address, phone number, emergency details, etc.
    If you do not know how to update these details, please contact Mark Virtue (details above).
    Thank you for your assistance in completing this task.

    Trevor Rootes - BHA Secretary
  • Wanted - Music Director - Novatones
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 16 Feb 2017
    Wanted - Music Director - Novatones
    Novatones are searching for a new MD.  Ian Miller, Novatones MD since 2009 has decided to call it a day and step back after 26 years of directing and another 20 years of quartet singing prior to that. Ian also spent time as a Singing category judge, 4 years as VP Music for BHA, act as Dean of National Harmony colleges and become certified as a Director (BHS) through Director’s College in the USA.  He will be sadly missed by our chorus members as he has been an inspiration in attempting to get the best from each individual at each practice and performance.  Like all MD’s his patience was tested on many occasions but we always seemed to finish each session with a laugh, a song or two, and a cuppa.  As we all know it is not so easy to get the music out of those weary bones and Ian is already considering quarteting and maybe a bit of coaching in the future.  One of our members, Cliff Hoskings, painted a portrait of Ian in a few of his many poses and this was presented to Ian and his wife Kay at the Novatones Christmas party on the Hunter river.  We wish Ian and Kay all the best in life after Novatones and will be sure that the close bonds formed over the last 7 years will continue.
    Brian Bleakley 
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 16 Feb 2017
    Welcome to the following new member 

    3505       Joel Bolitho         High Altitude Harmony
  • Voices in Paradise - 2017 Registrations now open
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 16 Feb 2017
    Voices in Paradise - 2017 Registrations now open
    Click on this link to see registration details 
  • Wanted - Music Director - MIner Chords
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 15 Feb 2017
    Wanted - Music Director - MIner Chords
    Expressions of interest are sought for the position of Music Director of the Miner Chords who are based in Ipswich, Queensland.
    contact David Green 0407831326

  • Deke Sharon to run Sydney A Capella Festival in September!
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 22 Jan 2017
    Deke Sharon to run Sydney A Capella Festival in September!
    We are excited to bring the internationally renowned musical genius Deke Sharon to Sydney, Australia on Tuesday 26 & Wednesday 27 September 2017 for the Sydney A Cappella Festival.
    "The Father of Contemporary A Cappella" - Entertainment Weekly
    "A one man a cappella revolution" - Boston Globe
    "Deke Sharon makes a cappella cool again" - NPR
    Deke Sharon is the musical director of Pitch Perfect 1, 2 & 3 and The Social Network.
    The world's most prolific a cappella arranger, with over 2000 songs to his credit, he has also produced television's The Sing Off worldwide (US, Holland, China, South Africa).
    Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to work with the man responsible for the current sound of modern a cappella – keep in touch at

    Learn more about Deke at

    Go to 
    The Guy Who Made Choir Cool Again
  • Wanted - Musical Director for Asian adventure
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 15 Jan 2017
    Wanted - Musical Director for Asian adventure
    Looking for a challenge?

    A group of expatriates located on the Indonesian Island of Batam, a rapidly growing city of around 1.5 million people just 12 miles and an hour by modern fast ferry from Singapore, is looking for an MD.

    We are seeking a confident, energetic and competent musical director with a true spirit of adventure to create a chorus presence from scratch in a musical desert littered with talent and latent enthusiasm but devoid of inspiration and leadership.

    And if that’s not sufficient challenge, you also need to know that we cannot pay a salary!

    But, we will provide accommodation and as we develop a chorus presence we would expect to generate modest income from memberships and sponsorships. Be aware also that Batam is an ideal place from which to inexpensively explore the fascinating Indonesian archipelago and the countries of South-east Asia.

    You probably will be a self-funded retiree, single and preferably with some knowledge, experience of or interest in Asia and the cultures of South-east Asia. You probably will have a background in barbershop or male or mixed choruses but also have an interest in other genres like Doo Wop (with instrumental backing) and a cappella gospel.

    The challenge will be to develop male, female, mixed and children’s choruses and inspire and support the development of quartettes or other small break-out groups.

    Batam has a sizeable and growing expat community, a surprising number of whom are interested in music and singing. But the really rich opportunity lies in introducing choral singing to members of the Indonesian community.

    There is wonderful harmony singing among Indonesian ethnic groups like the Batak community of northern Sumatra but overall there is little tradition of choral or chorus music in Indonesia - yet there is a rich abundance of talent waiting to be awakened…

    It’s an opportunity for an aspiring and committed musical leader to create and launch something new and potentially very special.

    TelDoug +62 813 6470 3361 (mobile – cell)
  • Melbourne Pasefika Mens Choir
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 15 Jan 2017
    Melbourne Pasefika Mens Choir
    Gold Medal lead singer from 2014 International Champion Quartet Musical Island Boys, Marcellus Washburn has been busy spreading the joy of music since his move to Melbourne from New Zealand. 
    Marcellus directs a small a capella group, the Melbourne Pasefika Mens Choir, a platform for Polynesian male singers that has proven popular since its formation in August 2016.
    "I have given them a few workshops around the Barbershop art, and now they are hooked!" he says, 

    "The lads that I currently work with have never participated in an a capella choir, and a lot of them have never had music or singing lessons, so this is an exciting and challenging opportunity for them. 

    My vision is to have a competing Polynesian choir by 2018, so hopefully 2017 will give us a chance to establish ourselves and learn more about the barbershop art form".

    With a talent like Marcellus at the helm, we are sure they've got lots of exciting and rewarding gigs in store, and we wish them the best of luck!

  •  Date Posted: Sat, 17 Dec 2016
    Welcome to the following new members who have joined BHA over the past two months
    486 Jason Contarini High Altitude Harmony
    3487 Malcolm McHardy High Altitude Harmony
    3488 Bruce Winter High Altitude Harmony
    3489 Samuel Grose Sydney Harmony
    3490 Charlie Tam Sydney Harmony
    3491 Paul Shea Sydney Siders Express
    3492 Geoff Fox Riverland Ramblers Mens Barbershop Chorus Inc.
    3493 Harvey Lewis South Central Harmony Incorporated
    3494 Craig Fossey Pivitol Point Harmony Inc
    3495 Costa Fossey Pivitol Point Harmony Inc
    3496 Whyte Dini Fleurieu Harmony Chorus
    3497 Booth Harry Hobart Mens Barbershop Harmony Club Inc.
    3498 Ken Martindale Hobart Mens Barbershop Harmony Club Inc.
    3499 Murray Turner Hobart Mens Barbershop Harmony Club Inc.
    3500 Peter Webb Hobart Mens Barbershop Harmony Club Inc.
    3501 Robert Forrest Hobart Mens Barbershop Harmony Club Inc.
    3502 Poks Tarongoy Hobart Mens Barbershop Harmony Club Inc.
    3504 Lasse Kaas Vocal Evolution Inc
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 16 Dec 2016
    The recent Annual General Meeting of The Westcoast Barbershop Harmony Club marked the end of an era, with Bruce Okely no longer accepting nomination as its Music Director.  Following the election of Kim Sebbage as our Music Director, nominated by Bruce, Life Member John Christie moved that, in recognition of Bruce’s long standing service to the club, he be awarded the position of Music Director Emeritus.  This motion was carried unanimously and with acclamation.
    Bruce Okely opened the eyes and ears of Australian men to the enjoyment and satisfaction gained through singing four-part barbershop harmony.  A talented singer and gifted music teacher, he formed Australia’s first men’s barbershop club, Perth’s Men in Harmony in 1985, becoming its inaugural Music Director.  In his 13 years with the club, Men in Harmony won a gold and two silver medals at national conventions.  At the national level, he was the AAMBS Founder, its inaugural Secretary 1985-1991 and is now a BHA Life Member.  In 1998, Bruce left Men in Harmony to form a new club, with singers known as the Westcoast Chordsmen.  The majority of this chorus were former members of Men in Harmony, many a little older than those who continued with Men in Harmony.  For 19 years, the membership of the Westcoast Chordsmen has ranged from the low 30s to the high 40s, but as a predominantly seniors aged group, chose not to compete as a chorus in barbershop or other competitions.
    During his 32 years in barbershop, Bruce has arranged many songs for singing in four-part barbershop harmony, arrangements which have now become a permanent part of the Australian barbershop repertoire.  The position of Music Director Emeritus, a mark of distinguished service awarded on retirement, recognises Bruce Okely’s outstanding service to the club and allows him to continue to exercise some of the roles and duties of a Music Director.
    Pender Pedler
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 16 Dec 2016
    Merry Christmas to All
    2016 has been a good year for BHA, and we should all be proud of our individual and collective barbershop achievements. Whether that means you sang in a quartet for the first time, learned your notes and words of a new song in record time, or contributed to your Club in a significant way, it doesn’t matter. The goal is to continually find something to do better than you have before, and to have pride in that effort.
    The Annual General Meeting has just been and gone, and the Motions carried were 7, and 9, while Motion 8 was defeated. The National Council continues to take all views into account when making decisions, but will always defer to the wishes of the majority of members. The AGM Results have been sent to Clubs and lodged on the BHA website (Click Downloads/Tab) here, while the Minutes will follow in due course from the Secretary.
    As promised, the Secretary has compiled the Minutes from the BHA Forum held in Newcastle, and interested members can view these on the BHA website (Click Downloads/Minutes tab) or by clicking here. 

