Harmony Academy

A "live-in" style Harmony Academy will be held immediately following the Adelaide 2018 BHA Convention at the Adare Camp and Caravan Park, 20 Wattle Drive, McCracken (Victor Harbour) from Sunday afternoon 16/09/18  to Wednesday 19/09/18. This can be added to your registration during the checkout process.

The iconic 'Adare' is located within easy walking distance of the beach, bike and walking trails and the Hindmarsh River,

Bus transport from the InterContinental Hotel to Victor harbour will be provided to all attendees. Harmony Academy runs from 5pm Sunday 1 until 1.00pm Wednesday 19 September 2018. Bus transfers back to Adelaide airport will leave Harmony Academy at about 1.30pm. Delegates are advised to book flights departing after 4.30pm if relying on this bus transport option.

A top class faculty will be drawn from the visiting Judging panel and Headline quartet, Instant Classic.

Register for Harmony College during your Convention registration. 


Note - although the final course information is still being finalised, the following information is indicitave of the types of courses that will be on offer.

There will be three streams on offer at this year's Harmony College. These include:
  • Directors College - perfect for any current or up and coming directors
  • Quartet College - bring your quartet and be coached by the best
  • Harmony College - some of the best barbershop education you can get

Directors College

Harmony College

Quartet College

Chorus Directing Under 70%

How to Be a Great Tenor

How to Be a Great Tenor

Tips and Tricks for Directors

How to Be a Great Lead

How to Be a Great Lead

Life changing rehearsals

How to Be a Great Baritone

How to Be a Great Baritone

Sound Management 1

How to Be a Great Bass

How to Be a Great Bass

Sound Management 2

Inner Game of Music

Improving Barbershop Lock and Ring

Inner Game of Music for MD's

Emotional Delivery for Singers

Story Telling

Advanced Vocal Production

Vocal Expression in BBS Singing

Inner Game of Music

Developing a Choral Sound

Voice Analysis

From 75% to 85%

Show Package Planning

Vocal Production 1

Quartet Rehearsal Techniques

From 75% to 85%

Vocal Production 2

From Rehearsal to Stage

Emotional Delivery for Singers

Show Package Planning

Emotional Delivery for Singers

The Chorus Warm Up

Singing with Space

Show Package Planning

Conducting Techniques

Voice Lesson Under Glass

Coaching Under Glass

Choral Acoustics

Personal Voice Instruction (PVI)

Quartet Coaching


Class Information

Advanced Vocal Production - Overall vocal production will be addressed, including: air management mechanics, tone quality, resonance, timbre, legato, wall of sound, singing, forward placement, articulation, tonal center, control, vocal cord function and health, as well as synchronized singing with others, whether in quartet or chorus, as we begin to understand ourselves as optimal acoustic resonating instruments designed to easily and effectively amplify sound.

Arranging - Learn the basic principles of arranging in the barbershop style. Analyse music and find out what makes a great arrangement.

Barbershop History - Trace your Barbershop roots! Learn how barbershop draws from other musical styles. Listen to recordings and trace the development of the barbershop quartet through the early years of the Society.

Beginning Music Theory - A very basic music theory/music reading course.    

Choral Acoustics - This class will focus on the science behind choarl acoustics as well as voice placement and riser stacking.

Chorus Directing Under 70% - Beat patterns, beginning conducting skills, rehearsal skills, etc for chorus directors scoring under 70%

Coaching Under Glass - An opportunity to see a live quartet coaching take place right in front of your eyes. Learn how to coach a quartet and at the same time, learn some excellent ensemble techniques.

Conducting Techniques - This course is intended for front line BHA directors. This class will prepare you to be a better director, review conducting basics while applying another level of musicality and artistry in the gesture.

Developing a Choral Sound - Focus on the ensemble vocal skills associated with creating a better choral tone and how to teach the skills in a group.

Directing Emotions - Get more insight into getting the most out of your chorus singers while getting the most out of the music you are singing.

Emotional Delivery for Singers - Learn how to create emotion from the sheet music you are given.

Examining Directing Gestures - What are we telling our singers to do through our directing.

From 75% to 85% - Insight into how we can take singing at a 75% to understanding what is needed to score an 85%.

From Rehearsal to Stage - Learn how to take what you do in rehearsals and be able to put it on the stage.

How To Be A Great… Tenor, Lead, Baritone & Bass - Learn from each member of international champion quartet, Instant Classic, on how to be great in your vocal part… Tenor, Lead, Baritone & Bass.

Improving Barbershop Lock and Ring - This course will focus on techniques to improve expanded sound with an emphasis on tuning, uniformity of word sounds, volume relationships and synchronization.

Inner Game of Music for MD's - The inner game of music for directors will give you tools to help singers overcome obstacles, help improve  concentration, and reduce nervousness, allowing them to  reach new levels of performing excellence and  musical artistry.

Inner Game of Music for Singers - The inner game of music will help singers overcome obstacles, help improve  concentration, and reduce nervousness, allowing them to  reach new levels of performing excellence and  musical artistry.

Intermediate Music Theory - Taking music theory to the next level from the basics. Learn how the practical application of theory can improve your rehearsals.

Personal Voice Instructions (PVI) - Get one on one voice instruction with our faculty

Quartet Coaching - Get one on one coaching with our faculty

Quartet Rehearsal Techniques - Discussion on how quartets can rehearse and some skills you can use every week.

Show Package Planning - How to create a great show package from start to finish.

Singing With Space - Learn how to sing with your complete instrument and access all of your resonance.

So, you want to be a judge? - Learn about how barbershop judging works. This can benefit anyone and impact on what you do in rehearsals.

Sound Management - Preparing and rehearsing a group for improvement in basic skills in the Singing Category including tuning, vocal quality, unity, expanded sound and vocal expression.

Story Telling - Understanding the lyrics of a song and becoming the story teller.

The Chorus Warm Up - The most important part of the rehearsal. Learn some tools you can use at every rehearsal.

Tips and Tricks for Directors - Directors can learn some tools to help with common problems in found in choruses.

Vocal Expression in Barbershop Singing - Focus on ways to improve vocal expression and artistry in barbershop singing.

Vocal Production 1 - Correct breathing, resonance, posture, navigating the break, and tone production. There will be multiple opportunities for one-on-one voice experiences, as well as group discussions and group lessons, as well as teacher-led modeling of vocal issues common to performers and directors.

Vocal Production 2 - A 2nd in the series class to Vocal Production 1

Voice Lesson Under Glass - An opportunity to see a live voice lesson take place right in front of your eyes. Learn how to give a voice lesson and at the same time, learn some excellent vocal techniques.

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