    (It should be noted that the two documents linked above are available to Members only and you will need to be logged into the members area of the BHA website to view them)


    The introduction of a new Incorporated Associations Act in Western Australia (the home base corporately for BHA) will require a re-write of our Constitution to bring it in line with the new Act. Members will be asked to vote on that at a Special General meeting to be held about mid-2017.
    Next year will be an exciting year with a Pan Pac Convention in Sydney, and the opportunity for camaraderie with our Pacific brothers from New Zealand, Japan and elsewhere.
    Congratulations to two of our founding members, Bruce Okely and Andy Aberle, who have been honoured recently. An article about Andy appeared in the last newsletter, while there is an article about Bruce in this newsletter (click here).
    You may have heard of Vocal Evolution’s new show, “Funhouse” to be staged at the Perth Fringe Festival next February. Hope you like the photo below taken at rehearsal recently.

    As the festive season approaches, on behalf of the National Council, I wish you a Merry Christmas! May you have a bright and successful New Year.

    Ian Mulholland

  •  Date Posted: Mon, 24 Oct 2016
    2017 Regional Conventions 
    Central Region – Saturday, 22 April 2017
    Sunshine Region – Saturday, 22 April 2017
    Victorian region – Saturday, 29 April 2017
    Eastern Region – Saturday, 06 May 2017
    Western Region – Saturday, 13 May 2017
    Tasmanian Region – Saturday, 13 May 2017

    (NB : could the organisers of each of these events please ensure full details are listed on the BHA Events Calendar)

    2017 PanPacific Convention - Sydney - 27 September to 1 October 2017

    BHA Schedule of Events

    Make sure you list all your public events on the BHA schedule of events located on the BHA website.
    You can do this either by getting your webmaster to tick the appropriate box on your own listing of the event on your Harmonysite website or by emailing Jeannie Hattendorff  on

    If you do this it will give more profile to your event and, even if we can't attend, let all our members know what your Chorus or quartet is up to.
  • Reflections on attending the BHS Judging Category School - Nashville July 2016
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 23 Oct 2016
    Reflections on attending the BHS Judging Category School - Nashville July 2016
    In July I was fortunate to be invited to attend category school at Belmont University, Nashville along with a small contingent of AGBJ members.  Being the only Contest Administrator, I joined my BHS and Harmony Inc counterparts as we spent several long days (8:30am – 10pm) discussing and sharing our challenges and learning from each other about how contests are facilitated.  I was invited to share with the class the AGBJ experience and to discuss the differences in how we operate and what roles CA’s have in Australia and New Zealand.   We certainly do way more in the preparation and planning for a contest than the CA’s do in USA.  I am grateful for the grant assistance that I received towards the cost of attending the school from BHA.  Some of the learnings have already been enacted with the recent BHA and BHNZ contests and will be incorporated into the forth coming regional events.   As with any barbershop gathering, there is lots of fun singing, fellowship and of course ice-cream.   
    Linda Vinall CA CS
    Photo : front row L-R:  Dan Millgate, Charlotte Murray, Alex Morris  Second row:  Matt Gifford, Linda Vinall, Richard Reeve, third row:  Sarah Bradley,  Andrew Carolan, Eddie Klimowicz, Michael Markham   

  • A Successful Convention
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 23 Oct 2016
    A Successful Convention
    Well, didn’t we have a great time in Newcastle? What a great Convention! A huge vote of thanks to Keith Thornton, Trevor Rootes, Brian Bleakley and the team from Novatones and Eastern Region. And our visitors from the USA – Forefront – Drew, Kevin, Aaron and Brian, and our judges – Steve, Joe, Dusty and Tony – a nicer bunch of blokes you’ll never meet, not forgetting Henrietta and Michael from New Zealand, and Linda and Vicki from Australia!
    Congratulations to all who competed. Your contribution to the festival atmosphere was greatly valued. We had four fun filled days of harmony at the highest level.
    And now, on with the show! Next year’s Convention is already creeping us on us with the special deal of being a PanPac, and featuring quartets and choruses from New Zealand, Japan, west coast USA etc. We’re really looking forward to being in the brand new Sydney Convention Centre at Darling Harbour, which should be a blast.
    Your Council continues to work behind the scenes for you. Every Councillor had a role in running the Convention, or assisting in some way, and we’re also working to make our organisation run smoother and more efficiently for every member’s benefit.
    A few Council decisions and actions of late, which you may be interested in were the approval of a Code of Ethics, a Policy on International Subsidies, application for Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status for BHA (still in progress), Life Membership Criteria, Champions Code of Conduct – “What Do We Expect of You?”, and modifications to Standing Orders concerning contests, to name a few.
    We held a well-attended BHA Forum in Newcastle, and the topics covered included: the cost of the welcome dinner and the quality of food served, associate members (i.e. females) being able to sing in mixed groups, the size criteria for chorus awards (currently 16 and less = small, 17-30 = medium, >30 = large), the excellence of the judges and evaluations, sharing ideas complied from Club of the Year entries and sharing these with all Clubs, marketing of barbershop (and BHA) to schools, coaching next year, leadership training for Clubs and MDs, the concept of a “festival” rather than a “convention”, availability of Council meeting minutes to members, music copyright and publishing issues, World Voice Day and World Barbershop Quartet Day, communication with members at large, and arrangement of a modern song to become a polecat. While the Council answered a lot of the questions at the Forum, we will follow-up some. In addition, in the next edition of In Harmony we will give a fuller account of the Forum, the topics discussed and the answers provided.
    Ian Mulholland
  • Andy Aberle and thirty one years of Barbershop
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 23 Oct 2016
    Andy Aberle and thirty one years of Barbershop
    BHA President, Ian Mulholland speaking at the function
    A function was recently held to farewell Andy Aberle, BHA and Men In Harmony Life Member, who has retired from active barbershop singing after 31 years and at almost 92 years “young”. Andy is our oldest active BHA member.
    Many of you will know Andy. He was one of the founders of AAMBS (now BHA) and was Convention Chairman for the 1993 and 2003 Perth Conventions. Andy was also a talented show producer, and was a stalwart in that capacity for Men In Harmony for many years.
    BHA Life Member, Bruce Okely, speaking at the function
    The function gathered together as many of Andy’s past and current barbershop buddies as could be mustered and was a special occasion for all. Speeches were given by BHA President and Life Member, Ian Mulholland, and AAMBS Founder, inaugural Secretary and BHA Life Member, Bruce Okely. They reminisced about Andy’s time in barbershop and entertained the assembled throng with stories of Andy’s involvement.
    Andy returned fire with a stirring rendition of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle poem, “Bendigo” which enthralled the crowd. In his speech Andy said that he only started barbershop singing when he retired from full-time work. He remembered the start of AAMBS back in 1985 and the book he wrote “The First Twenty Years of AAMBS, 1985-2005”. After the event Andy spent some time signing copies of his book for his adoring fans. Andy also gave recognition to his wife Gwen, who has always supported him in his barbershop activities.

    It was a wonderful afternoon, and while we will miss Andy singing with us on the risers, we’re sure he’ll still be coming to concerts and barbershop events in the future. We wish Andy well in his retirement from retirement.
    Andy giving his return speech
    The assembled throng

  • A Barbershop success story
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 23 Oct 2016
    A Barbershop success story

    AUSACA is a well-established annual A Cappella event conducted in Melbourne by Vocal Australia.


    In September, barbershop ensembles were successful in the finals with Festival Statesmen Chorus (mini) taking first prize in the League Division. They also won the award for the best contemporary song.


    Individual awards for members of Festival Statesmen went to Jono Webb for best soloist, and Daniel Maley for best vocal percussion.


    Topping off the success of barbershop in the finals was Hi-Jinx, the champion Sweet Adelines Adelines quartet, who won second prize. Hi-Jinx also received the award for the best barbershop song.


    Also, congratulations to Blenders Chorus director Jono Albertini who took his mixed Griffith University group Serotonin to the finals of the University Division.

    Trevor Rootes
    BHA VP Youth


  • Young Singers in Harmony Festival
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 23 Oct 2016
    Young Singers in Harmony Festival
    Our youth members brought a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and quality to our recent Newcastle convention.
    Overall, there were nine quartets and two choruses contesting in both the youth and open events.
    In addition to contests, youth joined the Combined Youth Chorus that performed at our Welcome Dinner and at the Youth Concert. No doubt this was the best combined chorus to date. Thanks to Jonathan Bligh, Jono Albertini and Lionel Pierson. Forefront also held a separate workshop with the chorus.
    Youth members also had the opportunity of working with David Holst a member of the Swedish quartet Trocadero, the 2015 international collegiate contest winners. 
    Finally, the Youth Concert attracted a large crowd of delegates on the Friday morning. It was a great celebration.

    Trevor Rootes - BHA VP Youth

    Photo courtesy of Genik
  • Newcastle 2016 Convention Round-up
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 9 Oct 2016
    Newcastle 2016 Convention Round-up
    Delegates started converging on the NSW port city of Newcastle on Wednesday 28 September 2016 to attend the 14th National BHA Convention. This was the first annual Convention following the switch from biennial conventions after Melbourne last year. Newcastle is the second largest city in NSW and the eighth largest in Australia. It also has the distinction of being the first non-capital city to host a BHA Convention. 
    The competition kicked off on Wednesday with the BHA Youth Contests which were combined with the Young Singers In Harmony Contests. Both were keenly contested in their various Categories. The BHA Youth Quartet Contest was won by Skyline with the BHA Youth Chorus contest won by the Blenders Youth Chorus. The Young Singers in Harmony Ensemble Contest was also won by Skyline with the Chorus competition taken out for the second year in a row by the Baden Street Singers.

    A full summary of the Youth winners and placegetters, together with their respective scores, can be found on the BHA Website under the
    Convention results tab

    Wednesday evening  saw the John Little Quartet show give competing quartets the chance to perform in front of their peers. This undoubtedly  helped them hone their skills for the  competition the following day as well as providing a very enjoyable and relaxed show for an enthusiastic audience.


    The open quartet competitions got underway on Thursday in the fantastic Newcastle City Hall. Thirty four quartets competed in the various categories including Open-Semi Final , Seniors and Mixed following several last minute withdrawals due to illness. The Current BHA Quartet Gold Medallists, Lockout were unable to compete this year under new BHA Rules precluding the winning quartet from the previous year competing in the convention the year following their win.

    Senior Quartet stalwarts, Benchmark took out the Seniors Gold Medal again for the 5th Convention in a row with the mixed quartet Shopaholics taking out the gold in their category. The top ten open quartet finalists were announced to slug it out in the quartet final on Friday night. 

    The quartet semi final was followed in the evening by the traditional welcome dinner where we saw the brilliant Forefront, perform for the first of many enjoyable times throughout the Convention.

    Friday morning began with the Youth Showcase Concert, then at lunchtime the massed sing in cold and windy conditions in the Newcastle Civic square. We were treated again to another performance from Forefront as well as being welcomed by the Newcastle City
    Deputy Mayor Cr Jason Dunn. A number of our Music Directors, including our illustrious President, Ian Mulholland, then took turns at leading the assembled group in song.

    The big event for Friday was the quartet Final which was held in the evening in the magnificant Newcastle City Hall. Mike testers Out of Time, who took out the most improved quartet award with an improvement of 6.95, set the scene for some brilliant singing through the evening with Bindside coming out on top with a score of 80.0 followed by Upgrade with 77.0 and Catalyst hot on their heels with 76.7.  

    On Saturday the competition shifted to the larger auditorium in the Wests City Club just up the road from the Town Hall to accomodate the Chorus Competition. Fourteen Choruses competed with The Blenders again being the largest Chorus on the risers with sixty four singers and Sydney based Vox Canvas being the smallest with just nine singers.
    As with the quartets, the current Gold Medal Chorus, Sound Connection were unable to compete this year under new BHA rules.
    The Open Chorus Gold medal was taken out by Vocal Evoution, who also won the Large Chorus Award, with a score of 79.8 closely followed by the Festival Statesmen, who also won the Medium Chorus Award, with a score of 78.5 and The Blenders with a score of 76.6. The Small Chorus Award was won by Vox Canvas with a score of 64.8. The Most Improved Chorus Award was won by Hills Harmony who also took out the Mature Age Chorus Award with a score of 65.8 and a score improvement from last Convention of 5.75. A full listing of scores can be found on the BHA Website under the Conventions/Contest Scores tabs 


  • Sydney takes up the Challenge
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 9 Oct 2016
    Sydney takes up the Challenge
    The symbolic Pitchpipe was recently passed on at the Newcastle Convention farewell luncheon by Novatones President, Brian Bleakley to Hills Harmony President, Dick Bushell who was representing the three Sydney Clubs, Sydney Harmony, Hills Harmony and Penrith Harmony who will be co-hosting the Convention in Sydney next year. "This is going to be a big Convention as it will not only be a PanPacific Convention but also the National Competition for both Australia and New Zealand" said Dick. "We have some big shoes to fill as the Newcastle team have done a fantastic job but with the resources of our three clubs led by Keith Thornton, the dynamic BHA VP for events, I am sure you are in for a great convention".

  • Youth Contest in Nashville
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 23 Aug 2016
    Youth Contest in Nashville

    The new Harmony Foundation Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest dominated day one of Nashville International Convention. The Quartet Contest was held in the Schermerhorn Symphony Centre, one of the most beautiful and acoustically perfect locations ever to host a BHS International event.


    Pratt Street Power (MAD), 82.0% won gold from 29 contestants.
    On the day there was a mere 2.2 percentage points separating 5th place bronze from gold. Other top five finishers were: 2nd (Silver) – Flightline (FWD), 81.6%; 3rd (Bronze) – The Mission (BHNZ), 81.3%; 4th (Bronze) – Ohana Means Family (DIX), 80.7%; and 5th (Bronze) –Frontier (PIO), 79.8%.


    Our Australian quartets did well. Blindside 8th, 78.9%, Skyline 15th, 74.6%, and The Grand Angus 18th, with 73.6%


    Congratulations to our youth for taking on the best on the international stage.

    Trevor Rootes - BHA VP Youth


  • Successful Youth Workshop held in Perth
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 23 Aug 2016
    Successful Youth Workshop held in Perth

    The Baden Street Singers organised a full day of A Cappella Harmony workshops on Saturday, 6th of August from 10am to 4pm at the Shenton College campus; aimed at high school students (years 8 -12) who have an interest in singing.

    The day was be lead by our own highly accredited director Lionel Pierson with expert coaching from:

    Alex Morris, Carole Macintyre, Bec Hewitt,

    The combination of whom is designed to deliver an engaging series of workshops. 

    Multiple streams were offered by our extensive faculty, catering for all levels of experience: from the novice singer to the seasoned auditioned chor
    al singer.

    The aim of the workshops was to provide a highly engaging musical experience to a wide range of attendees, allowing like-minded students from different schools to connect over a rewarding performance experience. The students also developed collaborative ties with The Baden Street Singers, and thus be exposed to a high quality music ensemble exemplifying the “post high-school” music opportunities currently available in Perth.

    We had 40 participants on the day, representing 4 different schools across the Perth metro area. 

    The level of enthusiasm and commitment that the participants brought with them meant we achieved great things in a very short time - exploring the meaning behind the song an inspiring the kids into giving a powerful performance of "Titanium". 
    We (the Baden street singers) were so impressed that we decided to invite the kids to join forces again with us and perform "titanium" on stage with us in our upcoming concert on the 19th September. Already, 6 kids have grabbed the opportunity to do so. 
    We're very excited to have had a chance to work with alex, Carole and Bec, and feel confident about running more of these workshops in the future.
    We're also grateful at the opportunity to strengthen our collaboration with these mentors over the next few weeks, in the lead-up to Newcastle. 
    Lionel Pierson


  • 2016 BHS International Contest, Category School and Harmony University
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 16 Aug 2016
    2016 BHS International Contest, Category School and Harmony University
    The 2016 BHS International Contest was held in Music City, Nashville, TN - the home of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Over 8000 people walked through the doors of the Bridgestone Arena on the bustling Broadway for 5 days of brilliant entertainment. I once again, had the privilege of hosting the webcast alongside Debbie Cleveland and this year also joined by Matthew Gifford, of Music Island Boys fame.
    BHA was proudly represented by not 1 but 3 quartets in the Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest (formally Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Contest) with The Grand Angus (Western Region, featuring Jeremy Conner from Alabama) placing 18th with 73.6, Skyline (Central Region) placing 15th with 74.6, and Blindside (Sunshine Region) placing 8th with 78.9. The Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest was won by newcomer, Pratt Street Power with a score of 82.0.
    Our youth representatives along with our open quartet representatives, The Mellow Diners, joined forces to perform the Australian National Anthem at the opening of the second Quartet Quarter Finals session.
    The quartet contest was the largest since the 2011 BHS International Quartet Contest in Louisville, KT, with 58 quartets crossing the stage in what was a long but incredibly entertaining day of competition. The Mellow Diners sang 58th and placed 33rd (the highest placing for an Australian quartet) with a score of 78.8. The contest was won by Forefront (Cardinal District) with a score of 93.3, who will be our guest quartet at the BHA National Convention in Newcastle later this year.
    Vocal Evolution, who were joined by members of all competing quartets, took to the stage second (directly following Vocal Revolution) placing 27th with a score of 77.9 in what was one of the most exciting chorus contests to date. The chorus contest was won be the Ambassadors of Harmony with a score of 96.8.

    Congratulations to Vocal FX from Wellington, New Zealand who placed equal 6th with a score of 89.6 with a truly unforgettable performance.
    This year, we saw the World Harmony Jamboree moved to Saturday afternoon, giving audience and performers a little more time to enjoy what this fabulous concert has to offer. Featured on the show, were Blindside, The Mellow Diners (in their final performance as a quartet) and Vocal Evolution.
    Only one and a half weeks following the international contest, 10 members of the Australasian Guild of Barbershop Judges (with 7 from Australia) attended the 2016 BHS Category School. This school, held every 3 years, is a fantastic opportunity for judges to hone their skills and learn more about this wonderful art form through the lens of their category.

    Those Presentation (PRS) judges in attendance had the opportunity to be part of history as the category was re-written and transitioned to the Performance (PER) category. BHA were able to support 5 of the 7 Australian attendees with a scholarship to assist in registration for this event. We are so excited for our judges to bring back a new breath of energy and education to our judging program!

    Directly following Category School was the 2016 BHS Harmony University. This incredible week of education is second to none and this year, it was fantastic to see both Dan Millgate and Richard Reeve from Australia as well as a number of attendees from New Zealand. I was very honoured to be on faculty at this years’ Harmony University, an experience that I will never forget.
    Congratulations to all who represented BHA so brilliantly over the busy month of July. Personally, I cannot wait to see everyone in Newcastle! All the best with your preparations for what is set to be an exciting week in BHA history!

    Alex Morris -  BHA VP Contest & Judging
  • Positions Vacant
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 16 Aug 2016
    Positions Vacant
    Music Director - Miner Chords
    Applications are invited for the position of MD at The Miner Chords Ipswich, Queensland. .Email Howard Kennedy at

  •  Date Posted: Wed, 13 Jul 2016

    Educating Students and Teachers Alike with this Full Day of A Cappella Singing

    The Baden Street Singers are organising a full day of A Cappella Harmony workshops on Saturday, 6th of August from 10 am to 4 pm at the Shenton College campus; aimed at high school students (years 8 -12) who have an interest in singing.

    The day will be lead by our own highly accredited director Lionel Pierson with expert coaching from:

    Alex Morris

    • First Australian to be certified as a Barbershop Harmony Society judge and only non-North American judge of the Music category in the BHS.
    • Musical Director of Vocal Evolution, representing Australia at the 2016 BHS International Contest.

    Carole Macintyre

    • Director of Perth Harmony Chorus, Sweet Adelines Australia National Chorus Champions.
    • Music Teacher at Methodist Ladies College, Claremont.

    Bec Hewitt

    • The lead of Sweet Adelines Australia Champion Quartet Hi-Jinx.
    • Owner and Teacher at Just Sing! - vocal tuition and coaching.

    The combination of whom is designed to deliver an engaging series of workshops.

    Multiple streams will be offered by our extensive faculty, catering for all levels of experience: from the novice singer to the seasoned auditioned chor
    al singer. We have the capacity to host 120 students, who will be split and offered workshop streams for male voices, female voices, and will also learn an a cappella song in a combined mixed ensemble. 

    The aim of the workshops is to provide a highly engaging musical experience to a wide range of attendees, allowing like-minded students from different schools to connect over a rewarding performance experience. The students will also develop collaborative ties with The Baden Street Singers, and thus be exposed to a high-quality music ensemble exemplifying the “post-high-school” music opportunities currently available in Perth.

    This day-long program will provide the perfect opportunity for the students to sharpen their performance skills ahead of the WA Choral Festival held in the following weeks.

    Additionally, there will also be a Professional Development session for music/voice/choir teachers who are interested in deepening their knowledge surrounding the running of an engaging vocal ensemble at their school.

    We are very excited to be running this event and look forward to having you and your students involved in this rewarding day of singing.

    Please email with any further questions or to register your interest in this event.

  • Contest and Judging update - June 2016
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 19 Jun 2016
    Contest and Judging update - June 2016
    2016 Regional Contest Season and Hunter Harmony Convention
    Congratulations to each region on a fantastic season of regional contests. A total of 32 quartets qualified for the open contest, 9 for the seniors contest, 7 for the youth contest and 7 for the mixed contest. Alongside what will surely be an action packed chorus contest, Hunter Harmony is set to be a huge week of entertainment.
    AGBJ Reporting and Feedback Procedures
    As part of the continuing development of the AGBJ and to ensure that we are serving our competitors in the best possible way, the AGBJ will soon implement Reporting and Feedback surveys following all contests. If you were a competitor in a recent Regional Contest, I ask that if you receive a request to provide feedback that you do so as promptly and succinctly as possible. We want to know how we can ensure that the contest experience is always a positive one!
    BHS Category School 2016
    I am very excited to announce that the BHA Council was able to provide scholarship funding to 5 BHA members of the AGBJ who expressed interest in attending the 2016 BHS Category School in Nashville, TN directly preceding the 2016 BHS Harmony University. Linda Vinall, Alex Morris, Dan Millgate, Richard Reeve and Sarah Bradley, along with Eddie Klimowicz and 6 BHNZ members of the AGBJ will be representing ‘down under’ with a record attendance for the AGBJ and the largest affiliate organization represented at this year’s school.
    I thank and congratulate each and every one of these Australian barbershoppers who are willing to dedicate their time, energy and a lot of money to not only develop their own skills but also continue to develop the skills of our membership through the judging program.
    Transition from PRS to PRF
    As you may or may not be aware, as of the 2016 BHS Category School, the Presentation (PRS) category will transition to the Performance (PRF) category. This is an incredibly exciting initiative by the BHS C&J Committee and one that will most certainly ensure that our artform continues to thrive and engage with audiences through the art of performance.
    Below is an extract from the proposed new Performance category description.
    One significant goal of any art form is communication. A barbershop performance refers to how the artist communicates his/her message and vision via the transformation of a song into an entertaining experience for an audience. The performance of a song is the artist’s gift to the audience; whose experiences, memories, and imagination transform that gift into an emotional experience. The performers’ goal is to create a high level of entertainment through the performance. The means to that end are as varied as the personality, abilities and creative skills of the performers.
    All currently certified BHS Presentation judges will attend Category School to certify as Performance judges. There are 5 AGBJ Presentation judges attending this year’s Category School who will train as Performance judges with the remaining AGBJ Presentation judges training later this year. The BHA and BHNZ National contests will both be judged using the Performance category.
    Practice Panels at International
    As always, members of the AGBJ were invited to sit on practice panels at the BHS International Contest in Nashville, TN. As a member of a practice panel, you not only get an opportunity to hone your skills at a very high level but you are also guaranteed the best seat in the house!
    2016 BHS International Contest
    My best wishes to all those BHA representatives competing in Nashville in just a few weeks time! To our Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest (YBQC) representatives: Blindside, Skyline and The Grand Angus and to my fellow quartet mates in The Mellow Diners as well as the men of Vocal Evolution, we all wish you the most amazing experience as you take to the international stage! We know you will do us proud!

    Alex Morris - BHA Vice President - Contest and Judging

  • Young Singers in Harmony Festival - Newcastle - September 2016
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 19 Jun 2016
    Young Singers in Harmony Festival - Newcastle - September 2016
    CONTESTS: make sure you don’t miss the youth contests this year. The very entertaining youth and schools contests are on Wednesday 28 September at the main convention venue, Newcastle City Hall.
    HELP NEEDED: we are hoping to have a good number of ensembles from surrounding areas in New South Wales. Members in these areas are particularly invited to spread the work regarding the Youth Festival. A separate poster is available at the Young Singers In Harmony Festival website and can be downloaded and forwarded to music teachers and others.  
    YOUTH SHOWCASE CONCERT: another will be the Youth Showcase Concert on Friday at 9.00am-10.30am. It will be a real treat with the best of the youth performances. Plan to be there to support our young performers.
  • Free Money - Is your Chorus missing out?
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 19 Jun 2016
    Free Money - Is your Chorus missing out?
    Many clubs are unaware that there are many funding opportunities available throughout the year, every year, for arts-specific activities such as the things YOUR barbershop chorus does all the time. 
    The world of funding and grant applications might sound like a real headache at first.  All of the paperwork aside, many clubs don’t even know where to start looking for funding for their activities. 
    Well, the good news is that BHA can make things much simpler for you and your club!
    Firstly, there are people who can help you and your club out!  Your BHA Vice President, Marketing & Development, Dan Millgate, has a comprehensive and current database of grants available all over the country.  The database is continuously updated and includes all new and recurring federal, state and local government, philanthropic and corporate grants available to you.  So, if you have some project ideas, get in touch and Dan can tailor a selection of appropriate funding options for you.
    Dan also has some fantastic resources for you, such as tips and tricks on winning grants, advice on how to make money whilst having fun, resources on how to run successful fundraising events, and much more.  Contact Dan by email at  Also, don’t forget to check out the Marketing Resources page on the BHA website,
    Another way to get help with your grant applications is understand that funding bodies actually want to help you to be successful in your application!
    Applying for the first time can be scary, but all funding bodies can provide you with a contact officer to talk you through the process of applying, make sure your project fits within the funding requirements, help you to make sure your application is the best it can be, and much, much more.
    A great example is the funding on offer from the Australia Council for the Arts, whose Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups fund a range of activities that deliver benefits to the arts sector and wider public, including national and international audiences.  Grants are available from $10,000 to $50,000. 
    For 2016, the closing dates are at midnight on the:
    • Tuesday 7 June 2016, for projects starting after 1 September 2016
    • Tuesday 4 October 2016, for projects starting after 1 January 2017
    If you are planning to apply to the Australia Council for the first time, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the grant programs on offer by reading the program summary pages, read the relevant case studies that give examples of the projects supported in the past, and understand the assessment criteria for the relevant grant program by reading the program summary pages.  You can find all of this information at
    The next step is to contact a Grants Officer to discuss your idea before you submit an application.  This can save you LOTS of time and energy!
    Australia Council for the Arts
    Phone: 02 9215 9000
    What can be applied for?
    • the creation of new work
    • creative development
    • touring
    • festivals
    • productions
    • performances
    • recording
    • promotion and marketing
    Peers will assess your application against the following three criteria.
    1. Artistic merit
    • the artistic rationale and process
    • the context of the work
    • the significance of the work
    • the level of experimentation and risk taking involved in the work
    • the quality of work previously produced
    • public or peer response to work previously produced.
    2. Viability
    • relevance and timeliness of the proposed activity
    • the skills and artistic ability of the people involved and their relevance to the proposed activity
    • realistic and achievable planning, resource use and evaluation
    • fees payable to artists involved
    • the timetable and budget
    • the role of any partners involved, including confirmation of their involvement
    • diversity and scale of income and co-funding - including earned income, grants, sponsorship and in-kind contributions
    • proposals which involve working with diverse audiences or communities, peers will look for demonstrated cultural competencies and appropriateness.
    3. One of the following criteria
    The third criterion will help to tell how your project may contribute towards delivering the goals of Australia Council for the Arts’ strategic plan to support the arts in Australia.  They will ask you to choose one of the following, which you think best reflects the primary outcome of your project. 
    Peers will assess the contribution to the creation of new work.  They may consider how the proposed activity:
    • develops your area of practice
    • contributes to diverse artistic practice
    • builds or develops national or international collaborations
    • engages young people in the creation of work.
    Peers will assess the contribution to audience engagement.  They may consider how the proposed activity:
    • stimulates your audience
    • increases or diversifies audiences
    • satisfies existing audience demand
    • delivers long term benefits for audiences
    • increases the experience by Australians of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture.
    Access and Participation
    Peers will assess the contribution to access to, and participation in, the arts.  They may consider how the proposed activity:
    • increases participation in arts and culture, particularly among diverse groups and regional/remote communities
    • impacts on participants
    • increases the experience by Australians of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture
    • strengthens artistic experiences for children and young people.
    Peers will assess the contribution to the international profile of Australian arts.  They may consider how the proposed activity:
    • will engage global audiences with Australian work
    • develops international partnerships
    • develops international markets for Australian work
    • meets existing international demand for Australian work.

    Don’t forget that this process takes time – at least 12 weeks from the time you lodge your application.  So you need to be proactive in managing these timeframes. 
    Most importantly though, don’t forget that you aren’t alone!  There are resources and people to help you out and we want you to be successful.  Ask for help!
    Dan Millgate
    VP Marketing & Development
  • Positions Vacant
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 16 Jun 2016
    Positions Vacant
    Music Director Wanted

    Wollongong Harmony Chorus (Ladies)
    Wollongong is a University town in the heart of the picturesque Illawarra region of the south coast of NSW, just 80km down the road from Sydney. It was chosen to host this year's Region 34 Convention.

    After 10 years at the helm of WHC, Director Jan McCarthy is now handing on the baton.
    Jan's legacy is a mid-sized chorus of well-trained and technically aware musicians, committed to advancing together, to delighting our audiences at every outing, and to competing with success.
    Credits so far include everything from 5th to 2 nd place at Regional Competition, as well as wins at Eisteddfod and local choir competitions.

    We are now seeking a dynamic director to take us to the next level.
    We envisage this person will be a musical leader with a strong barbershop background and a passion to match.
    For more information, email or visit wwwg
  • Mastering our Artform
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 16 Jun 2016
    Mastering our Artform
    Just about every week each one of you will attend a rehearsal of some sort or another. It could be your chorus/club regular rehearsal, or it could be your quartet rehearsal. It could be a performance or a workshop even. Whatever the occasion, take the time to say “G’day” to your fellow singing mates. They are sharing this wonderful hobby of barbershop harmony singing with you and you owe it to them to acknowledge their participation and contribution to making you sound so good.
    Sometimes we go to rehearsal in a negative frame of mind. We might have had a bad day at work, or something is bothering us at home. Put those worries aside for the few precious hours you have each week, and immerse yourself in beautiful harmony singing. Let yourself be transported spiritually to another place where the issues of your normal world aren’t pressing anymore. Just for a few hours, leave all your cares and worries behind (sounds like the title of a song doesn’t it?).
    Have good relationships with your fellow singers and set the scene for actively honouring the music and efforts of those around you by learning and performing it well.
    So what level of singer are you? Be honest. Are you new to barbershop? In this case you are now learning the body of skills and knowledge necessary to become a good barbershop singer. Everything is new, but you are eager to learn. You are actively moving from becoming unaware to becoming aware, as you practise your new and exciting skills and apply the knowledge you are learning. You are moving from being a “novice” to being an “apprentice”.
    An apprentice is someone who is well aware of the knowledge and skills required to sing and perform well, but is still actively moving towards competency in those skills. Soon you will acquire the competency you are after, but you still have to think about it when you do it. You have become consciously competent – a “journeyman”.
    Many of our singers get to this journeyman stage of development and are happy with their achievement. After all, you know all there is to know about barbershop singing and you can execute it reasonably well. But your chorus or quartet is still scoring somewhere between 58 and 72, and you never seem to improve much anymore. It’s now time to aim for “mastery”. This is the unconsciously competent level, where you can execute great singing and performance technique without even thinking about it (you “just do it”). You have internalised the skills and knowledge and you can now teach others all about it.
    How cool would it be if we all were “masters” of our artform? It’s not beyond anyone. It just requires dedication and practise of the right things. Good luck in reaching your goals.
    Ian Mulholland
  • What has been happening in Youth Development?
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 16 Jun 2016
    What has been happening in Youth Development?
    There are a lot of youth development activities going on around the country. Some recent highlights include:
    • A youth day conducted on the NSW Central Coast by SOUNDWAVES. Dick Costin and Gary Kirk were behind this initiative in mid-April. On the day, Blindside quartet worked with the dozen young people involved. The Club is hoping to develop a mixed youth chorus to participate in the Young Singers In Harmony contests at our Newcastle Convention.
    • A presentation in Launceston at the Tasmanian Branch of the Australian Society of Music Educators. Alex Morris presented to 15 teachers. The Fellas from Launceston were also involved. Follow up is being offered by Hobart’s Deep South chorus to teachers, including mentoring to support them with the introduction of some barbershop music into their choral repertoire.
    • The Blenders conducted another highly successful Voices in Paradise event at the end of May. Guest quartets, Ginger and Tonic and Musical Island Boys, worked with 130 students preparing them to perform at an evening concert. Jonathan Albertini continues to be a tower of strength behind the Voices In Paradise program.
    • Catalyst quartet recently conducted school presentations in Sydney and Brisbane.
    Other activities are planned for the near future including:
    • Barbershop Big Day Out events in Adelaide and Melbourne
    • A Youth Festival in Perth. Members of the Baden Street Singers are taking the lead in offering this program.
    Trevor Rootes
    Vice President - Youth
  • Never been to Newcastle before?
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 24 May 2016
    Never been to Newcastle before?
    Open this article and click here to see a great little video of some of the atttactions and scenery in store for you. When you come to Newcastle make sure to leave some time to enjoy some of these wonderful features of the region.

    Newcastle is a cosmopolitan harbour city located just two hours north of Sydney, right on the doorstep of the beautiful vineyards of the Hunter Valley and the pristine waters of Port Stephens.  Here you'll find spectacular beaches, hip bars, quirky boutiques, world-class restaurants and a booming arts scene.  And that's not all.  As Australia's second oldest city, there's plenty of fascinating historical sites and stories to discover, and surprises around every corner.

  • Avoid the queues in Newcastle
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 8 May 2016
    Avoid the queues in Newcastle
    A number of the major Convention events are to be held at the newly refurbished Wests City Club in Newcastle including the Welcome Dinner, the Quartet Competition Final, the Chorus Competition, the Showcase of Champions and the Farewell Lunch.

    The Club also has excellent restaurants providing a very convenient eating location throughout the Convention.
    Being a registered Club, all non-Club members will be required to sign-in each time they visit this venue. This will inevitably cause some queueing at times as large numbers of delegates converge on the Club for the various events.

    To help avoid these possible queues, Wests are providing online facilities to enable conference delegates to pre-join the Club thus avoiding possible sign-in delays when attending events at the Club. For a modest fee of just $12, or $5 for Seniors and Pensioners, you can become a full member of the Club for 12 months. Membership will also entitle you to various discounts throughout the Club.  

    Go to this link and complete the application process.

    Or… fill in the application form and take it with you, and complete the process when you arrive in Newcastle.

    NOTE: be aware that when either completing the process online, or, filling out the form, you will need to produce ID (Driver’s Licence is OK) when going to reception to collect your membership card.

  • Newcastle Early Bird Registration savings ending soon. Don't miss out!
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 6 May 2016
    Newcastle Early Bird Registration savings ending soon. Don't miss out!
    Now is the time to register for Newcastle (Click here to Register) 

    The substantial Early Bird Savings only apply providing you register BEFORE 31 May 2016.

    Packages Available

    Early Bird Special Registrations
    (if you register on or before 31 May 2016)
    Standard Registrations
    (if you register on or after 1 June 2016)
    Full Delegate $329 $399
    Partner Delegate $269 $329
    Youth Delegate * $269 $329

    * Youth must be under 26 years of age on 1/10/2016

    Cancellations: Prior to 1 July: 50% refund; Prior to 1 Aug: 25% refund; Thereafter: 10% refund
    The Regional qualifying rounds are now almost done and dusted with just WA to be held on Saturday 14 May. It is now time to get your arrangements in place for Newcastle.
    Accomodation is also filling up fast so don't delay in booking your accomodation.
    Click here to see some accomodation options available in Newcastle.  
  • Great discounts being offered by Crowne Plaza to Newcastle Delegates
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 6 May 2016
    Great discounts being offered by Crowne Plaza to Newcastle Delegates
    The Crowne Plaza have offered a special deal for BHA Members attending the Newcastle Convention, as follows:
    Crowne Plaza Newcastle
    Cnr. Wharf Rd & Merewether Street, Newcastle, NSW Australia 2300
    Cityside Suites including breakfast for one guest $245.00 per room per night

    Harbourside Suites Including breakfast for one guest $275.00 per room per night

    King Spa Suites including breakfast for one guest $305.00 per room per night
    These rates provide a significant discount on their usual rates and for members looking for this level of accommodation they represent great value…!

    The direct booking website is now active and ready to accept bookings for the Barbershop Harmony Convention in September. 
    Barbershop Harmony Convention (28-Sep-2016 to 01-Oct-2016)
    A dedicated website is now available for Convention attendees to book their hotel rooms online. Reservations can be made starting 17-Apr-2016 at this web address:

    Booking Website:

    Guests wishing to book by phone should call through to In-House Reservations on 02 49075062 during business hours, Monday-Friday, and quote booking code "BSQ"   
    **Please note that our central reservations team does not have access to your reduced rates, the above direct number or link must be given to your guests**
    Please review the website and let me know if you would like any changes made. If you would like any photos or logos added please let me know.
    Kind Regards,
    Amelia Bourke
    RESERVATIONS Supervisor

  • Pan-Pacific Conventions
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2016
    Pan-Pacific Conventions
    New Memorandum of Understanding signed between BHA and BHNZ

    Previously, under an informal understanding between BHA, BHNZ and Hawaii, Pan-Pacific Conventions have been run every 3 or 4 years since 1994, rotating between New Zealand, Hawaii and Australia.

    Hawaii has been a difficult location for Australians to get to (mainly due to the cost), and Hawaii has struggled to get numbers to Australian PanPacs. Recently, Hawaii indicated that they may be unable to meet their anticipated rotation for 2017.  BHA and BHNZ wish to continue to run PanPacs, and with Hawaii’s understanding, have entered into an MOU to operate future PanPacs.
     Massed sing at the last PanPac in Wellington NZ in 2014
    The goals of PanPac Conventions are to:
    • Foster and encourage barbershop singing, providing contest opportunities together with educational, social and recreational activities, including Harmony College/University.
    • Provide contestants the opportunity to compete in a contest with more than one country.
    • ?Provide the opportunity for BHA and BHNZ contestants to achieve International Qualification from their respective Association.  
    PanPac Conventions will alternate in future, between Australia and New Zealand, with participation from all countries bordering the Pacific and/or Australia invited (i.e. Japan, West Coast USA, Asia etc.). Each Association may run its own National contest (with associated medals and awards) within the combined PanPac contest.
    The 2017 PanPac Convention will be held in Sydney, Australia, with subsequent locations to be agreed, typically three years in advance (the 2020 PanPac is likely to be held in Auckland, New Zealand). When agreed between BHA and BHNZ, a PanPac could be held outside of Australasia.
    We look forward to continuing our barbershop brotherhood across the ditch!
    Ian Mulholland  
    BHA President

  • What's Happening at BHA?
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2016
    What's Happening at BHA?
    An update from your President, Ian Mulholland.
    Your Busy Council
    Over the last two months, since our face-to-face and goal setting meeting, your BHA National Council has been getting down to the various tasks that we set ourselves. Some of the most important outcomes that affect members are outlined below.
    Music scholarships are available to both BHS Harmony University (up to $3,000 available) and BHA Harmony College (this year termed “Masterclasses” due to the shorter duration) (up to $500 available). Please contact our Music VP, Andrew Howson ( for an application form if you are interested.
    We are also making available scholarships to assist with the re-training of BHA judges in the Presentation category to the new Performance category (to a maximum of $1,500), and funding of BHA Judges to attain International accreditation (to a maximum of $1,500) upon application to the Chairman of AGBJ, Alex Morris (
    A special Youth Harmony College will be incorporated into the 2016 Convention Masterclass programme, with the second half to be run afterwards, utilising members of the National Education Faculty (NEF), subject to there being sufficient numbers. Youth Development VP, Trevor Rootes has more details (
    A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with BHNZ for the future running of PanPac Conventions (see separate news item).
    Your Council has been trialling new technology to conduct its meetings to save the costs of across the monthly country teleconferences. We still have some way to go, but our goal is to save money for members.
    A new policy manual (containing policies on membership, scholarships and subsidies and a number of other relevant issues) is being assembled. In due course, when completed, this will be a valuable resource for all members to consult on the website.
    A review of our Regional structure is also underway to ensure that we are operating with maximum efficiency and non-duplication. At present the preliminary outline of this is being worked on by a subcommittee of Councillors, with Regional Chairmen to be involved in the next stage.
    Training for Club Secretaries in using our website (especially for updating membership details) is available upon request. Please contact our Executive Assistant, Jeannie Hattendorf ( if you would like this arranged.
    A new Charter document for the continued operation of our Australasian Guild of Barbershop Judges (AGBJ) (shared with BHNZ) is being drawn up by the Chairman of AGBJ, Alex Morris. This will ensure that our judging standards are maintained and improved into the future, and that our judges are utilised to full effect and efficiency.
    Owing to recent changes in copyright law in the USA, some of our Clubs and quartets have been experiencing difficulties in securing song arrangements. After an extensive investigation, the Council has drawn up some guidelines that we hope will help. These are referred to elsewhere in this newsletter, and have been posted to the BHA website. Please note that while every effort has been taken to make these guidelines as complete as possible, BHA does not take any responsibility or accept any liability for them. If you are in doubt about a copyright issue, you should contact the relevant authority for advice. BHA does require all of its members, quartets and choruses to follow copyright laws.
    Our Secretary, Kieran Hutton, is working on securing DGR status for BHA, which allows tax deductible gifts to be made to BHA, and allows us to more effectively raise funds for such things as Youth Development.
    We continue to trial our Mixed Harmony contests in the same format as last year, with the intention of then putting the issue to a vote by members at the next AGM.
    We eagerly look forward to our first Annual Convention in Newcastle this year, with the PanPac Convention to follow in Sydney in 2017. The Council is currently calling for Expressions of Interest for Clubs or Regions to assist in hosting a Convention in their home town in either 2018 or 2019 (the Convention in 2020 will be the next PanPac in Auckland, NZ). If your Club or Region is interested, please contact our Events VP, Keith Thornton (
    So, you can see your Council is working very hard for members behind the scenes, and the above activities are just a snapshot of what is going on.
    I will have the pleasure of attending both the Sunshine Region and Western Region contests this year, and I look forward to catching up with those members then. Otherwise, see you in Newcastle!
    Ian Mulholland
  • Upcoming Events
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2016
    Upcoming Events
    2016 will provide plenty of action for BHA Members, with Youth BBDO’s, Regional Contests, numerous concerts and, of course, our BHA National Convention “Hunter Harmony" coming up in Newcastle in late September.
    Next up: Regional Contests…
    If you haven’t already entered your Quartet or Chorus, do it now before it’s too late, most entry closing dates are not far away.  Regional Contests are scheduled for:
    Sunshine Region – Sunday, 24 April
    Central region – Sunday, 01 May
    Victorian Region – Sunday, 01 May
    Eastern Region – Saturday, 07 May &
    Western Region – Saturday, 14 May

    Hunter Harmony…
    Preparations are well underway for our 2016 Convention, Hunter Harmony.  Newcastle City Hall will be the venue for most of our events and specially our Youth contests and BHA Quartet contests.  The newly refurbished Wests City Club will be the location for our Welcome Dinner, Chorus Contest and our Saturday evening Showcase of Champions.  The Convention Website is now up and running, you can access this via the usual BHA site.
    Points to note:
    • Early Bird registrations close on 31st May and the savings are substantial, so don’t leave it too late, get in early and save!
    • Accommodation close to the venues will be in short supply, at the moment there is plenty available at all price points, so once again, don’t leave it too late.
    • Quartet results and qualification levels will be finalised by mid-May, so you’ll still have time to access early bird registrations.
    • Forefront is our visiting quartet, check out the website for more information on these four brilliant singers and listen to selected tracks.
    • New this year, a series of Master Classes replacing Harmony College.  A more compact format for the Sunday afternoon, evening and Monday morning.
    • Pricing options apply this year, buy exactly the package you need for partners and friends, we’ve made it easier and less expensive, don’t miss out! Now is the time to be making your plans for Newcastle, whether a Chorus or Quartet…

    Keith Thornton
    VP Events

  • Understanding Copyright
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2016
    Understanding Copyright
    Obtaining the appropriate Copyright approvals for new songs has become a most vexing issue for many Choruses and Quartets. Gone are the days when we could just order what we wanted from BHS and then just wait for the required number of copies to turn up in the mail.

    After much discussion with BHS and copyright authorities, BHA have now updated the guidelines covering the process to obtain copyright approval by BHA members.  These guidelines can be found by clicking the following link:

    ...or by going directly to the BHA website under the 'Downloads/Documentation' tabs.
    Trevor Rootes
    Vice President
    Youth Development

  • 2016 East Coast Harmony College
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2016
    2016 East Coast Harmony College
    The East Coast Harmony College was held again in February at the picturesque Myuna Bay Conference facility by the shores of Lake Macquarie on the NSW Central Coast.
    This annual event attracted around 60 singers mostly from NSW Clubs but also several representatives from Queensland and Victoria.

    The first class faculty was made up of Andrew and Jen Howson, Lea Baker, Jonathon Bligh and Rob Sequeira.

    The interesting and enjoyable program was ably arranged by Jen Howson which kept us all engaged for the whole weekend. I am sure we are all now better singers as a result of the weekend.
    The College ran from Friday evening until after lunch on the Sunday. The many highlights  included the fantastic interaction and fellowship (and just a “little” communal singing complete with essential “lubrication”) between all the members of the nine choruses who attended and the great Saturday night show which was held at the nearby Wangi Wangi Workers Club and was attended by all delegates as well as a number of paying members of the public.
    Congratulations and thanks must go to the host Chorus SOUNDWAVES and in particular, Stuart Adey and his long suffering wife Beth who organised and provided virtually the entire catering for the whole weekend at an unbelievably low cost.
    Planning is already underway for next year’s event and is eagerly looked forward to be all us Eastern Regionites.
    Brian Bleakley – Chairman
    Eastern Region
  • New Chorus Formed in NSW
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2016
    New Chorus Formed in NSW
    A new barbershop chorus has been formed at Wangi Workers Club. They sing Thursdays from 7pm and are tentatively called Southlakes Chorus. It has been operating now for four weeks and has 8 new members with singing interest attending.
    The first night was attended by members of Soundwaves Gosford who have offered their support to the new guys. Gary Kirk and Stuart Adey are teaching polecats and new songs including Don't Blame Me from the Myuna Bay workshop.
    Five of the new members attended the day activities on Saturday 27th February at Myuna Bay and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

    Stuart Adey

  • Valé – Laurie Russell
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2016
    Valé – Laurie Russell

    The death occurred in Perth last month of Laurie Russell, following a long illness. The funeral was attended by many lovers of singing and admirers of Laurie’s many skills – including John Christie, David Macgill and Bruce Okely.

    Very few in the Australian barbershop movement would be aware that, had it not been for Laurie’s initial enthusiasm, there might not have been such a movement in Australia.

    Laurie, as the founder and leader of a quartet called The Four Notes, was largely responsible for the fact that the quartet, and their wives, attended the 1984 Convention of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America (Inc), held in St Louis, Missouri.

    The Four Notes (from left): Laurie Russell, Bruce Okely, David Macgill, John Little

    The other quartet members were John Little, David Macgill and Bruce Okely. When they returned to Perth the latter three, full of enthusiasm (and only a limited amount of knowledge of barbershop) set about forming firstly, a barbershop quartet, then a barbershop chorus, which led to a State barbershop association, which led to the National barbershop association – currently known as Barbershop Harmony Australia.

    Laurie Russell chose to continue performing and teaching traditional and classical vocal performance. However he never lost interest in his old friends and the progress of the barbershop movement.

    John Brigatti  President, West Coast Chordsmen
  • Are you using the right forms??
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2016
    Are you using the right forms??
    New BHA Membership, Chorus and Quartet registration forms

    Application forms to register members, quartets and clubs with BHA have undergone a makeover and are now available through the BHA website.

    If you have any of the older forms included on your Club website please delete them in favour of the new documents.  Better still, just include the following links on your website to make sure you always have the latest form available without the need to upload new documents each time there is a change!

    Also, please check the BHA website for the latest information regarding membership fees.
    Membership Application Form
    Membership Application Form - Club at Large
    Quartet Registration Application Form
    Club Registration Application Form
    Jeannie Hattendorff
    Executive Assistant
  • New members - April 2016
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2016
    New members - April 2016
    WELCOME to our new BHA members!

    Your National Council extends a BIG welcome on behalf of all BHA members to the following members who have joined us in recent months.

    Praveen Saggurthi Sydney Harmony
    Harry Harris Sydney Harmony
    Hugo Wilesmith Sydney Harmony
    Matt Harris Sydney Harmony
    Jerry Harris Sydney Harmony
    Ethan Acott Vocal Evolution Inc
    Ryan Gonsalves Vocal Evolution Inc
    Engelina de Jong Adelaide Allsorts Harmony
    David Perry Adelaide Allsorts Harmony
    Julie Tynan Adelaide Allsorts Harmony
    John Neldner South Central Harmony
    Alexander Stewart South Central Harmony
    Rick Mason South Central Harmony
    James Jennings South Central Harmony
    Noel Richardson Fleurieu Harmony
    Scott Phillip Fleurieu Harmony
    Michael Colliver Fleurieu Harmony
    Michael Snee Gold Coast Harmony
    Simon Yellend Gold Coast Harmony
    Daniel Pohlmann Gold Coast Harmony
    Julie Donald Club at Large
    Emma Donald Club at Large
    Charlotte Donald Club at Large
    Damian Jones Brisbane River City Clippers
    Andi Alphonso Brisbane River City Clippers
  • A great range of accommodation Options available for Newcastle Convention
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 1 Apr 2016
    A great range of accommodation Options available for Newcastle Convention
    Newcastle offers a wide variety of accommodation options ranging from budget rooms in backpackers or pubs, to self-contained apartments and 4.5 star hotel options.

    Below is a summarised list of accommodation options located in close proximity to Newcastle City Hall and The Wests City Club.  Many of these hotels are also within easy access to the fare free bus zone, which operates between 7:30am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday.
    • Serviced Apartments
      • Chifley Apartments Newcastle (3 minutes*) (Pictured)
      • Crown on Darby (5 minutes*)
      • Quest Serviced Apartments (5 minutes*)
    • Hotels
      • Newcastle Beach Hotel (3 star) (15 minutes*)
      • Hotel Ibis Newcastle (3.5 star) (5 minutes*)
      • Travelodge Newcastle (4 star) (10 minutes*)
      • Quality Hotel Noahs on the Beach (4 star) (15 minutes*)
      • Novotel Newcastle Beach (4 star)(15 minutes*)
      • Crowne Plaza Newcastle (4.5 star) (3 minutes)
    • Pub style
      • The Lucky Hotel (7 minutes*)
      • The Grand Hotel (15 minutes*)
    • Backpackers
      • Newcastle Beach YHA (15 minutes)
    Details and booking links to all these establishments can be found under the Newcastle/Accommodation Tab on the Convention Website or by clicking on the link below. A location map can also be found through this link

    *(Approximate walking distance from Newcastle City Hall)
  • Become a member of Wests City Club Newcastle to save time and money at the Newcastle Convention
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 1 Apr 2016
    Become a member of Wests City Club Newcastle to save time and money at the Newcastle Convention

    One of the main Convention venues will be the newly refurbished Wests City Club located in downtown Newcastle  on the corner of King Street and Union Street Newcastle. It is open seven days a week and is one of Newcastle’s favourite entertainment and functions destinations. Their large auditorium and other Club facilities will host a number of key events including :

    • Thursday 26 September 2016
      • President's Reception
      • Pre-Dinner drinks
      • Welcome Dinner
      • Afterglow
    • Saturday 1 October 2016
      • All Saturday events including the Chorus contest and the Showcase of Champions
    • Sunday 2 Ocotber 2016
      • Various meetings and the farewell lunch
    The club also features several first class eating venues including Wests City Kitchen and Wests City Patisserie, both with impressive menus to choose from, designed by the club’s head chef Hudson Daley.

    Save time- Save money - Become a member of Wests City Club

    To save time signing in each time you go to this club, apply for membership NOW.
    Go to this link and complete the application process.

    Or… fill in the application form (see link below) and take it with you, and complete the process when you arrive in Newcastle.

    NOTE: be aware that when either using the link and completing the process online, or, filling out the form, you will need to produce ID (Driver’s Licence is OK) when going to reception to collect your membership card.

  • 2016 Newcastle Convention Website is now up and running
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 31 Mar 2016
    2016 Newcastle Convention Website is now up and running
    The BHA Convention website is fully functional and jam packed with great information about the coming Convention in Newcastle which is due to start on Wednesday 28 September 2016. Visit the website via the link below to find the following information about this, the 14th National BHA Convention. It also has the distinction of being our first annual Convention.
    • Registration (Substantial Early Bird registration discounts apply up until 31 May 2016)
    • Convention Schedule
    • Venues
    • Special Events (Details about the special events which will form part of the Convention)
    • Headline Quartet (Top International Quartet Forefront)
    • Webcast (For those who are unable to attend the Convention to enjoy the great singing live the Newcastle Convention will again be available via Webcast. Visit this tab to make the required arrangements to view various events)
    • Hunter Harmony Master Classes
    • Competitor information
    • Accommodation
    • Visitor information
    • Day Tours
    • Convention Merchandise
    Don't delay, get onto the website and check it all out.
  • A very barbershop Christmas! (Sound Connection)
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 12 Dec 2015
    Check out this awesome arrangement of "White Christmas" performed by our 2015 Gold Medal Chorus Sound Connection and its sister chorus Vocalescence.

    This spectacular mixed-harmony collaboration is getting some great response from people all around the world.

    The arranger of this version of White Christmas is Deke Sharon, is known as the Godfather of modern A Cappella music, and is the vocal arranger of Pitch Perfect, The Sing Off, and many Glee songs.

    You can copy and past this into a new email to send to your friends if you so wish.  Otherwise, feel free to share to video on your Facebook page!

    Merry Christmas and enjoy watching!
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Membership Benefits
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 1 Dec 2015
    Membership Benefits

    The attached document outlines the many benefits of being a member of Barbershop Harmony Australia, including Our Purpose and Our Values. and what the Association does for you.

    This is great information for all members and prospective members. 


    • If you are thinking of becoming a member read all about what BHA offers you and why we would love you to give Barbershop a try
    • Members, carry it with you and give it to your friends and colleagues and you never know, soon they may be standing on the risers with you.
  • 2016 Regional Contest Dates announced
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 20 Nov 2015
    Dates for BHA’s Contests and Conventions have been locked in for next year. 

    They are:
    Sunshine Region (QLD): Friday 22 April - Sunday 24 April
    Central Region (South Australia/NT): Friday 29 April - Sunday 1 May
    Victorian Region (VIC): Friday 29 April - Sunday 1 May
    Eastern Region (NSW/ACT): Friday 5 May - Sunday 8 May
    Tasmanian Region (TAS): Friday 5 May - Sunday 8 May
    Western Region (WA): Friday 13 May - Sunday 15 May
    These events are fully inclusive of male, female and mixed groups, and are designed to allow barbershoppers lots of opportunity for competition, education and friendship, and each event in your area will be run over two days to allow us time to get as much as possible out of our time together.
    The basic structure will be:
    Friday night:       master classes/other educational activities
    Saturday AM:      contests – including male, female and mixed groups
    Saturday PM:      critique sessions, coaching sessions
    Saturday night:   public concert and afterglow
    Sunday AM:        mini-Harmony-College-style events

    Male quartets need to compete to attain a qualifying score for national contest.  However, groups may also nominate to perform for evaluation only.  There will be the usual youth, open and senior categories.

    Sweet Adelines quartets are invited (by you) to compete in their own category.  Many Sweet Ads use this opportunity as a dress rehearsal for their national contests in May.  In 2016, the SAI Region 34 contest is in Wollongong on 19-22 May.

    Mixed quartets, which have historically been allowed to compete at regional contests, will now also need to attain a qualifying score if they wish to compete at a national level.

    Local schools may also wish to compete in a separate category.  If you need more guidance on how to do this, please contact BHA’s VP Youth Development, Trevor Rootes, at as soon as possible.

    Make sure you put these dates in your diary now!

    Need further info?  Contact

  • Eastern Region Management Team Workshop 26 July 2015
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 15 Oct 2015
    The attached summary was prepared by Mike Matthew (President of The Canberra Chordsmen) of the key points from the Sydney workshop, attended by about twenty executive management representatives of ER barbershop choruses and facilitated by Richard Reeve (BHA VP Membership)
  • Blindside on the ABC
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 27 Jun 2015
    Blindside are off to Pittsburgh to compete in the Collegiate Barbershop World Championships.  They have appeared on the ABC, with Eddie Klimowicz.  See the link below...
  • Quartet Qualifiers for Melbourne
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 22 Jun 2015
    Quartet qualifying scores for the 2015 National Convention and Contest in Melbourne have now been determined, after review and recommendation by the Contest Administrator and endorsement by the BHA National Council.
    1. Nine (9) Youth quartets have qualified for the Youth contest with a score of >50%. The Youth quartet contest will be held on Wednesday 16 September, and is a separate event to the main quartet contest.
    2. Thirty three (33) Open quartets have qualified for the Open quartet contest to be held on Friday 18 September, with the cut-off score set at => 61.0%. This is above our quota of 30 quartets, but several scores around the cut-off mark were considered not to be statistically different. This continues BHA’s policy of inclusiveness where possible.
    3. Four (4) of the Open quartets are Senior quartets, and an additional seven (7) Senior quartets scored >50% and therefore qualify for the Senior quartet contest, making a total of 11 quartets in the Senior category which will be held concurrently with the Open quartet contest.
    4. Six (6) Mixed quartets qualified with a score >50%, and the mixed quartet contest will be held concurrently with the Open quartet contest on Friday 18 September.
    The list of quartet qualifiers is attached.
    Some other interesting facts. Ten (10) Open quartets scored >70%, with an additional two (2) Mixed quartets >70%. Twenty Seven (27) quartets (including 2 Senior and 3 Mixed) scored >65%. All quartets that qualified for the Youth category also qualified for the Open (i.e. scored >61%).
    Ian Mulholland (President), and Linda Vinall (Contest Administration Specialist), on behalf of
    Alex Morris (Chairman of Judges) and Vicki Donnelly (National Contest Administrator)
  • Perth Convention DVDs now available
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 15 Nov 2013
    Perth Convention DVDs now available
    We are pleased to announce that the 2013 BHA Perth Convention DVDs are now available for sale in our Harmony Marketplace store.

    We have two DVDs available:  The chorus contest (plus bonus Champions of Harmony concert), and the quartet contest.

    Click on the link below to order yours now!

  • Perth Merchandise still available!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 14 Nov 2013
    Perth Merchandise still available!
    This is plenty of Perth 2013 merchandise still remaining in the Harmony Marketplace store, including shirts, hats, caps, stubby holders, etc.

    This high-quality equipment won't last long, so get your order in soon!

    As a special offer, we've reduced the postage on all items down to only $3.00 per item.

    See the link below for the full merchandise catalog.
  • BHA Library & Merchandise
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 8 Apr 2013
    AAMBS Members can borrow Manuals plus Videos, CDs, DVDs from National and International Barbershop Conventions, and of individual Choruses and Quartets.  Just contact Linda Vinall at and she will be happy to send them out to you.  All it costs you is the postage to return the borrowed items to Kevin.

    BHA Members can also buy BHA Badges, Pitch Pipes and other BHA merchandise via our Harmony Marketplace page.
  • BHA Library
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 8 Apr 2013
    BHA Library
    Members can borrow videos, CDs, DVDs and manuals from National and International Barbershop Conventions, and of individual choruses and quartets. Contact the Secretary, Kevin White at or PO Box 6026, West Gosford NSW 2250, and he will be happy to send them out to you. All it costs you is the return postage!
  • Barbershop In the Community
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 26 Jun 2012
    Barbershop In the Community

    You may all be familiar with the concept of flash mobs — groups appearing suddenly in public, performing, and then, just as quickly as they appeared, disappearing back into the crowd.

    Recently, the lads from the Vocal Evolution chorus had the chance to stage an awesome flash mob at Karrinyup, a large shopping centre in Perth, WA, which was performed in conjunction with the SIDS WA branch. This flash mob is designed to raise money and awareness for Red Nose Day, which helps support research and services for SIDS (or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). SIDS claims between 120–140 babies each year in Australia alone.

    Each time someone views the clip on YouTube a donation is made by Google ads. The previous flash mob at Karrinyup was viewed over 800,000 times, was in the top ten viewed YouTube clips in Australia last year, and raised many tens of thousands of dollars for a very worthy cause. So, jump onto the following link and support a worthy cause – and enjoy seeing Vocal Evolution surprise the crowd! We want to push this clip past the 1,000,000 views mark, so please send this to all of your friends, colleagues, family and workmates – it’s for a great cause and only takes a couple of moments!

    To make a donation to help research SIDS and support parents who have tragically lost a baby to SIDS go to

    If you want to hear more of our National and Pac-Pacific Champions, Vocal Evolution, buy a CD by going to

  • Rebranding Our Association
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 26 Jun 2012
    Rebranding Our Association

    What is this new name and logo all about?

    Logos are an important part of an organisation’s public image.

    Common sense and standard industry practice dictate that maximum public impact can only be obtained through the consistent use of a single, recognisable logo.

    The name and logo of an organisation have two distinct audiences.

    The first audience is the members of that organisation. To this group of people, the name and logo give a focus on which they attach their membership. It has heritage, giving a sense of history and origins. It represents ideas of those who have gone before and also the work which they have done.

    The second audience is basically everyone else – our potential audiences and our potential members. They are most in need of a name which grabs interest and informs, as it is they who we are trying to attract to our concerts and to join us.

    Why did we need a new logo?

    For many years, many of you may have had the experience of needing to explain the old AAMBS name and logo and describe what AAMBS meant.

    Your National Council thought long and hard about the best ways to represent our organisation – to you, the members, to the general public who needed to be able to identify with us, and to the world-wide barbershopping fraternity, and we are thrilled to be able to move ahead with this exciting new branding.

    Therefore, we decided that we should have a public “trading name” which succinctly informs who we are and what we do.

    Barbershop Harmony Australia Logo

    What does this all mean?

    Branding is more than simply getting a new name and logo onto your letterhead.

    We still have a way to go to bring the operation of our organisation up to date, and your National Council is working hard on many other ideas. The first step, though, is to reinvigorate our brand name. It is what we want people to think and feel when they see us or join us, or any representation of us. It is all about the philosophical considerations such as organisational values, target audiences, target recruits, etc. We want you, the members, to be proud to be a part of this wonderful organisation.

    The current association name and logo will not cease to exist; rather, AAMBS will simply have a new name and logo that is more contemporary from a design point of view, more informative to those who see it for the first time, and more in line with the visually pleasing, simple and descriptive logos in use in the 21st Century.

    It is important to restate that AAMBS will remain the official name of our cherished organisation. It will remain the name for bank accounts, incorporation etc. The new name and logo will be a trading name, our “brand” – Barbershop Harmony Australia!

  • New Website!
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 25 Jun 2012
    New Website!
    Welcome to the new Barbershop Harmony Australia website which has launched to coincide with the rebranding of our Association. We are very excited to be able to update the look and feel of our online presence and we hope that you will enjoy using it.

    We have plenty of items on the to-do list for the site that are yet to be implemented but if you have some feedback about the site, feel free to drop a line to
  • The Fishbowl Boys - Smile CD
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 4 Sep 2011
    The Fishbowl Boys - Smile CD
    The Fishbowl Boys have their very own CD, Smile, out now featuring the following tracks:
    • Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Freddie Mercury
    • Tonight Tonight by Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein
    • Moondance by Van Morrison
    • Blue Skies by Irving Berlin
    • That’s Life by Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon
    • Goodbye World, Goodbye by Mosie Cister

    You can buy them for $15.00 each (which includes postage within Australia) through
  • Benchmark wows them on Australia's Got Talent
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 8 Jun 2011
    Our Gold Medal Quartet Benchmark appeared in the Semi Finals of Australia's Got Talent on Tuesday 7th June and received a standing ovation and accolades from all three judges.  This has promoted our beloved art form right across Austalia.    
  • A History of AAMBS - The First Twenty Years
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 13 May 2010
    This is a detailed History of the first 20 years of the Australian Association of Mens Barbershop Singers Inc researched and written by Andy Aberle, a Founding and Life Member of AAMBS. 

    Cost:        $15.00 + $2.00 handling and postage
    Enquiries:  08 9330 4159 -
  • Alliance Quartet CD - ANTHEM
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 16 Jul 2009

    Anthem - the first CD from Alliance, Australia's Medal Winning Quartet who recently represented AAMBS at the 2009 Anaheim, USA International Convention.

    You can order Anthem either on their website or by phoning 0409 084 491.  We know you will enjoy many hours of listening to this great quartet.
  • The Great Australian Barbershop Song Book
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 1 Nov 2007

    The Song Books are available from :
                  The Secretary
                  AAMBS Inc
                  P O Box 6026
                  WEST GOSFORD  NSW  2250

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